Where to Recycle Computers and Electronics in Brooklyn, NY

Going green takes a bit of effort

Technological Waste Printers and keyboards discarded at the Safe Disposal program, organized by the government of New York, offers residence a drive-through drop off their unwanted electronics in the Brooklyn borough of New York, New York, United States.
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With technology evolving so rapidly, where can a Brooklyn resident dispose of old electronics, such as computers, printers, and unused mobile phones?

Where to Recycle Computers and Electronics in Brooklyn

Green-minded Brooklyn residents who prefer to recycle their old laptops, printers, phones and other electronic to sending them to the landfill do have a few environmentally appealing alternatives.

Websites to Check About Recycling Computers and Electronics in Brooklyn

First, check a few useful websites:

Usable Electronics: Where to Donate in Brooklyn

  1. New York City's official recycling website offers useful information and tips.
  2. Green in BKLYN blog . To find community recycling events, check this site. You can also type in "recycle e-waste" or, for old mobile telephones, type "recycle cell phone" for updated information on where and when to recycle specific kinds of electronic products.
  3. Stuff Exchange, is an online data base for “gently used” goods. It is run by New York City’s Department of Sanitation. Use the Stuff Exchange database categorized by type of product, such as electronics furniture or books. It can be used to locate community vendors who accept donations of all kinds of items, including electronics. Note however that Stuff Exchange is not a pick-up- service, and they don’t buy used products.
  4. Neighborhood NonProfits The operative word is “usable.” The local nursery school, faith organization nor non profit might be delighted with the donation. However, if it’s seriously out of date, your old phone, printer or computer might be more bother than its worth to a local non profit entity.
  1. Salvation Army stores in Brooklyn, of which there are seven, accept working electronics. Donors can receive a tax deduction.
  2. Cell Phones: New York State law requires that all cell phone service providers accept cell phones for reuse or recycling.
  3. The Mac Support Store at 168 Seventh Street in Park Slope (718-312-8341) accepts e-waste (that is, electronic waste). Note that they do not accept standard kitchen appliances such as microwaves or blenders, only such electronics as computers TVs and stereos.

    Finding a Local Community E-Waste Drive

    Brooklyn neighborhoods have occasional community collections of electronic waste. To find one, keep an eye on local blogs, newspapers and community bulletin boards. Or, contact the Ecology Center in Manhattan to inquire about their local e-waste collection days in Brooklyn.

    Laws to Know About Recycling Computers and Electronics in Brooklyn

    In addition, there are legal changes underway:

    • Since April 2011, New York State law requires electronics companies to have take-back programs for recycled electronics, in compliance with the the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act.
    • Until 2015, it is legal to throw away televisions, radios, computers, and cell phones (including any rechargeable batteries that are in these items, Just put them out with the regular trash.