Brimfield Antique Show 2017

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The Brimfield Antique Show, held three times each year in Brimfield, Massachusetts, is the world's largest outdoor antique show, and it's been a must-visit destination for antique lovers for more than 50 years. The first Brimfield Show for 2017 runs May 9-14. Other Brimfield dates for 2017 are July 11-16 and September 5-10. Hunt for bargains on antiques of all kinds along a one-mile stretch of Route 20 in Brimfield.

Here are six quick tips based on my 2009 visit to the show:

  • Be prepared for a great deal of walking. Brimfield is a sprawling show.
  • Arrive early for the best parking availability. Although some lots were charging more, we were able to find parking in a $5 lot on Thursday. The most you will likely have to pay to park is $10.
  • If you plan to shop, bring along a sturdy tote or rolling cart.
  • We overheard a passerby mention that the average Brimfield Antique Show visitor spends $175. Not sure if this is true, but I can vouch for the fact that it's possible to enjoy browsing without spending a penny.
  • While some fields at the Brimfield Show charge admission, most do not. If you're more of a browser than a serious antiquer, you'll find plenty to see without paying an entrance fee.
  • The centrally located New England Motel offers a food court with a great selection of dining options. The lobster rolls served by Rhode Island's D&L Lobster Express were a treat!

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