Travel In Style with Brett Lauren Bracelets

Brett Lauren Bracelet
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Looking for a gift for that special travel companion? Brett Lauren may have the answer.

The designer offers a line of handmade bracelets using gemstones in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. They're a great travel item. They come bundled together in groups of three in a convenient drawstring pouch you can slip into your suitcase. The rich gemstone colors will draw out the colors of any outfit. The bracelet trio is really all you need to be sensibly stylish on your next trip.

(You can also purchase individual bracelets.)

And here's the most important feature. Jewelry purchases are in support of a good cause. Company founder Brett Krugman has spent a career in the fashion design business. She decided it was time to give something back. Her jewelry items are designed and created by women in need.

They call it Crafts-woman-ship.

The company partners with charitable organizations Huntington Disease Society of Women, Wounded Warriors, Domestic Violence Shelters and Foster Care organizations to autistic and mentally challenged women of the Friendship House.  

The Crafts-woman-ship work force includes autistic and mentally-challenged members of Friendship House. Others are homeless women looking for a fresh start and an opportunity for change at the residential homeless shelters in Florida and California.

Working with Brett Lauren gives the women some practical experience that helps them transition  into the job market.

In addition to being a gift for a good cause, the Brett Lauren accessories are also quite lovely. They're made of genuine gemstones, crystal and plated copper. Her bracelets come in sizes small, medium and large to comfortably fit the wrist of women of different sizes. Brett Lauren’s signature bracelets The Cove, Pacifica, Sedona, and Palm Beach etc.

were inspired by Krugman’s favorite colors. 

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