Brazilian Waxing

What Is A Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax
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Brazilians are a waxing service that removes all of the hair around the very sensitive skin of the inner labia, anus, and testicles. (Yes, men get them, too!)  Everything is silky smooth, and that can make sex feel better.

"It feels smoother, it's more sensuous, and you feel more sensation during sex," says Dannielli Marcellino, who does as many as 15 Brazilian wax jobs a day at Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.

 "Guys find oral sex more enjoyable without all the furriness."

Brazilian waxing, popularized by the HBO TV series "Sex and The City," has far outstripped the old-fashioned bikini wax. There are several different styles available when it comes to the mons of Venus.  In the beginning, most people wanted to keep the "landing strip," a thin vertical strip down the middle where the "full bush" used to be. But many people decided 'why bother?, and more people started taking ALL the hair off during a Brazilian wax.

After stars like Gwneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz started talking about keeping their pubic hair a few years back, waxers came up with a compromise: the full-bush Brazilian.  It involves removing all hair from the labia and around the anus while leaving the top untouched.  The benefit is that you can still have the “all natural” look while keeping the inner parts silky smooth for sex.


This is what happens during a Brazilian wax:

1) A licensed cosmetologist or esthetician who is always wearing gloves takes a fresh stick, dips it in a pot of special heated wax, and applies a thin layer to your skin in the direction of the hair growth.  

2) Next, the esthetician presses a strip of paper or cloth over the wax, pats it a few times, and then quickly pulls it off.

 The "pull" must be parallel to the body to minimize pain.  (Pulling straight up is much more painful.)  The hair sticks to the wax and is pulled out by the roots.  

3) She pats the area a few times to soothe the skin, then proceeds to the next area.  

Skin in the genital area, especially inside the labia, is extremely sensitive.  A Brazilian wax can be painful, so skill of the waxer is VERY important. Find out how to get the best Brazilian wax and what you can do to minimize pain during a Brazilian wax.

Here are some tips to make your Brazilian wax go more smoothly. 

Before Your Brazilian Wax

  • Avoid getting a Brazilian wax four days before, after, or during your menstrual cycle.
  • Take a pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen a half-hour before the Brazilian wax.
  • Put a pain-relieving cream like No Scream Cream on the area a half-hour before your Brazilian wax.

During Your Brazilian Wax

  • Your licensed esthetician should be able to communicate in your language, be impeccable about cleanliness, put you at ease and show consideration and tact. Dannielli gives her client a towel as to cover the side she isn't working on to make them feel more comfortable.
  • She should use a gentle wax and wear gloves. Dannielli uses a honey-based wax with soothing chamomile extract vitamin E.
  • Your esthetician's skill will determine in large part how painful the Brazilian is. She shouldn't do too large an area at once, or go over the same area twice. She might ask you to participate by pulling on your labia to help make the skin taut. This makes sure she gets a better pull.

 After Your Brazilian Wax

  • Use Aquaphor to soothe the skin in the first day or two after the waxing.
  • Two days after the Brazilian wax, use Tend Skin to help prevent in-grown hairs.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds for two days after the Brazilian wax. The skin has lost some of its protection and is more sensitive.