The Cost of a Brazilian Wax Treatment

Why a $20 Brazilian Wax Job Is Not Worth It

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A Brazilian wax treatment usually costs $50 to $120 at a reputable day spa or top quality waxing salon, plus tax, and tip. Sure, you can get a Brazilian wax that costs less—as low as $20 at some nail parlors. But should you?

You probably should not. It may be cheap, but it is no bargain. When a Brazilian wax is very low priced, it is likely that some corners have been cut. Not only will quality suffer, but you can get hurt and may even get a treatment with a higher risk of bacterial infection.

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High-Quality Wax

If the spa or salon uses a lower quality wax or a speedy roll-on waxer, then getting the wax treatment can hurt more. Waxing, in general, is not a walk in the park. But, if you are getting waxing done of your pubic region, you want to make sure that it is as pain-free as possible and it will not leave you swollen, sore, or bruised for days.

Experienced Personnel

The experience level of your waxer is important. You want the waxer to be highly recommended. Your waxer should be licensed. You also need to make sure the waxer can communicate in your language.

Sanitary Practices

The scariest problem is when a waxer, spa, or salon uses unsafe, unsanitary practices like double-dipping. This means that the waxer dips the stick in the wax, spreads it on your private parts, and then puts it back in the wax pot to get some more wax. That is how bacterial infections occur. 

It's rare that a waxer will double-dip during a Brazilian wax treatment. But they might do it with other parts of the body—and then use the same wax pot for Brazilians. That is not sanitary and is not legal. The waxer needs to throw the application stick out after every application of wax anywhere on the body.

How to Find a Good Waxer

To make sure you are getting a safe, high-quality Brazilian wax, develop a relationship with an experienced, licensed, skilled professional who does a lot of Brazilian waxes. Keep in mind that this is not one spa treatment that you want to scrimp on. To find a great Brazilian waxer:

  • Get a personal referral from a friend for a particular person. Don't just go on the reputation of the salon. 
  • Find out if the waxer is busy. Good Brazilian waxers are usually booked out. If the waxer can take you anytime, then that is a potential red flag; the waxer may still be learning.  
  • Find someone who can speak your language. You will likely have directions on how you want to be waxed. Also, you want to be understood mid-process if issues or questions arise.

How to Find a Good Spa or Salon

You may think you have found the best waxer in the world, but if the place is lax in their sanitary practices, then move on. Before you book a Brazilian at a particular spa or waxing salon, stop in, take a look, and pick up a price list. Everything should appear clean and spotless. If you like what you see, then book a different waxing service before you get a Brazilian. That is usually a good test.

Signs of cleanliness and quality should include:

  • The waxing room and waxing table should be impeccably clean and tidy
  • A fresh paper should be on the table
  • Do they offer a clean towel to cover your private parts?
  • The waxer should wash hands in front of you and put on disposable gloves before starting. If not, get up and leave immediately.
  • The temperature of the wax should be checked on the waxer's wrist before it goes on you
  • Is the technique good? Waxing should not feel like your skin is being ripped off. 

Final Word on Discounts

Brazilian wax treatments are popular on Groupon and other crowd-sourcing discounts. If you see a Groupon that says the Brazilian usually costs $60 but you can get three for $50, the salon may be legit, clean, and sanitary procedures are followed. Likely, the catch is that you will be booked with one of the new people on staff. In that case, the waxer may not already have a clientele built up. It is possible that you may get a great waxer, but then again, they may be inexperienced, newly apprenticed, and still getting the hang of waxing. If you have a higher threshold for pain, then maybe take the chance. Otherwise, save your pennies for an experienced waxer.

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