Brazilian Wax Cost

How Much Does A Brazilian Wax Cost?

Brazilian wax
••• During a Brazilian, make sure there is no double-dipping with the wax stick. Monica Rodriguez / Getty Images

A Brazilian wax usually costs $55 - $75 at a reputable day spa or top quality waxing salon, plus tax and tip. Sure, you can get a Brazilian wax that costs less (as low as $20 at Korean nail parlors. But should you?

Probably not. It may be cheap, but it's no bargain. When a Brazilian wax is very low priced, it's likely some corners have been cut. The waxer may not be licensed or able to communicate in your language.

 The place might use lower quality wax or speedy roll-on waxers, which hurt more.  Your waxer might belicensed, but inexperienced. And a bad Brazilian can leave you swollen, sore and bruised for days.

The scariest problem is when a waxer, spa or salon unsafe, unsanitary practices, like double-dipping the stick in the wax.  This means that the waxer dips the stick in the wax, spreads it on your private parts, and then puts it back in the wax pot to get some more wax.  Ewwww!  That can spread bacterial infections. 

It's rare that a waxer will double-dip during a Brazilian. But they might do it with other parts of the body–and then use the same wax pot for Brazilians. This is not sanitary, and it's not even legal. The waxer needs to throw that stick out after every application of wax, anywhere on the body.

To make sure you are getting a safe, high quality Brazilian wax, develop a relationship with an experienced, licensed, skilled professional who does a lot of Brazilian waxes–and it's worth the cost!

 Here are some of the things that will help you find a great Brazilian waxer:

  • Don't go on the reputation of the salon. Get a personal recommendation from a friend for a particular person. 
  • Find out if she's busy. The good Brazilian waxers are booked. If she can take you anytime, she's still learning.   
  • Go to someone who can speak your language.
  • Never drop into a spa and ask for a Brazilian wax. You don't want someone who doesn't do Brazilian wax very often practicing on you.

Before you try a Brazilian at a particular spa or waxing salon, feel free to stop in, take a look and pick up a price list. Everything should be clean and spotless. Like what you see? Book a different waxing service before you get your Brazilian.

Look for these signs of cleanliness and quality:

  • Is the waxing room and waxing table impeccably clean and tidy?
  • Is there fresh paper on the table?  
  • Does she speak your language and put you at ease by giving you a clean towel to cover your private parts?
  • Does she wash her hands in front of you and put on disposable gloves before she starts waxing? If not, get up and leave. Right away.
  • Does she check the temperature of the wax on her wrist before it goes on you?  
  • Is her technique good? It shouldn't feel like you skin is being ripped off. 

What about those Groupon coupons where the Brazilian is usually $60 but you can get three for $50?  You can check out the salon, but even if it's clean and the procedures are good, you will likely be booked with one of the new people on staff who doesn't have a clientele built up.

 Maybe they're fine.  But maybe they're learning.  I wouldn't book except with someone who had been recommended to me.