June in Brazil: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro. Jeremy Walker/Creative RM

Although it's the start of the winter season in Brazil, June can be one of the best times to visit this South American country. However, the temperature in Brazil varies by region; the northern area experiences warmer yet wetter weather than the southernmost coastal and inland regions, which are usually chilly and dry. 

Still, this is a great time to visit as there are numerous festivals along with mild temperatures in many parts of the country. Additionally, a number of holidays occur in June, including Corpus Christi, Saint Anthony's Day, and Dia dos Namorados, the Brazilian equivalent of Valentine's Day.

As an added bonus, children are still in school in both Brazil and the United States in June, so there are not as many crowds in the more popular tourist destinations as there will be in July when schools around the world let out for the season.  


In certain regions of Brazil, mainly the hilly areas of the southeast, the center-west, and part of the south, June is usually a time of dry and sunny weather. On the northeastern coast, June is rainier than the summer months, but enjoyable nevertheless in cities like Belém. Meanwhile, cities like Manaus in the rainforest of northwestern Brazil experience hot, humid, and wet weather year-round.

In southern and southeastern Brazil in cities like Porto Alegre, temperatures might drop below the 30s C, especially at night, and it might even snow in the mountain ranges of south Brazil. On the coast, roughly northward from Rio de Janeiro, expect pleasant temperatures, and the closer to the south you go, the greater the possibility is of feeling cold on the beach, but it could also be warm on any given day.

City Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature
Belém 90 F (32 C) 72 F (22 C)
Manaus 88 F (31 C) 75 F (24 C)
Salvador de Bahia 81 F (27 C) 72 F (22 C)
Rio de Janeiro 77 F (25 C) 66 F (19 C)
São Paulo 72 F (22 C) 54 F (12 C)
Brasilia 77 F (25 C) 55 F (13 C)
Porto Alegre 68 F (20 C) 52 F (11 C)
Average High and Low Temperature by City

What to Pack

Your packing list for Brazil greatly depends on where you go in the country in June. However, always pack a variety of clothing options for all types of weather since the winter can be slightly unpredictable no matter where you go.

For travel to the Amazon Rainforest of northeastern Brazil, bring loose-fitting, breathable clothing for the daytime and a sweatshirt for the evening. Also, consider bringing a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to keep the bugs away in the daytime, too.

Outside of the rainforest in the northeast and all the way down south to Natal (as well as in Rio de Janeiro), pack light clothing and a warmer layer for the evenings but also bring a light raincoat for the sudden thunderstorms that happen throughout the month. For travel to Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and the furthest regions to the south, bring all of the above as well as an umbrella and maybe a heavier coat for nighttime chills.


Several religious and cultural holidays take place in June in Brazil, including the Christian celebrations of Easter and Saint Anthony's Day, which honors the patron saint of marriages. Additionally, Dia dos Namorados celebrates the love between friends and family based on an old folk tradition that was revitalized in the 1940s to stimulate shopping.

  • Corpus Christi: This national holy day of obligation (meaning Christians are expected to attend Mass) in Brazil is celebrated the Thursday after Trinity Sunday (which is the Sunday after the Pentecost). Banks and other businesses are closed on this date. 
  • Dia Dos Namorados: Known as Brazilian Valentine's Day, this holiday is celebrated on June 12 by friends and families exchanging presents, cards, and candies.
  • Saint Valentine's Day: To celebrate the patron saint of marriages, people who wanted to marry their loved ones used to go about a series of playful routines to court their brides-to-be. It's now celebrated on February 14 with religious services and romantic gift exchanges across the country.
  • Festas Juninas: A tradition inherited from Portugal, this annual event takes place all over the country. The parties celebrate St. Anthony (June 13), St. John the Baptist (June 24), and St. Peter (June 29), with plenty of ethnic food and music alongside traditional Catholic celebrations.

Travel Tips

  • If you find very high temperatures oppressive, try visiting the beaches in Northeast Brazil. At Recife, Natal, Fortaleza, and other northeastern coastal attractions, it is still sunny most of the time in June, but not as hot as in January, for example. When it's cloudy, it's still often beach weather—warm, yet pleasant.
  • From May to September, the waters that flood most of the largest wetlands area on the planet, Pantanal Mato-Grossense, recede, making it easier to sight land fauna.
  • By June, enough rain has fallen to form the unique ponds that dot Brazil's most intriguing sand dune region, Lencóis Maranhenses National Park, in the northern state of Maranhão.
  • June is the ideal time to dive in the clear streams of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, the best sustainable tourism destination in Brazil.
  • Dry weather in the hilly areas of Brazil makes June a wonderful time to go hiking, stay in cozy inns, light a fireplace at night, or go climbing. By June, some of the country's best destinations for climbers in Brazil, such as Serra dos Órgãos National Park, have officially opened for the season.
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