July in Brazil: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

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July is winter in Brazil and is the coldest month of the year in most of the country. In fact, in Santa Catarina, in the south, you may even see snow. But, in general, the weather is on the warm side so July makes for an ideal time to visit and you'll notice as you go closer to the equator in this large country, you'll find that winter temperatures are warmer.

July is a great time to visit Rio de Janeiro and it's even warm enough to go to the beach. Throughout the country, there are winter festivals and even an Italian gourmet food festival to take in.

Brazil Weather in July

Winter in Brazil is varied because of the territory that the country covers. Brazil is around the same size as the United States and covers approximately 8,515,770 square kilometers (3,287,955 square miles). 

Brazil draws visitors year-round because temperatures rarely go below 68 degrees F (20 degrees C), except in the mountains and southernmost areas. The interior can be warm and dry while the tropical rainforests and jungle are more humid. 

In winter, cold fronts moving through can cause sudden and extreme temperature drops in the southeast and the south or heavy rains in the northeast. On the other hand, low humidity and pollen counts make parts of the central-west, for example, Brasília, challenging for people with respiratory problems.

Examples of average temperatures in July include:

Rio de Janeiro: High 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) and Low 63 degrees F (17 degrees C)
Rain averages 4 days during the month

Sao Paulo: High 73 degrees F (23 degrees C) and low 55 degrees F (13 degrees C)
Rain averages 3 days during the month.

Brasilia: High 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) and low 53 degrees F (12 degrees C)
There is usually no rain in July.

Porto Alegre: High 69 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 51degrees F (11 degrees C)
Rain averages 8 days during the month

Curitiba: High 68 degrees F (20 degrees C) low 50 degrees F (10 degrees C)
Rain averages 6 days during the month

What to Pack

Since there is such a range of temperatures in Brazil during July, your packing list will be determined by where you plan to go and the activities you'll have on your vacation. In general, because Brazil is expensive, you'll want to bring what you anticipate needing including toiletries. You may need mosquito repellent in some areas.

Brazilians dress casually and, in the warmer climates, you'll want lightweight, breathable fabrics. In the evenings you'll need a jacket and in the climates where it rains, a waterproof layer or umbrella. Slacks, dresses, shirts and women's blouses should be of packable materials that don't wrinkle. Some buildings and buses can be cold, so a sweater or sweatshirt is in order. As with most places, dressing in layers is ideal.

Bring comfortable walking shoes and sandals to go with bathing suits if you plan to hit the beach. For hiking and exploring outside of cities, bring your sturdy hiking boots. Add in a hat to shade you from the sun and sunscreen. 

July Events in Brazil

Depending on where you visit, you may encounter one of Brazil's major festivals in July.

  • FLIP (Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty) Literary Festival, Rio de Janeiro State: The Paraty International Literary Festival, at the beginning of the month, draws a cultured crowd to one of the most charming colonial towns in Brazil. Movies, shows, debates, workshops, and Flipinha, the Flip for kids, are some of the attractions during the event. However, the stars of Flip are Brazilian and international authors so may not be familiar to you.
  • International Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo State: This winter festival is the most prestigious musical winter event in Brazil and takes place in Campos do Jordão, which has its peak season in July. The city gets even more crowded during the festival, which offers music students from all over the world scholarships for lessons with great masters. The concerts are one of the highlights of winter travel in Campos do Jordão.
  • ROLEX Ilhabela Sailing Week: Sailing fans should plan to arrive early for the sailing week, which takes place at one of Brazil's most attractive islands. Seeing and being seen is the best parallel event; the cute cafes and bistros in the village and on the beaches get ultra-busy. 
  • Festitália and SC Gourmet in Blumenau, Santa Catarina:  Blumenau is better knows for its Oktoberfest, the best in Brazil. But the town also has a strong Italian heritage, which shines through in this Italian culinary event. This is a super opportunity to see the most family-friendly side of Brazil.
  • Garanhuns Winter Festival, Pernambuco:  One of the most popular events in the state, the Winter Festival in Garanhuns features hundreds of shows. This is a great chance to enjoy Brazilian music and discover inland Pernambuco, which often gets passed by in the hot summer while Recife and other coastal destinations draw all the attention.
  • Joinville Dance Festival, Santa Catarina: One of the most important dance events in Brazil, the Joinville Dance Festival attracts young dancers with its competitive presentations and many workshops. It also gives tourists an additional reason to visit Joinville, an attractive city in southern Brazil.

Visiting the Mountains in Brazil in July

Mountain destinations have their highest season so anticipate busy times if you are going skiing, hiking, or sightseeing. In addition, July is winter break in Brazilian schools so that means family-oriented resorts and hotels get packed throughout July, and reservations should be made at least one month in advance.

Some of the most popular mountain destinations in Brazil in July are:

  • The Serra Gaúcha, or the Rio Grande do Sul mountain range, includes 30 cities that form the core of tourist activities in the area, especially Antônio Prado, Bento Gonçalves, Canela, Caxias do Sul, Garibaldi, Gramado, and Nova Petrópolis.
  • Mountains of Rio de Janeiro - Petrópolis, Teresópolis, Nova Friburgo, Visconde de Mauá, and the "coffee valley" with its historic coffee farms are mountain destinations around Rio.
  • The Mantiqueira Range - Campos do Jordão and other cities in Serra da Mantiqueira, which runs between São Paulo and Minas Gerais, are in this area which is famous for its scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities.
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