Brady Street's Eclectic Indie Restaurants

A Guide to Restaurants on Milwaukee's Brady Street

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Milwaukee's Brady Street boasts a number of restaurants that can accommodate almost any taste, with fare ranging from Middle Eastern falafel to Midwestern-style hotdogs. Price and ambiance also ranges from cheap to chic. Call ahead and reserve a table or simply wander until you find something suitable. Due to Brady Street being a popular nightlife strip, this part of the city is also a great place to find some late-night eats.

Apollo Cafe
What: Traditional Greek restaurant, with outdoor seating during the warmer months.
Where: 1310 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-272-2233

What: Wine, cheese and small plate international fare
Where: 1716 N. Arlington St.
Contact: 414-755-0099

Brewed Cafe

What: Coffee, sandwiches, soup and light fare
Where: 1208 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-276-2739

Casablanca Restaurant
What: Middle Eastern, weekend belly dancers
Where: 728 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-271-6000

The Dogg Haus

What: Specialty hotdogs or build-your-own
Where: 1433 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-617-1176

Easy Tyger

What: Asian gastropub with Thai influences

Where: 1230 E. Brady St.

Contact: 414-226-6640

Emperor of China
What: Chinese restaurant with small bar
Where: 1010 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-271-8889

Hi Hat Lounge and Garage
What: Cocktails, brunch, sandwiches and fish fry
Where: 1701 N. Arlington St.
Contact: 414-225-9330

La Masa Empanada Bar

What: Argentine cuisine with a Wisconsin twist

Where: 1300 E. Brady St.

Contact: 414-885-1866

Rochambo Coffee a​nd Teahouse

What: Classic coffee and tea house
Where: 1317 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-291-0095


What: Combination Thai restaurant and sushi bar
Where: 932 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-837-6280

Zaffiro's Pizza

What: Traditional thin-crust pizza
Where: 1724 N.

Farwell Ave.
Contact: 414-289-8776

Zayna's Pizza
What: Delivery and walk-up pizza to-go
Where: 714 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414-226-9999