Boyne Vacation Club

Courtesy of Boyne Resorts

The Boyne Vacation Club is an arm of Boyne Resorts. They manage timeshare properties for all owners in the network, and they take care of the management of each property.

Boyne Resorts property owners participating in rental management are eligible to join Boyne Vacation Club, the most innovative vacation exchange plan in the world. Use your property as you wish, trade time for travel to other Boyne Vacation Club locations and exchange for vacations at over 2,200 resorts in 75 countries. We'll take care of the details... you can indulge in your dreams. Limited only by your imagination, simply choose your destination from locations worldwide. Reserve your time. And we'll make all the arrangements.

#1: How Does This Club Work?

The Boyne Vacation Club manages rental properties owned by members. Everyone who owns a rental property with Boyne is automatically a member of the Vacation Club. These owners may use their properties as much as they want, but the properties are available for rent during the year.

#2: General Costs

Owners in the Boyne Resorts network invest in their timeshares every year. The owners have free reign of these properties during the dates that they have reserved and open dates on the calendar. Members of the network pay a fee for membership if they are not property owners, and there are no other fees associated with the properties.

#3: How Many Rentals Are There?

The Boyne network spans the globe. They own hotel and resort properties all over the world. There are timeshares at every resort, and these timeshares often occupy special places on the property.

#4: How Does This Site Work?

The website allows you to search for the properties that you wish to stay in. You may search for a location or resort. The open dates for all rental properties are shown, and you may choose the property that fits your budget and needs.

You do not pay upfront for the rental. You hold the rental with a credit card, and you come to your vacation destination at the appointed time. You do not need to make contact with the owner because Boyne handles the management of these properties. Customer service questions and concerns also go through the Boyne offices.

The owners of the property may choose to set up their rentals in their own way, but you will deal with Boyne during your stay. Individual owners may create a unique experience for their renters, and you are free to ask to stay in the same rental property many times over. This sort of versatility is what makes these rentals so special.

#5: May I List My Own Property?

There are no independent property listings on the Boyne website. You may have lovely rental homes in your portfolio, but only properties on Boyne property are listed. Consider investing in a Boyne property to receive the power of their online presence.

#6: Is This Site Reputable?

Boyne Resorts has flown under the radar for years, but they are a solid company. They offer vacation rentals at low prices, and property owners can make a small investment to get started. Everyone saves money when they vacation with Boyne, and the membership offers options that take vacationers all over the world.

Membership types are designed with you in mind. Each based on property ownership and travel desires. Each with its own distinct usage features.  Travel where you want, when you want. A club representative can provide all the details and help you select the membership type that's best for you.

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