Boutique Luxury at Delano Las Vegas

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Full disclosure: I’m a rock guy. I have always been a rock guy. I am a travel writer with a graduate degree in Geology. So, stepping into the Delano Hotel in Las Vegas and walking between two huge pieces of sandstone is the equivalent of warm flannel pajamas on a winter morning.

The comfort is built in.

With that said, the moment you walk down the brightly lit corridor at Delano Las Vegas, with pillars to frame your entrance and an atmosphere that blends class, elegance and a touch of luxury, your frame of mind is lost in the aura of a boutique hotel that does not know that it is in Las Vegas.  Customer service is set to a level that requires you to readjust your expectations. It is not just about smiling and welcoming, it is about welcoming and inviting.

In one fell swoop, your first encounter with the staff at Delano Las Vegas introduce you to personal attention, attention to detail and details about your stay. You learn that as much as you might feel like you just stepped into a luxury boutique hotel, you really are part of a bigger entity. After all, this 43 story hotel that feels intimate is a full service property with over 900 rooms and is a few steps away from the Mandalay Bay Resort.

In a perfect world you can have all of the Las Vegas action that you might crave with a nod to those travelers who hope for more.  With Delano that little bit of extra that comes in the form of individual attention, sophistication and the distinct difference in style make for a Las Vegas vacation that alters your mindset.

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The Defining Factor at Delano Las Vegas

I sit and have a conversation with a tumbler of E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch Bourbon in front of me. The residual flavors of peppered jerky and a reminiscent hint of a cigar that I had in the Dominican Republic don’t distract me from the comfort that is Franklin. The lobby bar that sets the tone for your stay at Delano should be the focal point of your stay. Deep leather couches for attentive conversations or a bar that employs a class of bartender that reveals the secrets and the nuances of the drinks you desire. If there is a spot that exudes what Delano Las Vegas is all about, it is in this space.

While the bartenders are both knowledgeable and genuinely attentive what you will be impressed with are 32 craft beers and 22 wines by the glass. This list, curated by Harley Carbery, Director of Wine at Mandalay Bay, is an examination of the palate of the intrigued drinker. This menu consists of wines that you just will not be able to find by the glass in Las Vegas. The beers and wines were selected through a series of tastings and discussions as if they were meant to be served to only the most discerning of visitors. Therein lies the formula for Franklin and Delano Las Vegas. The attention to detail makes the complete package possible of a different kind of Las Vegas resort.


The Rooms at Delano Las Vegas

Delano Las Vegas sits in the framework and space of The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. This re-branding brought about design and style changes but still is housed within the parameters of the former tenant of the building. That really is where the similarities end. The color schemes have been changed and the furnishings have been updated. The bathrooms look very familiar but in no way are the exact same. The rooms are still very spacious with separate seating and sleeping areas and the restrooms are large.  Luxury and amenities in the room are exactly what you should expect from a top tier hotel, so grab a robe and slippers and sit in front of that giant flat screen television.


The Extras

The top floor houses MIX and for a view, it is hard to beat. The restaurant will be getting a makeover soon but for a nightcap and a lounge it is hard to beat. Della’s Kitchen is your spot for breakfast and lunch and you’ll have to try their burger. It is among the best in town.  3940 Coffee and Tea serves up pastries and small bites.

A walkway connects Delano Las Vegas to Mandalay Bay Resort so everything and anything Las Vegas is less than 5 minutes away. That means if you need sushi from Kumi, Vodka from Red Square, or a show from Cirque du Soleil you have complete access to it. Don’t forget the pool at Mandalay Bay and Bathhouse spa at Delano or Mandalay Spa.


Delano Las Vegas

3940 Las Vegas Blvd.

Adjacent to Mandalay Bay Resort


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