Bouchon at the Venetian Restaurant Profile

The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Some restaurants in Las Vegas stand out as extraordinary, Bouchon at the Venetian is one of those restaurants. The service is very attentive with a knowledgeable staff, the food at Bouchon is beyond compare while the atmosphere is comfortably elegant. Thomas Keller knows the formula for success and his team has created a gem at Bouchon at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.

  • Cuisine at Bouchon Las Vegas: Contemporary French
  • Reservations at Bouchon Las Vegas: Not Required, recommended
  • Price Range Bouchon Las Vegas: $5 - $40 per entree
  • Attire: Casual / Elegant

What It's Like

Bouchon is every bit as comfortable as the rest of the Venetian Hotel. Breakfast is far more relaxed than dinner but for the most part, it is casually elegant. The dining room is airy and offers patio seating that lends a vacation feel to your meal.

You'll love the natural light that floods the room and motivates the second cup of coffee and the hardwoods and white table clothes are simple yet significant to setting the mood.

The Food

This is extraordinary cooking taken to a level that is simply impossible to match. If you are a fan of eating then you are already familiar with Chef Thomas Keller. While this is not the French Laundry it is very close because the standards are set to Keller’s perfectionist heights.

If you want great food in Las Vegas you will get it at Bouchon. If you want amazing breakfast it will happen at Bouchon. If you are looking to spend less, that will not happen at Bouchon. The wine list will tempt you and the entrées will tempt you to return a second and third time.

Breakfast is an epic journey into the most important meal of the day but you'll be surprised by how simple good can be. The three egg omelet is just that, an omelet, but you won't find a better one in Las Vegas. The French Toast is divine and the sausage hash is a meal that can be had at any time of the day.

Dinner is very French but with a nod to the Chef's style. The Bearnaise is rich on the ribeye and the sole with brown butter is classic and spectacular. This is definitely a meal that will keep you talking about it for months after you experience it.

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