Boston's Car and Ride-Sharing Services

Four Companies Make It Easy to Get Around Without a Car

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If you've ever attempted to cross town during rush hour, navigate through Kenmore Square when the Boston Red Sox have a home game, or travel in and around Cambridge when school is letting out, then you've experienced Boston's legendary traffic. However, several companies are seeking to alleviate the gridlock with ride- and car-sharing programs - and in many cases, they can even be cheaper than taxis and have become the preferred mode of transportation for locals and tourists alike.

Although getting rid of personal vehicles in Boston altogether isn't realistic, ride- and car-sharing is certainly becoming a staple of Boston life for visitors and residents alike, especially for those who opt to not even have a car in the city or don't want to give up precious parking spots.

If you're planning to visit Boston and don't want to deal with the hassle of renting, parking or even just driving a car in the city, consider instead using ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber to get you to your destination while cutting down on traffic congestion on the city's busy streets. If you're most concerned about renting a car, consider using Zipcar to rent one for shorter periods of time to get from one destination to another.

Do keep in mind that Boston recently made a new rule that ride-sharing services can no longer drop you off at the gates. Instead, they will go to a central parking area, to help with traffic flow at the airport. Picking up a ride is also relatively easy at Logan Airport as long as you follow the instructions in your app, as it will tell you exactly which door to exit from.

Rideshare Apps: Lyft and Uber

When it comes to hiring a car and driver to take you to your destination, Boston has all but eliminated the once-popular cab services in favor of rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber.

Lyft offers rides from local drivers in their own cars, which can be identified by the bright pink mustaches on the front grille, while Uber offers a fleet of on-demand drivers identified by the circular Uber logo in the front window in either their own vehicle or company-issued black cars (of a variety of shapes and sizes). 

Launched in San Francisco, Lyft has been in Boston since June 2013. Uber, on the other hand, started in Paris in 2008 and came to Boston in September of 2012.

For both of these apps, customers can choose from a few different price-point options depending on their needs: individual cars for groups of one to seven people, ride-shares for one to two people per party that are split between two or more groups, deluxe SUVs when more room is required, and city taxi call services through the app.

Standard fares don't apply with Lyft and Uber. Instead, riders get a quote for the potential cost of the ride, depending on the service selected, which factors in the duration of the trip and the distance traveled as well as local demand for rides at the time of booking. These ride requests and their payments are all handled through the Uber and Lyft apps on your smartphone, which can be split between party members in the car.

New Rideshare Option: Safr

Safr is a new rideshare option, currently only available in Boston. While it hasn't gained a ton of popularity or recognition yet, it functions similar to Lyft and Uber, but the company has a mission that goes beyond getting people from one destination to another. They're all about empowering and keeping women safe, and they do so not only by providing them with safe transportation, but also job creation and financial security. They pride themselves on paying their drivers more than industry standard to ensure that service is top notch.

Safr's 24/7 real-time monitoring tracks the rides you're on to keep you safe and if there's any indication that the ride isn't going well, the rider and/or driver are immediately notified to fix the problem at hand. Even better, Safr has a give-back element, with a percentage of every fare going toward a variety of nonprofit organizations, many of which support women and children. 

Rent a Temporary Zipcar

If you would rather not rely on other drivers to get you from point A to point B, you might consider the car-sharing company Zipcar, which is headquartered in Boston and found everywhere around town.

In order to use this service, you'll first need to sign up for a membership and get approved as a driver in the company's database. Once approved, you get access to the local fleet—wherever you find an empty Zipcar, as long as it's not reserved or "held" by another Zipcar member, you can unlock it with your app and take it for a spin!

Zipcar payment is twofold because not only will you pay membership fees for being part of the service, you'll also be charged an hourly or date rate for using each Zipcar you rent. Rates differ by how often you plan to drive, but gas and insurance are always included, regardless of membership plan.

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