Bordeaux Wine, Shopping and Hotels

Bordeaux Wines, Bordeaux Shopping and Bordeaux Hotels

Vineyards in St Emilion, Bordeaux, France
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Bordeaux, France goes relatively unnoticed by tourists, but they are missing out on a thriving city filled with shops, amazing historic attractions and nestled in the heart of wine country.

Bordeaux, France boasts vinotherapie (wine therapy) spas. It has a large and charming pedestrian zone. Find out more about visiting luscious and lovely Bordeaux, France.

A youthful verve is present in Bordeaux, and there are numerous sidewalk cafés and bars. The food here is divine, pairing perfectly with the fabulous Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux is, quite simply, luscious, lively and lovely.

Bordeaux, France Shopping

Few people outside Europe realize what a shopper's paradise Bordeaux truly is. There are some of the world's most popular brand names on parade here: Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Christian Lacroix, Rolex and Tartine et Chocolat.

Visitors aren't forced to spend top dollar on upscale designer shops, though. There are plenty of less expensive French chain stores here, as well as numerous locally-owned boutiques.

Bordeaux is truly a shopper's paradise.

Bordeaux, France Wine

Bordeaux first became associated with wine in the first century A.D., and is best known today for its incredible vintages. There are almost endless delights for the wine connoisseur, including:

  • A visit to Bordeaux wine museums. Vinorama is a museum and showcase devoted to wine. Relive the production of Bordeaux wines in centuries past at the Chartrons Museum, where wines were prepared for exportation around the globe. There are also numerous wine museums near Bordeaux, such as the Private Museum of Wine in Art in Pauillac and the Cork and Stopper Museum in Mézin.
  • Learn even more about wine with a lesson at the Bordeaux Wine School. It offers everything from lengthy, intensive courses to short weekend schools.
  • Visit the dignified Bordeaux wine chateaux. You can either rent a car and follow the diverse wine trail yourself, or go on an organized tour.
  • Indulge in vinotherapie spa treatments. The Sources des Caudalie is a hotel and spa that features innovative vinotherapie treatments.
  • Stock up on great wine. Besides buying wine the best way possible - directly at the winery - there are also several shops here selling wines from Bordeaux, the rest of France or even the rest of the world.

Read all about the major wine attractions, bars and shops in Bordeaux and Wine Tours. 

Getting to Bordeaux, France

You can reach Bordeaux in three hours from Paris if you take the TGV (speed train). Bordeaux is also two hours from Spain, a few minutes from the Aquitaine Atlantic shore, three hours from the Pyrenees and near vibrant Toulouse. There are countless day trips to do.

Bordeaux is located on the western Atlantic coast of France.

The city has a tram system through its downtown, as well as a reliable bus system. It is a very walkable city as well, with extensive pedestrian areas.

Details of how to get to Bordeaux from London, the UK and Paris

Bordeaux Hotels and Travel Booking

  • Les Sources des Caudalie is a four-star, upscale hotel as well as a fabulous spa.
  • The Best Western Grand Hôtel Français features a splendid location in the heart of the pedestrian zone, and costs about 100-150 euros nightly. Be sure to request a room with a balcony. 
  • If your funds are limited, consider camping near Bordeaux. There are numerous upscale, four-star camp sites here, including Le Pressoir. Prices start as low as 6.90 euros for a simple site to pitch your own tent.
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