Books and Movies Set in London

London is an exciting place for kids to visit, not only because there's so much to do, but also because the British capital is the setting for so many books and movies. Here are some of the best.

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    Harry Potter Books

    Leadenhall Market, London
    Warner Bros.

    The Harry Potter books feature many scenes set in real-life London and other UK destinations, including the famous Platform 9-3/4 at Kings Cross Station. 

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    Harry Potter Movies

    St Pancras Station, London
    Warner Bros.

    All of the Harry Potter films include scenes shot in London and elsewhere in Britain. It's fun to look for those Potter locations when you're on vacation.

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    Sherlock (TV Series)

    Sherlock BBC London

    This BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch is a terrific, modern take on the Sherlock Holmes tales, and the backdrop of London is smashing.

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    Mr. Bean (TV Series)

    Mr. Bean
    Tiger Aspect Productions

    This cult hit starring Rowan Atkinson as the hapless Mr. Bean is comedy gold for Anglophiles of all ages. Kids will love the goofball antics of this trouble-prone character, and parents will love that it's all G-rated fun.

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    Paddington (Film)

    Young kids will love this film based on a beloved series of books about an adorable bear who lives in London with the Brown family. Many of the film locations are popular attractions in the capital.

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    Fever Pitch (Book)

    Fever Pitch with Colin Firth
    Channel Four Films

    For teens who want to understand the British obsession with football (soccer in the U.S.), this hilarious, bestselling novel by Nick Hornby is a must read. You'll get huge insight into the obsessive love of the game and, in particularly, for the Arsenal Football Club in London. (This was later made into a film starring Colin Firth.)

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    Oliver Twist (Book)

    Charles Dickens London
    Charles Dickens Museum

    London is full of old buildings dating from centuries ago. Anything written by Charles Dickens will help kids imagine what life was like way back when. Dickens was a great force for social reform in the Victorian age.

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    Oliver Twist (Film)

    Oliver Twist Film

    There have been several film versions of this Dickens classic. This one stars Richard Dreyfuss and Elijah Wood.

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    Mary Poppins (Film)

    Mary Poppins London
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Many consider this to be Disney's best film. This delightful children's movie beautifully conveys the London era of proper nannies and chimney sweeps. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are wonderful.

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    The Great Mouse Detective (Film)

    The Great Mouse Detective
    Walt Disney Films

    For kids too young for Sherlock Holmes, try Basil of Baker Street from this fun flick with lots of Victorian London ambiance. There's even an appearance by Sherlock himself (voiced by Basil Rathbone). There are also Mouse Detective books.

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