Bonnie Hamre

Bonnie Hamre is a Latin Americanophile with a deep love for South America and its people, culture and traditions. If possible, she'd on the next plane south for an extended journey of re-discovery and exploration.


Born and raised in South America, speaking Spanglish before it was popular, Bonnie has deep roots and dreams in South America. She has traveled in many South American countries, is conversant in Spanish and English, and has studied Portuguese, French and Italian. She's researched this continent to bring you all the resources on these pages.

However, Bonnie is not a travel agent or a tour operator. She cannot arrange tours, iteneraries, make reservations or perform any function of an accredited travel agent.


Bonnie was educated in Chile and in the USA, earning her degree in Latin American Affairs from Arizona State University. She spent many years in the Information Technology industry before resigning to pursue other interests and her writing career.

Bonnie Hamre

With every article I write, I learn something new about South America! Won't you be my virtual traveling companion? We can linger here, have an adventure there, and explore this fascinating continent with text and photos.

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