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    Block Island: A World Apart

    Block Island Rhode Island Photo - Block Island Sittin' Machines at Spring House Hotel
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Scenes from a Summer Day on Block Island

    With its shimmering turquoise waters, elegant Victorian architecture and laidback island vibe, it's little wonder Rhode Island's Block Island is sometimes called the "Bermuda of the North." It was the tiny island's scenic natural expanses, however, that earned it an even more significant designation. In the early 1990s, the Nature Conservancy named Block Island one of the "Last Great Places on Earth."

    I took the ferry from New London, Connecticut, to Block Island on a sultry July day and had a wonderful opportunity to meet islanders and discover this offshore hideaway's many charms. In these photos, you'll see some of Block Island's most famous and fetching sights.

    With ferry rates to Block Island as low as $23.75 for a same day round-trip as of 2018, an escape to this offshore paradise is an affordable option for New England travelers. As you'll see from these photos, you can really manage to pack experiences into one day on Block Island.

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    Fast Ferry

    Block Island Hi-Speed Ferry
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Most visitors reach Block Island via ferry boat. Island Hi-Speed Ferry, which makes the trip between Galilee, Rhode Island, and Block Island in just 30 minutes, is one of the fastest ways to go.

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    Settlers' Rock

    Block Island Settlers' Rock - Photo
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island was settled by 16 families, who left Boston in 1661 and arrived at their new island home in the spring of 1662. The names of these original Block Islanders are inscribed on Settlers' Rock, a monument located near the island's north end.

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    Block Island Historic Society

    Block Island Historical Society
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Inside an 1850 farmhouse on Old Town Road, the Block Island Historical Society exhibits diverse artifacts related to island history. Open daily from late June to Labor Day and weekends the rest of the year, the museum provides a nice island overview.

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    Sandy Point

    Block Island Sandy Point
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    The northern tip of Block Island, known as Sandy Point, is preserved within the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge. The sand and cobble beach that curves from the Settlers' Rock parking lot to Sandy Point is visible in this picture.

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    Block Island North Light

    Block Island North Light
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    The 1867 Block Island North Light is the fourth beacon to stand upon the unsteady sands at the island's northern tip. The granite lighthouse was badly vandalized following its deactivation in 1973, but it was triumphantly restored and relit in 1989.

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    Great Salt Pond

    Block Island Great Salt Pond
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    The sheltered waters of the Great Salt Pond on the west side of Block Island are a popular mooring place for recreational boaters. Without a natural harbor, Block Island remained secluded until 1895, when the Great Salt Pond was opened to the sea.

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    An Agricultural Past

    Block Island Stone Walls
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island's first settlers were farmers and fishermen. The hundreds of miles of stone walls that grace Block Island are remnants of this offshore isle's agricultural past.

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    A Famous Sight

    Mohegan Bluffs Block Island Photo
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    The Mohegan Bluffs are Block Island's most famous and breathtaking natural attraction. These sheer, 150-foot clay cliffs are situated on the island's south side.

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    Block Island Southeast Light

    Block Island Southeast Light Photo
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Seagulls enjoy bird's-eye views of the Block Island Southeast Light, which was moved back from its precarious position near the edge of the eroding Mohegan Bluffs in 1993.

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    Stairway to the Beach

    Block Island Picture - Wooden Steps Descend Mohegan Bluffs to the Beach Near Southeast Light
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    Narrow, steep wooden stairs lead from the top of the Mohegan Bluffs near the Block Island Southeast Light to the secluded beach below.

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    Block Island Beach Heaven

    Mohegan Bluffs Beach on Block Island
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Those who descend the steep stairs to the base of Block Island's picturesque Mohegan Bluffs are rewarded with the opportunity to enjoy one of New England's most secluded and remote stretches of beach.

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    Unforgettable Experience

    Mohegan Bluffs Beach Block Island Picture Swimming in the Shadow of Mohegan Bluffs is Unforgettable
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    Swimming in the cool Atlantic waters in the shadow of Block Island's Mohegan Bluffs is a truly unforgettable beach experience that makes the climb back up the bluffside wooden staircase worthwhile.

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    Endless Atlantic

    Atlantic Ocean View from Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island - Photo
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    The Atlantic seems endless from this vantage point atop Mohegan Bluffs. If you're visiting Block Island for just a day, be sure to catch a cab near the ferry dock at Old Harbor for a trip to the bluffs on the island's south side.

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    The Bluffs' Bloody Story

    Mohegan Bluffs Monument - Story of How Block Island's Mohegan Bluffs Got Their Name
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    Although the Mohegan Bluffs are a place of serene beauty now, they are named, as this monument describes, for a skirmish that ended badly for 40 Mohegan Indians, who were driven over the bluffs by Block Island's native Manisseans.

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    Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve

    Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve on Block Island
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island's Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve is a wonderful place for a hike. The Block Island Land Trust, the Block Island Conservancy, the Town of New Shoreham and The Nature Conservancy collaborated to save this 25-acre parcel from development.

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    The Spring House

    Spring House Hotel Block Island
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island is known for its sprawling Victorian hotels overlooking the sea. The Spring House isn't just a hotel: It's an island landmark. Block Island's oldest and largest hotel has been an elegant retreat for luminaries from Mark Twain to Billy Joel.

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    Hotel Manisses

    Hotel Manisses Block Island Rhode Island - Photo
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    The Hotel Manisses is a Victorian gem that welcomes guests seasonally. The native people who first inhabited Block Island called their home Manisses, which means "God's Little Island."

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    A Boating Destination

    Block Island Boating - Photo of Boats Anchored off Block Island
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    Tiny Block Island is one of New England's most popular boating destinations. Several island marinas serve visiting and resident boaters.

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    Cottage by the Beach

    Block Island Cottage Near Crescent Beach
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    A footpath alongside this shingled cottage leads to Block Island's two-and-a-half-mile Crescent Beach, which is just a short walk from the ferry dock at Old Harbor. In total, Block Island offers visitors 17 miles of scenic sand beaches.

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    Crescent Beach

    Picture of Crescent Beach on Block Island
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island is a popular destination for daytrippers. Even in July during the height of the tourism season, the stretch of Crescent Beach closest to the ferry dock is nearly deserted by early evening.

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    Tropical Blue

    Block Island Picture - Tropical Blue Waters and Sea-Chiseled Rocks from Crescent Beach
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    As day's light began to fade, I took this photo from Crescent Beach of Block Island's tropical blue ocean waters rippling and swirling around sea-chiseled rocks. The seagull on the third rock seemed to be posing for me.

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    Block Island Parasailing
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Parasailing is a popular Block Island water sport. The island views must be phenomenal from up there. Call Block Island Parasail & Watersports at 401-864-2474 for reservations if you'd like to experience parasailing while on Block Island.

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    Block Island Moped Rentals

    Block Island Mopeds
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    It's very difficult to bring a car to Block Island, so many visitors rent mopeds or bicycles for their stay. Island Moped on Water Street is one of several rental companies located near the Block Island ferry dock.

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    Rebecca at the Well?

    Rebecca at the Well Statue Block Island Rhode Island Photo
    © 2007 Kim Knox Beckius

    In 1896, Women's Christian Temperance Movement members erected this statue of Rebecca at the Well on Block Island's Water Street. It was ironically later discovered that the statue is actually of Hebe—cupbearer for the Greek gods.

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    Hydrangeas in Bloom

    Hydrangeas Block Island Photo
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Lacy hydrangeas bloom in a lovingly tended Block Island garden.

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    The Last Ferry Back

    Ferry Leaving Block Island
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    I took the earliest ferry from New London, Connecticut, to Block Island and the last ferry back, and I really managed to pack experiences into my day, from viewing Mohegan Bluffs to walking the beach to shopping to sipping a beer at a waterside bar.

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    Block Island Skyline

    Block Island Skyline
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island's charming skyline is a lovely sight as the ferry edges away from the dock at Old Harbor.

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    Farewell to the National

    National Hotel Block Island
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    Block Island Block Island's landmark National Hotel, a Victorian gem on Water Street, begins to fade from view as the ferry departs from Block Island.

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    Strolling the Breakwater

    Block Island Breakwater
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    For those fortunate enough to stay on Block Island overnight, a stroll along the breakwater at Old Harbor is a lovely way to end the day.

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    A Great Place

    Block Island Farewell Photo
    © Kim Knox Beckius

    In the early 1990s, the Nature Conservancy named Block Island one of the Last Great Places on Earth. Preservation-minded islanders strive to ensure that their petite offshore paradise remains forever elegant and pristine.