Birge Amondson

Birge Amondson was born in Germany and lives with her husband and daughter both in Berlin and Los Angeles. She is a journalist writing for, which is part of the New York Times Company, and she covers everything about traveling in Germany.


Birge was born in Zweibruecken, in the southwest corner of Germany. She studied Film and Media Studies in Berlin, where she has lived for over 10 years. Birge worked for the Berlin International Film Festival in events and programming. As a freelance writer, she has worked for Zagat and Northstar Travel Media as well as German newspapers.

Birge has traveled throughout Germany, Europe, and the world, working with the Goethe Institut in New York, Accra, and Karachi.


Birge holds a Masters in Communication Studies and Film Theory from the Berlin University of the Arts.

Birge Amondson

Whenever I come back to Germany, my home country, I love to explore and discover new things – as a native, but also as a traveler. On this website, I'll give you the information on everything you'll need, from travel basics, and the most important German cities and sights, to to the most interesting cultural events. But I also want to share with you treasures off the beaten path that you won't necessarily find in your guidebook. I want to inspire you to discover all the different sides of Germany and to find your own favorite places.

You can also find my personal Berlin blog berlin again here.

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