Bilbao, Spain: Bus and Train Stations

Bilbao's beautiful Abando station
Bilbao's beautiful Abando station. Jordi Payà/Creative Commons

Bilbao is an industrial port city located in northern Spain. This is the largest city in the Biscay province and the 10th largest city in Spain overall. The popular Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum is located here, which holds various modern and contemporary artworks. Bilbao is your most likely arrival point in the Basque Country, as it has the region's main airport. Although Bilbao has a very confusing train system, with six different train networks to get your head around, the breakdown below will help simplify the routes for your exciting travels.

The six main stations in Bilbao include:

  • Bilbao's main train station for national trains (RENFE)
  • The FEVE station for narrow-gauge trains
  • The Euskotren station for the suburban Euskotren network
  • The Bilbao Bus Station for buses
  • Numerous Bilbao tram and metro stations for getting around the city center
  • RENFE stations for the other suburban rail network, Cercanias

Bilbao Abando: Main Train Station (RENFE)

The most common train station travelers need is the RENFE. However, there are few east-west routes, in which visitors will need to take either the bus or the FEVE narrow-gauge railway. Bilbao's main train station is for all RENFE services, including trains to 10 popular destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, Burgos, Valladolid, Segovia, Haro, Logroño, Zarragoza, Lleida, and Tarragona.

The RENFE train station is located at Estación de Abando Indalecio Prieto (formerly Bilbao-Abando) on Calle Hurtado de Amézaga 1, next to Calle Navarra and Plaza Circular.

Bilbao FEVE Train Station

The FEVE train station is good for scenic journeys west of Bilbao, but travelers should note that they are slow. You'll probably find that the bus is quicker. The address for the FEVE is the Estación de La Concordia de Bilbao (FEVE) at Calle Bailén, next to Puente del Arenal (a bridge). This is only a convenient, short walk from the main Bilbao station. The Transcantabrico and La Robla luxury train services depart from the FEVE station, as well as other commuter FEVE narrow-gauge rail services, including trains to Santander and Leon.

Bilbao Euskotren Train Station

The Bilbao Eusktotren is a metro train station is situated at Casco Viejo Station 3 in Plaza San Nicolás. There is also an Arriaga tram stop across the road. The Euskotren is perfect for travelers getting trains to Guernica and San Sebastian. In fact, visitors can change in San Sebastian for trains to the French border (Irun and Hendaye/Hendaya) and are encouraged to visit the Euskotren website for more information.

Bilbao Tram and Bus Stations

The very useful Bilbao tram connects the bus station to the Guggenheim, the main train station (FEVE), the city center, and the main Euskotren station. The bus station is located at the Estacion de autobuses on Gurtubay, 1. Travelers can get buses all over the country from here, and buses to Santander and San Sebastian are quicker than the train.

Bilbao Metro Train Stations

There are several Bilbao Metro stations all over the city. For shuttling around Bilbao city center, visit the Bilbao Metro website.

Bilbao Cercanias Train Station

It is unlikely that you will need to use the Bilbao Cercanias routes, as it mainly covers suburbs that are of little tourist interest. However, for those going off the beaten path, the station can be found at Estación de Abando Indalecio Prieto (formerly Bilbao-Abando) over on Calle Hurtado de Amézaga 1, next to Calle Navarra and Plaza Circular.