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Beale Street Bike Night
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Bike Nights on Beale Street is a downtown Memphis tradition.  Whether you have your own motorcycle or you just want to people-watch (and bike-watch), it's a great idea to take a stroll down Beale on warm Wednesday nights and just take it all in.

Bike Nights on Beale Street are on Wednesday evenings April through September, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. On these nights, hundreds of bikers ride to downtown Memphis and park their rides along the street, which is closed to car traffic. Sometimes, you can view as many as 1,200 bikes on Beale in a single evening. 

Don't expect to see only traditional Harley Davidson motorcycles, either. Bikes of every style and color, including choppers, cruisers, scooters, sport bikes, will be present. You're likely to see a couple of creatively decorated Vespas, too. Definitely, bring your camera.

After you've viewed the colorful gallery of choppers, take your pick of the many bars and restaurants on Beale to have a few drinks or a bite to eat. Beale Street is the only street in the state of Tennessee where you're  legally allowed to have an open container of alcohol. Thus, there are several beer carts and vendors that will serve you directly from the street.

More Things To Do On Beale Street

There are plenty of other things to do on Beale Street. You can try one of Wet Willy's famous alcoholic slushies, sit in the piano bar or on the huge patio at Silky O'Sullivan's, hear the blues at B.B. King's, or have some of Miss Polly's fried chicken. The Superior Bar hosts karaoke, Club 152 offers a third-floor VIP dance club, and you can finish out your evening with a Dyer's Double Cheeseburger cooked in 100-year-old grease.  

The New Daisy Theater at the east end of Beale Street is an historic music venue that offers a wide variety of concerts; they may have a show on Wednesday night. During the NBA season, you can attend a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game at FedExForum, which is adjacent to Beale Street. Come back during the day and check out A. Schwab's old-fashioned soda fountain, too. 

That is just a sampling of what Beale Street has to offer. While it's not the locals go-to nightlife area, it's a fun place for visitors to check out. Read the full Guide to the Bars and Clubs on Beale Street in Memphis for even more information. 

If you're into Bikes On Beale, you might also be interested in the Hot Rods on Beale series, which is a gathering of muscle and antique cars. Parking is by invite only, but all are welcome to see the hot rods on the fourth Tuesday of the month from April until October.

It's free to enter Beale Street on Bike Nights and free to park your bike. All ages are allowed to enter Beale Street, but many clubs have age restrictions for those under 21. 

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