The Best Yoga Centers in Houston

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    Perhaps most well-known for its Hot Yoga (or Bikram Yoga) courses, YogaOne Studios offers a wide range of yoga forms for the beginner student as well as the most seasoned yogi. Amenities include locker rooms, showers, free and plentiful parking and an in-house boutique for purchasing yoga gear.

    Specials and Rates:
    Single Class - $18 online, $20 in person
    Class rate decreases when purchased in larger quantities.

    • Teachers, firefighters, yoga instructors, students under 25 and peace officers receive 10% off regular tuition rates.
    • First-time yoga students (must live in the Houston area) receive 30 free consecutive days of unlimited yoga for $30


    YogaOne Studios has multiple locations, including sites in Houston's Midtown, Uptown and the Heights. 

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    Joy Yoga

    Joy Yoga
    ••• Joy Yoga

    Discover your "inner warrior" at Joy Yoga Center. Owner Joy Winkler and her team of instructors specialize in Vinyasa flow yoga, a practice that focuses on inner and outer strength. In addition to the traditional yoga forms, Joy Yoga Center provides less commonly-offered classes and services like Emotional Freedom Technique, yoga facial toning, acupuncture and feng shui.

    Specials and Rates:
    Single class - $20
    Class rate decreases when purchased in larger quantities.


    Joy Yoga Center has locations on Washington Avenue and outside the Loop on Voss Road. 

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    Devanand Yoga Center

    Yoga Studio
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    Devanand is Houston's largest non-profit yoga institution. The focus at this "green" studio is on the spiritual aspects and benefits of yoga practice, and chanting and meditation can be expected at the start of most classes. Devanand offers a variety of classes, including vinyasa, hatha yoga and mantra-chanting. The organization holds an annual Yoga in the Park event where students of all ages can enjoy a free day of yoga instruction at Memorial Park.

    Specials and Rates:
    Single class - $15
    Monthly unlimited classes - $89​


    6423 Richmond Avenue
    Houston, Texas 77057

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    The Yoga Institute

    ••• The Yoga Institute

    The Yoga Institute, one the oldest yoga studios in the country, offers a broad selection of yoga practices. The courses seamlessly blend elements of the Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Jivamukti methods. Yoga classes are available to those brand new to yoga as well as the advanced student.

    Specials and Rates:
    Single class - $18
    Class rate decreases when purchased in larger quantities.

    • The first class is free when you purchase a package on your first visit.
    • Senior citizens (aged 60 and up), students ​and their family members receive 10% off all fees.


    18083 Upper Bay Road
    Nassau Bay, Texas 77058

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    BIG Yoga

    Yoga Studio
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    BIG Yoga specializes in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa practice of yoga. Classes are held in a heated room (about 90 degrees) and emphasize strengthening, stretching and empowering each individual. In addition to Powerful Flow classes, Big Yoga offers Kids, Family and Devotional Yoga. Be sure to check out the BIG & Juicy juice bar while you're there for something tasty and refreshing. 

    Specials and Rates:
    Single class - $20
    Monthly unlimited classes - $99
    New Student Special: one month unlimited for $40


    BIG Yoga has multiple locations. Check out their website for details