The 7 Best Women's Golf Clubs of 2019

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Women’s, or ladies’, golf clubs are quite a bit different than men’s clubs in a few key ways. Women’s clubs are typically lighter and smaller than the men’s counterparts, with graphite as a popular material for the shaft rather than a heavier steel. Ladies' clubs are also typically shorter and have a slightly smaller diameter and grip. The club heads are often larger, too, with a bigger impact area for cleaner hits off the tee and out of the rough.

In addition to the differences in size and weight, women’s clubs also have steeper loft angles and flexibility. For example, women’s drivers generally have minimum loft angles that exceed the 9 or 11 degrees found with many men’s drivers. These higher loft angles extend to many clubs, and women actually have higher wood varieties as well. Lady clubs aren’t just lighter with their graphite shafts, but also more flexible, reducing shock and leading to more forgiving swings.

Each of the differences between the men’s and women’s clubs is designed to fit body type better and lead to swings that hit the ball higher, farther and more accurately. Learn more about some of the top women’s clubs on the market and find out which ones fit your needs best.

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Best Overall: Callaway Strata Women’s Clubs

Callaway Strata Women’s Clubs


It should come as no surprise that one of the best brands in men’s clubs, also has placed its stamp on women’s clubs. The Callaway Strata Plus 14-piece women’s golf club set is an excellent option for women of any age or skill level who are looking to golf at a high level. This set includes a 460cc driver, an 18-degree 5-wood, a hybrid club, two wedges, 6 through 9 irons and a T-shaped putter, plus a lightweight stand bag with backpack straps and a cooler.

Each of the clubs in this set is made with flexible and “forgiving” graphite composite shafts for a more comfortable game. Every club is tailored to the attributes you’re seeking, with a more accurate mallet putter, clean-hitting, perimeter-weighted irons and a wide-faced, titanium driver focused on distance.

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Best Budget: Aspire XD1 Ladies' Club Set

Aspire offers customers an entire set of clubs including the bag for the cost of what many people for a single driver. It’s an excellent option for golfers who are picking up the sport for the first time or teens who want to try out an adult set of clubs without huge cost commitment. The Aspire XD1 Ladies clubs are also a fun gift option for that female golf partner you’ve been trying to get onto the course for a while.

With this budget set, golfers get a 460cc, 12-degree titanium driver, a 15-degree fairway wood, a 21-degree hybrid, 4 irons, a wedge and a putter, all with Modulus graphite shafts for a lighter feel. It comes with a bag and head covers - truly perfect for a starting golfer who has no gear. The whole set is available in the standard women’s size as well as petite.

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Best for Petite Women: Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Set

It can be enormously difficult to find the right clubs as a petite woman. Many people resort to buying junior clubs or having them shortened. However, Precise offers a complete set of petite clubs that are specifically designed for the underserved and undersized female golfers out there.

The set, which includes a 460cc driver, two woods, two irons, two wedges and a putter, easily fits golfers who are 5-foot-5-inches and shorter. These clubs include perimeter weighting for easier shots with the irons and wide-faced, clean-hitting woods, as well as a bag and three head covers. This set is an excellent option for petite women who are just starting out in golf.

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Best Unisex Clubs for Women: Wilson Unisex Profile XD

Many women may not want a set of clubs that are “lady clubs.” Whether because of height or personal preference, women may opt for a unisex set of clubs that more closely match men’s club sets. The Unisex Profile XD golf set from Wilson is an excellent option for these women. This affordable option includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid club, a few irons, two wedges and a putter, as well as a stylish blue and gray cart bag. While closely resembling men’s clubs, this set also has graphite shafts for a lighter feel and senior flexibility for add forgiveness. The lofts of the clubs are also higher, for optimized ball flight. This unisex set is a great option for older couples sharing a set of clubs​ but can work for a wide range of women of most heights and ages.

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Best for Junior Women: Tour Edge HT Max Jr Golf Set

Tour Edge offers a small set of clubs and small bag to hold them in for young women who want to golf. The HT Max Jr set includes a 350cc, 15-degree driver, a 29-degree hybrid club, a blended 7/8 iron, a 9/pitching wedge club and a putter. This bare-bones set allows you to just buy the essentials at a reasonable price rather than invest in a whole set that the young golfer will soon outgrow.

All of the HT Max Jr clubs from Tour Edge are made of light graphite shafts and the woods feature titanium matrix design for farther shots with every hit. These clubs are perfect for chipping around in the backyard, but can easily be used to play your local three-par course. The set is geared toward golfers ages 9 through 12​ but can fit a wide range. The clubs come in a stylish pink stand bag that is sure to delight some young female golfers and irritate others.

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Best for Senior Women: Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set

Majek Senior Lady sells a unique set of clubs that are specifically designed for the common issues senior, female golfers face. The club set is composed exclusively of hybrid clubs to replace your set of irons. Majek explained that they created the clubs after surveying women golfers older than 55 years old and finding that the most prevalent problem was their iron game. Their solution was to create a set of hybrid clubs to fully replace the irons, with graphite shafts, wider grips and oversized heads. The result was light clubs that lead to cleaner hits, farther shots and more control from the fairway, the rough and even off the tee.

This set includes hybrid irons from 3 through 9 and a pitching wedge. The loft angle of the clubs range from 19 degrees on the 3 to 40 degrees with the PW. Customers praise Majek’s clubs for their forgiveness on the fairway.

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Best Single Club: Callaway Bertha Fusion Driver

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver

​ Jet

For women who like to compete with the best of them, there’s no better club than the Callaway Bertha Fusion Driver. Available with a “ladies” flex, a 10.5- or 13.5-degree loft angle and a graphite shaft, this driver will let female golfers smack the ball off the tee and far down the fairway with ease. The club is called a “fusion driver” because of the mix of the titanium EXO-CAGE and the ultralight triaxial carbon fiber used in the crown. Golfers will find this fusion leading to straighter, stronger and longer drivers on the golf course or at the range. This club is considered by many to be the best driver available and is an excellent choice for women golfers who want to improve their set.

What to Look for in Women's Golf Clubs

Price If you’re out on the course every day, investing in a set of clubs that have the specs you want and the exact right fit for you isn’t a bad idea. But if you’re a twice-a-year or more social golfer, opt for a budget set of clubs. Less skilled golfers won't notice some of the more advanced nuances found in expensive golf club sets.

Age Believe it or not, your age might influence which golf clubs are the best fit for you. As golf makers tailor clubs more and more to women, they’re also acknowledging how bodies change over the course of a lifetime. Young women can look for junior clubs that are smaller (and less expensive) than standard women’s clubs, while women 55+ can go for hybrid clubs that replace irons and offer wider grips and oversized heads. 

Weight Weight is one of the biggest differences between men’s clubs and women’s clubs—not only are ladies' clubs built to be physically smaller, but they’re often made of different materials than men’s clubs. Try a few different club weights to see which works best for your swing.

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