The Best Winter Cocktails in Buffalo

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    The Seven Best Cocktails in Buffalo

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    When the temperatures hit that all-time low and cabin fever is driving you up the wall, there's no better cure than a night out with friends. These cocktails are just the thing to warm you up, so call a friend and head out to one of these local Buffalo bars for the perfect winter cocktail.

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    Cole's Bloody Marys

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    Nothing warms you up quite like a Bloody Mary on a cold Buffalo afternoon, and Cole's is no exception. With an impressive eight different recipes, Cole's is a must-stop for a Bloody Mary in winter. You can choose from options that include a Buffalo Bloody Mary with Frank's Hot Sauce, a Bacon Bloody Mary made with bacon vodka, and a Bloody Matador made with tequila, to name a few.

    1104 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 886-1449

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    Tom & Jerry's at The Place

    ••• Courtesy of The Place

    A stop at The Place for a Tom & Jerry is a must during the holiday season in Buffalo. The corner tavern in the heart of the Elmwood Village has been serving the infamous cocktail since the 1940s and has become a favorite spot amongst locals for their great food, drinks and service. It's a place where you can walk in on any given night and know at least five people cozied up to the bar. It was renovated in 2015 under new ownership but thankfully the charm was retained, as well as the famed Tom & Jerrys.

    229 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 882-7522

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    "Life is Good" at Lloyd's Taco Factory

    ••• Courtesy of Lloyd's Taco Factory

    The cocktail menu at Lloyd's is leaps and bounds above most restaurants in Buffalo as their inventive bartenders have artfully crafted unique drinks that you won't find anywhere else. As a Mexican-inspired restaurant, Lloyd's leans heavily on mezcal for inspiration for their cocktails. Their "Life is Good" cocktail is a crowd pleaser. The drink consists of mezcal, sherry, orgeat syrup (made from almonds, sugar and rose water), pineapple and lemon.

    1503 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 863-9781

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    Vera's "Hazed and Infused"

    ••• Courtesy of Vera

    The craft cocktail movement in Buffalo can almost exclusively be accredited to Vera for their extensive menu that brought variety to a relatively stale drinks scene. When they opened in 2011, they were the only craft cocktail joint in town. Today, there are dozens of institutions that serve up unique spirits with a flair, all thanks to the vision of this Elmwood Village staple.

    Being the leader of the cocktail revolution in Buffalo, it would only be fitting to include a Vera original on this list. Of their impressive concoctions, the Hazed and Confused is the perfect blend of originality and tradition with bourbon, port and lemon, fig and hazelnut syrups.

    220 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 551-6262

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    Oshun's Bloody Mary

    ••• Courtesy of Oshun

    There are a lot of great Bloody Marys in this town but Oshun's is top tier. Served with a shrimp and stuffed olive garnish, the vodka cocktail is completely over-the-top. For a twist, try the Bloody Maria. It's a traditional Bloody Mary but made with tequila.

    The bar also has an impressively expansive drink menu, making it a favorite in town for happy hour. From Monday through Friday, 3 to 7:30, and Sundays from 12 to 3, it's buy one, get one mimosa's, bloody marys, draft beer and well drinks. 

    5 E Huron St, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 848-4500

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    Hydraulic Hearth

    ••• Courtesy of Hydraulic Hearth

    The cocktail menu at Hydraulic Hearth is ever-changing and with each​ invention, I can assure that you'll be blown away. The French Intervention is a winter-time favorite with mezcal, yellow chartreuse, grapefruit juice, and pineapple peppercorn syrup. Its unique combination of flavors is characteristic of most cocktails concocted by the Hydraulic Hearth team, with touches of unexpected flavors. I can assure you that whatever is being served up will be the perfect cure for the winter blues.

    716 Swan St, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 248-2216

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    Marble & Rye

    ••• Courtesy of Marble & Rye

    Like a number of the restaurants on this list, Marble & Rye only opened within the past few years. It seems like every month there's another high-end new spot that's opening up but thanks to their creative menu, Marble & Rye is able to stay ahead of the curve.

    Of their delicious cocktails, their Meet me in the Coatroom is a favorite. The drink consists of Cocchi Rosa, gin, Fernet and plum bitters. It's the perfect combination for a wintery evening out on the town.

    112 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY
    (716) 853-1390