The 10 Best Wineries in Sicily

Vineyard in Sicily with mountains in the distance
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If you know anything about Italy and Italian wines, you probably know that virtually every part of Italy contains one or more wine regions. This is also true on Sicily, Italy's largest island, where around 450 wineries are spread across 23 recognized wine regions, including on the nearby Aeolian and Egadi islands.

Wine tourism is a major market driver in Sicily, as oenophiles travel by rental car, on tour buses or with private guides to discover the best Sicilian wines and most characteristic wineries. Though it's tough to narrow down the list, here are our top picks for the best wineries in Sicily, chosen for their geographic diversity, ease of access, hospitality, and the quality of their wines. At all of these locations, and at most wineries in Sicily, we strongly recommend that you book in advance rather than show up without a reservation. This is especially true if visiting mid-week.

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Planeta, Menfi

A tasting room at Planeta winery's Ulmo vineyard

Courtesy of Planeta

Contrada Ulmo, 92017 Sambuca di Sicilia AG, Italy
Phone +39 0925 195 5460

Planeta is one of Sicily's best-known winemakers and has estates across the island, three of which are open for tours and tastings. The winery's home base is at Cantina Ulmo, on the southern coast between Menfi and Sambuca di Sicilia. The location is highly developed for hosting visitors and offers tastings, vineyard and cantina tours, a historic museum, plus the options of cooking classes, aperitifs and lunches, and bucolic walks in the surrounding landscape. La Segreta Bianco, a consistently good white, is produced here, as is red Maroccoli, made with 100 percent shiraz grapes.

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COS Vittoria Winery

COS Vittoria

SP3, Km 14,300, 97019 Vittoria RG, Italy
Phone +39 0932 876145

In the Cerasuolo di Vittoria wine region of southeast Sicily, COS is a leading producer of natural wines, including highly-rated Pithos Rosso (red) and Pithos Bianco (white). Interestingly, all COS wines are fermented in clay amphorae. This fermentation method has existed for thousands of years but has recently seen a resurgence.

COS will arrange for a driver and a private tour of the estate, or you can visit with Esplora Travel, which offers a Vineyards, Food and Wine Tour across central and eastern Sicily.

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Barone di Villagrande

View of a terraced vineyard at golden hour

Courtesy of Barone di Villagrande

Via del Bosco, 25, 95010 Milo CT, Italy
Phone +39 095 708 2175

Getting there is half the fun at Barone di Villagrande, a wine estate dramatically set on the eastern side of Etna, with views of the sea and Taormina below. The drive up is spectacular, and the setting for wine tastings, vineyard tours, and lunches al fresco couldn't be lovelier. A four-room guesthouse with a pool invites wine lovers to linger for a few days and enjoy the scenery, estate-grown food, and relaxed setting. Villagrande produces red and white wines, and their EtnaBianco Superiore is especially noteworthy.

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Donnafugata, Marsala

Wine cellar with vaulted ceilings with light colored barrels on the floor

Courtesy of Donnafugata

Via Sebastiano Lipari, 18, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy
Phone +39 0923 724245

Family-run Donnafugata has five vineyards across Sicily, but its base is in Marsala, and this structure is best-equipped for tours and tastings. There's a menu of four tasting tours, each of which includes typical Sicilian snacks to accompany the wine. The winery can feel a bit touristy at times but the wines are of high quality—especially the red blends Tancredi and Mille e Una Notte—and the tour guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The vaulted underground cellar, a highlight of the tour, is quite impressive.

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Alessandro di Camporeale

Terrain at the Alessandro di Camporeale vineyard

Courtesy of Alessandro di Camporeale 

Contrada Mandranova, 90043 Camporeale PA, Italy
Phone +39 0924 37038

This family-run organic winery sits in the rolling hills above Palermo, and is noted for its Donnatà, a highly-regarded Nero d’Avola (red) wine, as well as Vigna di Mandranova, made with 100% Syrah grapes. The winery is well-organized for tours, all of which include a walk in the vines and a visit to the cantina where the wine is made, and conclude with a tasting, and the option to have lunch.

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Regaleali Estate, Tasca d’Almerita

Tree trunk and a blue door with a caged window at the The Regaleali Estate, Tasca d'Almerita

Courtesy of Tasca d'Almerita

Contrada Regaleali, 90020 Sclafani bagni PA, Italy
Phone +39 0921 544011

The Tasca d’Almerita family are pioneers in the rise of Sicilian winemaking in the 20th century and were among the first to experiment with non-native grapes in order to produce wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Their signature wine, Reserva del Conte, is a full-bodied red made with Perricone and Nero d’Avola grapes from 60-year-old vines. Nozze d'Oro is one of their most award-winning whites. The setting for tastings, tours, cooking classes and overnight stays is absolutely beautiful — a picturesque mix of weathered stone buildings, sun-baked courtyards and acres and acres of rolling vineyards. Note that if you're driving to the estate, be sure to set the navigation system for Valledolmo, not Regaleali, and pick up signs from there.

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A bottle of wine from Firriato on top of a mountain with a seaside view behind it

Courtesy of Firriato

Firriato's highly rated reds and whites almost pale in comparison to the spectacular scenery surrounding its vineyards, especially those at Trapani and on Favignana, the closest and largest of the Egadi Islands. A menu of tasting options at either location allows novice and experienced oenophiles to sample award-winning Harmonium, made from Nero d'Avola grapes, celebrated Catarratto and Grillo whites, and several other wines from the estates. There are guest apartments at both the Favignana and Trapani locations, as well as cooking classes and more in-depth wine tasting lessons.

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Benanti estate and tasting rooms

Courtesy of Benanti

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 361, 95029 Viagrande CT, Italy
Phone +39 095 789 0928

A walk through the vines, a tour of the historic palmento (grape-pressing house), tastings, and optional lunch offerings are all part of the well-developed visitor offerings at Benanti, a Mount Etna winery that draws crowds. Despite the slightly commercial feel, the setting couldn't be lovelier and the wines, particularly Benanti's Etna Rosso and Etna Bianco, are consistently well-rated. For a splurge, take the Library Vintages tour, and taste some of the oldest and most precious wines on the estate.

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Overhead image of two cheese boards and four glasses of wine on a table

Courtesy of Hauner

Via Umberto I, 10, 98050 Santa Marina Salina ME, Italy
Phone +39 090 984 3141

On the postcard-sized Aeolian Island of Salina sits the Hauner winery. The mood here is uber-relaxed and unpretentious and the informal tastings with ocean views make a visit to Hauner a highlight of a trip to Salina. The wines aren't too shabby, either — Hauner's Malvasia di Lippari passita is a refined, not-too-sweet dessert wine that is consistently award-winning, and its Salina Bianco whites also earn high marks.

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Casa Vincola Fazio

View of Stone structure on a hill with vineyards in the foreground

Courtesy of Casa Vincola Fazio

Via Capitano Antonio Rizzo, 39, 91010 Fulgatore TP, Italy
Phone +39 0923 811700

Run by fourth-generation vintners, Fazio grows its grapes on the cool and windy slopes of Mount Erice, above the seaside town of Trapani. Sustainability is a focus here and the winery's production environment runs entirely on renewable energy. A variety of reds, whites, and rosés are produced here, including a selection of Sicilian Spumante—a dry sparkling wine similar to prosecco. Nearby Villa Rubina is a lovely base for exploring the Fazio vineyard and the close-by Temple of Segesta.

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The 10 Best Wineries in Sicily