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Flying these days is often a huge hassle. You have to get to the airport early to make sure you get through security in time, and then there's the issue of the flight itself. One of the biggest issues related to your comfort and a pleasant trip is where you sit: how much legroom the seat has, how wide it is, and how much overhead bin space there is above you for your carry-on luggage. Other considerations include trying to avoid the middle seat in a group of three, getting your preference for a window or an aisle seat, and sitting close to the front of the section so you can deplane more quickly. If you pick a good seat, it makes the whole journey a lot better.

Thanks to the internet, passengers now have more control than ever when it comes to choosing their seats since they can get a lot of inside information from websites devoted to all kinds of seat facts. Check out these six websites for the inside skinny on which seats are best, right down to specific aircraft types. 

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SeatGuru, which belongs to the TripAdvisor family, is considered the first place to go when it comes to choosing airline seats. Users have access to information that includes airline seat maps, flights shopping, and flight information; seat advice, user comments, and photos; and its Guru Factor comfort rating system for flight shopping.

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Seat Expert

This website allows travelers to search by specific flight number or by airline. It also allows users to contact seat experts by email and provides the MilePoint forum, where travelers can interact and share information on InsideFlyer Forums.

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ExpertFlyer offers free and pro subscriptions. Under free, travelers can use the website to find a better seat by entering their flight information and creating an alert when a more desirable seat becomes available. Under pro, there are basic and premium levels that offer services that include data for more than 400 airlines, detailed seat maps, and the ability to search for awards and upgrades. Users can also download free iOS and Android apps that offer the same service.

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This website, created by a company that specializes in air travel ratings and reviews, offers travelers detailed information on how to choose the best seats for their flights. It also offers seat reviews and seat plans, giving passengers the information they need to make the best seat selection.

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SeatLink gets ratings from actual flyers and shares with you what they think of the legroom, seat width, power ports, space in the overhead bin, and just plain comfort. This website does not yet include most U.S. airlines, but if you're flying American, it has you covered.