Best Vancouver Seafood Restaurants

Where to Find the Best Seafood in Vancouver, BC

If there is one ingredient that defines Vancouver cuisine, it's seafood. From salmon to local B.C. spot prawns, seafood is a Vancouver specialty and the focus for many of our best restaurants.

The best Vancouver seafood restaurants offer incredible seafood dishes to suit every palette, including West Coast and local dishes, sushi and raw bars, and delectable fish and chips.

As a bonus, most Vancouver seafood restaurants partner with Ocean Wise, the non-profit organization founded by the Vancouver Aquarium to promote sustainable seafood. Look for the circular Ocean Wise icon on menus for sustainable options.

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Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

Located in the heart of Yaletown, Blue Water Cafe tops most lists of best Vancouver seafood restaurants and is a favourite among locals, visitors and celebrities alike. Featuring an abundant selection of fresh, West Coast fare, Ocean Wise sustainable fish, oysters, sushi and sashimi, everything at Blue Water is five-star amazing.

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vancouver seafood: tojo's
Image Courtesy of Tojo's Restaurant

One of the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver, Tojo's is also one of the best Vancouver seafood restaurants, period. Owned and operated by world-renowned chef Hidekazu Tojo--who claims to have invented the California Roll--Tojo's is a favourite among celebrities and locals alike for its amazing omakase dinners. In a city with sushi restaurants on every corner, Tojo's distinguishes itself with truly outstanding cuisine; it's expensive but well worth the price!

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Coast Restaurant

vancouver seafood: coast restaurant
Image Courtesy of Coast / Glowbal Group

Noisy, boisterous, and high-energy, Coast is arguably the hippest of the best Vancouver seafood restaurants. Famous for its circular bar and huge selection of seafood--the menu features everything from big fish, shell fish, and local catches to an extensive raw bar, oyster selection, sushi and sashimi--Coast has earned multiple awards for its creative, innovative cuisine. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Coast epitomizes Vancouver's trendsetting, urban, vibrant restaurant scene.

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Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

One of the most venerable Vancouver seafood restaurants, Joe Fortes is most famous for its premium oysters, wide variety of fish, and three-tiered Seafood Tower. It also has a fantastic location in the heart heart of downtown Vancouver, near Robson Street shopping and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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Go Fish Ocean Emporium

There are two Go Fish restaurant locations in Vancouver: one on W Broadway and one on Fisherman's Wharf, within walking distance of Granville Island. It's the Go Fish on Fisherman's Wharf (1540 W. 1st Ave)--a little take-out "shack" where locals wait upwards of 45 minutes for their food (because it's that good)--that's the spot to visit. Everything's delicious: salmon fish and chips, oyster po-boys, local albacore sandwiches, fish tacos, and more.

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YEW Seafood & Bar

Located in the swanky Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, the multiple-award-winning YEW Seafood is one of the best restaurants for Pacific Northwest Cuisine in Vancouver, especially local seafood. YEW is focused on local, sustainable seafood, and everything here is top-notch.


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