The 8 Best TUMI Luggage Items to Buy in 2018

Looking for a new suitcase? You can't go wrong with TUMI

Since its inception in 1975, American brand TUMI has become one of the leading lights of the luxury luggage industry. Its suitcases, backpacks and travel totes are a symbol of status, known for their exceptional style and forward-thinking design. The brand has several special signatures - including the TUMI Tracer system and quality materials such as Tegris and Ballistic Nylon. Need some help picking out one that suits you? Keep reading to see TUMI’s best offerings for 2018, ranging from fashionable backpacks to checked bags for extended trips.

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    For those with an unlimited budget, the Tegra-Lite Large Trip Packing Case represents the pinnacle of TUMI innovation. It is made from a 100 percent polypropylene thermoplastic composite known as Tegris, which is also used in the manufacture of military body armor and NASCAR race cars. Predictably, Tegris’ main advantage is its incredible durability - giving your suitcase protection from the knocks, drops and scratches that go hand-in-hand with international travel. Its mesh-like design is also both attractive and astonishingly lightweight.

    Inside, the nylon lining includes several handy pockets for smaller accessories, while clothes are kept neat by tie-down straps. You can keep your best suit looking fresh in the removable garment sleeve. Four recessed spinner wheels allow for excellent mobility, while the three-stage telescoping handle is made from aircraft grade aluminium. You’ll find useful carry handles on the top and side of the suitcase, as well as a grab handle on the bottom....MORE The zip closure is protected by an integrated TSA lock. Available in T-Graphite or Fossil, the suitcase measures 29” x 20.5” x 11”.

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    The TUMI V3 Extended Trip Packing Case offers an excellent alternative to the Tegra-Lite - for a much more accessible price tag. Made from multi-layer polycarbonate, it is part of the brand’s lightest hardshell luggage collection yet remains remarkably resilient. It measures a roomy 20” x 30.5” x 11”, making it the ideal choice for long-distance travelers. Many of its features are the same as the Tegra-Lite, including the aircraft grade aluminium handle and the integrated TSA zipper lock.

    Four dual-spinning wheels help you to navigate busy airports with ease, while retractable handles on the top and side make for hassle-free retrieval at the baggage carousel. Inside, the classic black case boasts three zippered pockets, tie-down straps and a hanger bracket designed to keep your best suits and shirts separate from the rest of your packing. A 20-digit TUMI Tracer tag affords additional peace of mind (but don’t forget to register your details online).

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    While the term “budget” does not really exist in TUMI’s vocabulary, the TUMI V3 Short Trip Packing Case is the brand’s most affordable checked luggage option. It’s a great investment for those wanting to combine aesthetics with durability. At 17.5” x 26” x 10”, this medium-sized suitcase makes it easy to stay within airline weight restrictions, helping you to avoid expensive overweight fees. Its polycarbonate shell is beautiful, glossy and amazingly lightweight.

    Four recessed dual wheels and a three-stage telescoping handle allow for unparalleled maneuverability, while the durable side and top carry handles are fully retractable. Inside, the case has a soft fabric lining and three zippered pockets, as well as tie-down straps and a hanger bracket. Best of all, with a TUMI Tracer and an integrated TSA lock, you can relax knowing that your valuables are safe. Available colors include Pacific blue, black and Hunter green. 

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    The TUMI Alpha 2 Lightweight Medium Trip 4 Wheel Packing Case is crafted from 100 percent Ballistic Nylon. With its unique weave and special coating, this signature TUMI material is a firm favorite with Amazon reviewers, who praise it for its incredible strength and lightweight feel. Measuring 29.5” x 19.5” x 10.5”, this is a great choice for traditional travelers who prefer soft-sided suitcases, but still want the visionary design elements for which TUMI is famous.

    Expect quality zippers, a TSA lock, retractable top and side carry handles and a comfortable telescoping handle. The case has four recessed wheels, all with protective bumper guards and 360-degree mobility. Its clever interior features four zippered pockets, an open pocket and a hanger bracket. Meanwhile, the perennially stylish all-black exterior boasts another U-shaped pocket for easy access to airport layover essentials. 

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    Designed to meet the carry-on size requirements of most major airlines, the TUMI Tahoe Gardner International 4 Wheeled measures 9" x 14" x 22”. Its malleable, rustic blue fabric is a blessing when trying to fit the bag into crowded overhead compartments. Four compression straps help to make it appear smaller; and when you’re not flying, it is extendable by up to two inches.

    The central compartment is split into two sections. The top section is accessed via the main zipper or via a U-shaped zipper on the front of the bag. Inside, tie-down straps and a selection of smaller compartments make it easy to separate your belongings. Other pluses include an exterior zippered pouch (perfect for storing your passport or phone), four recessed wheels and an adjustable telescoping handle. 

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    Another 100 percent Ballistic Nylon masterpiece, the leather-accented TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack is both stylish and practical. Amazon reviewers applaud it for its intelligent compartments and compact (yet surprisingly spacious) size. On the outside, the bag boasts two zippered side pockets, one of which is waterproofed for accommodating a soggy umbrella. Another front pocket is softly lined to keep your sunglass and other valuables safe.

    Inside, the 16” x 14” x 6” backpack has dedicated compartments for your laptop, tablet, work papers and business cards. It stands up vertically on its own, is small enough to fit comfortably under an airline seat, and can be attached to the handle of your checked suitcase via a strap on the back of the bag. Choose yours in anthracite, hickory brown or navy. 

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    If you’re looking for a suitcase capable of making a fashion statement, you’ll love the TUMI 19 Degree Extended Trip Packing Case. Available in metallic black, copper or silver, this hardshell case is made from glossy polycarbonate encased in reflective Japanese film. Its surface is uniquely textured, thanks to a series of bold angled lines guaranteed to turn heads at check-in. Practical elements include a zipper with an integrated TSA lock, a three-stage telescoping handle and three zippered interior pockets. Four recessed wheels and retractable carry handles add to the suitcase’s fluid outline, while the 10.5” x 20.5” x 30” dimensions provide plenty of space for your wardrobe.

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    Measuring 8.25" x 18" x 12”, the compact TUMI Tahoe Grove Day Duffel is perfect for day travel or overnight stays. The design contrasts deep blue fabric with soft black leather on the handles and upper section, while the over-shoulder strap is made from comfortable webbing. On the outside, you’ll find two zippered pockets and one waterproof pouch with a magnetic snap. Inside, more pockets help you to organize items for easy access. The lining is made from durable polyester, while the bottom of the case is footed for extra protection and stability.

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