The 7 Best Travel Umbrellas to Buy in 2018

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella
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Unless you’re planning a visit to the Sahara Desert, a travel umbrella is a great companion for almost any trip. They should be compact enough to fit into your everyday bag or briefcase so that you can carry them with you for use at a moment’s notice. They also need to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Additional features range from flexible fiberglass designs intended to survive high winds, to canopies that defend against the sun’s rays as well as the rain. In this article, we take a look at a full spectrum of worthy travel umbrellas available for purchase in 2018. ​

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    Beloved by Amazon reviewers for its ability to withstand even the strongest gusts, the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is an excellent choice for extreme weather. While other travel umbrellas typically have six to eight ribs, this one boasts nine ribs made from flexible, resin-reinforced fiberglass. When paired with the umbrella’s strong metal frame and three-fold chrome-plated metal shaft, these ribs afford maximum wind protection without turning inside out. The fiberglass construction also resists corrosion, ensuring the longevity of your purchase.

    Teflon coating increases the umbrella’s ability to repel water so that it dries within seconds of stepping inside. Use the automatic opening and closing button located on the handle to operate your umbrella one-handed (especially handy when you’re struggling with shopping bags or talking on the phone). The ergonomic handle is made from slip-proof rubber and includes a wrist strap. Best of all, the umbrella weighs less than one pound and...MORE measures 11.5” in length when folded into its protective travel sleeve. If it ever breaks, make the most of the brand’s lifetime replacement guarantee. 

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    The Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella has nine reinforced fiberglass ribs and an all-metal frame and shaft - which together make it exceptionally wind resistant. On particularly gusty days, the umbrella’s fail-safe flip technology comes into play. Its fiberglass hinges allow the canopy to invert without bending or breaking the ribs, thereby rendering it virtually indestructible. Nevertheless, this product is also protected by a lifetime guarantee.

    Use the automatic open and close mechanism for instant control. The three-fold telescopic shaft collapses to a length of just 12”, while the included travel sleeve allows for dry storage in your backpack or purse. Despite its small size, this umbrella offers impressive coverage. Its canopy measures 42” - which Amazon reviewers claim provides ample weather protection for two. Choose from a range of seven different colors, including black, pink and rainbow.

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    One of the top-rated options on Amazon for under $10, the MangGou Rain Windproof Umbrella is surprisingly complex in its design. Admittedly, you’ll need to open and close it manually; but the 100 percent nylon double canopy affords fantastic water repellency, while the Vortec venting system prevents the umbrella from inverting in high winds. With a 50+ UPF rating and a black coating that reflects heat, you can also use it to protect yourself from the sun.

    The inside of the canopy makes a fashion statement with an eye-catching galaxy design. The umbrella’s fiberglass ribs and shaft make it both lightweight and durable, while the compact three-fold design is suited to storage in your briefcase or purse. You can also save money on a second umbrella for your partner, thanks to this one’s extra large canopy; which at 44.8”, is designed to be big enough for two. 

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    Weighing just .43 lbs, the Travel Compact Umbrella measures 7” when folded and fits into an adult’s hand. It’s small enough to leave in your bag so that you’re never without weather protection; while its lightweight design makes it suitable for children and the elderly as well. The umbrella’s flat, rectangular shape when folded is an additional space saver. When open, the canopy measures 34” in diameter.

    The reinforced alloy frame is light but sturdy, while all six ribs are tipped with fiberglass so that they can bend under wind pressure. The water-resistant coating is quick to dry, too. If you intend on traveling to a destination with variable weather, consider paying slightly extra for a second version of the same umbrella, which includes a 50+ UPF canopy. Available colors range from navy blue to light pink and gray.

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    The Glamore Inverted Double Layer Travel Umbrella comes in a range of stylish designs, including blue and black and red maple leaf. An innovative reverse folding mechanism encloses the wet outer surface of the umbrella, so that you don’t end up with water droplets all over your clothes. It also stands up on its own, allowing the water to drain out rather than being shaken off.

    The umbrella opens from the top at the press of an automatic button, preventing you from accidentally poking your fellow pedestrians with one of its eight fiberglass ribs. Slide your wrist through the C-shaped handle, rest the umbrella on your shoulder and enjoy the freedom of having both hands free. When you’re finished, the double-layer canopy folds into a compact travel sleeve. 

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    Although many of the umbrellas on this list are designed to perform well in windy conditions, the Bodyguard Windproof Umbrella takes things to the next level with no fewer than 10 premium fiberglass ribs. Flexible and long-lasting, these ribs prevent the umbrella from turning inside out. The 46” canopy offers maximum coverage, while the high-density fabric is coated with Teflon for unparalleled water repellency.

    The quality open and close button is also designed to withstand strong winds. Before stepping out into the elements, get a good grip on the non-slip, ergonomic rubberized handle. When you reach cover, the umbrella folds into a neat, 12.6” package that in turn tucks into the included waterproof leather sleeve. A 100 percent lifetime guarantee promises a replacement or refund if you’re unsatisfied. 

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    The Vumos Umbrella is a great option for those that like the idea of a full case rather than a lightweight travel sleeve. The canopy is made from water-repellent Pongee fabric, allowing you to shake off the worst of a rainstorm with a single motion. Then, store the umbrella inside its zippered waterproof case to ensure zero leakage in your purse or car. Other highlights include an automatic open and close button for easy one-handed use; and the durability provided by a sturdy metal shaft and eight fiberglass ribs. The umbrella has a lifetime guarantee and comes in six colors including black, green and purple. 


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