The 9 Best Travel Garment Bags of 2023

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Univivi's Garment Bag Set is our top overall pick for its durable fabric, extra-long size, and easy foldability. Our favorite budget pick is the Black Suit Garment Travel Bags because of its durability and pinstripe design.

Traveling is great for many things: seeing new cities, tasting new foods, and getting some much-needed R&R. What is it not great for? Keeping clothes wrinkle-free. Yes, no matter how you slice it, clothes need to go in a bag to be transported (unless, of course, you wear everything as Joey did on “Friends”), which means your chances of crumpled duds increase. But not all hope is lost. There’s one tool that can keep your favorite ensembles as smooth as can be: garment bags. Not only that, these handy attire vessels protect against the elements no matter where your travels take you. And with the need for such a crafty carrier, it’s no surprise there are tons to choose from. Here we break down the best available. 

Best Overall

Univivi Garment Bag Set

Univivi Garment Bag Set

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Extra long

  • Durable fabric

  • Easy folding

What We Don't Like
  • Not waterproof

These three 60-inch garment bags are long enough to hold all kinds of clothing, from suits to dresses, and feature breathable, washable polyester oxford fabric. This material is more durable than typical garment bags, and the heavy-duty nylon zipper is designed for longevity. The bags also have a metal eyelet on the bottom for easy folding, so you can pack them in a suitcase without your clothes getting terribly wrinkled.  

The Univivi bags also come with a plastic window so you can easily identify your clothes, and each has a PVC cover across the top opening for added protection. This cover is instrumental if you want to use one of these bags for garment storage, as it keeps out dust and moths much better than a standard open-top bag.

Price at time of publish: $22

Dimensions: 60 x 40 inches | Material: Polyester oxford fabric

Best Budget

Your Bag Black Suit Garment Travel Bag

Your Bag Black Suit Garment Travel Bag

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Low price

  • Pinstripe design

  • Rip and tear resistant

What We Don't Like
  • Zipper function complaints

Although this garment bag is inexpensive, you wouldn’t know by the look of it. The pinstripe pattern adds a level of sophistication, while the non-woven 80 GSM polypropylene ensures the bag is water, rip, and tear-resistant—if it can handle those elements, it’s sure to keep your suits and dresses safe from dirt and dust. But you can still see what’s inside thanks to the 5 x 5-inch window. The one major complaint from reviewers was that the zipper didn’t go all the way to the bottom, meaning you have to tuck in long items awkwardly.

Price at time of publish: $9

Dimensions: 40 x 24 inches | Material: Non-woven 80 GSM polypropylene

Best Foldable

Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag

Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Novel design

  • Lots of pockets

  • Suitcase sleeve for easy transportation

What We Don't Like
  • Not great for the long haul

You wouldn't even know this is a garment bag from the looks of it. The unique design rolls up in a way that transforms it into a 45-liter weekender duffle bag. Yes, you place all of your garments in the hanging bag, then roll it up as instructed, and you'll still have a shoe pouch and side pocket for your passport, keys, and other small items. Clothes stay wrinkle-free for that business trip, and you don't need to carry another bag along with you. Bonus: it features water- and tear-resistant fabric and has a detachable shoulder strap.

Our tester took this bag from Boston to Chicago for a wedding and could fit dress shoes, a belt, two pairs of socks, two t-shirts, two long sleeve t-shirts, two pairs of boxers, a pair of shorts, a rain jacket, and his suit. "I love how the bag rolls/folds into a duffel-like bag, and the textured gray exterior is stylish," the tester reported. "It felt a bit tight to get everything in, and figuring out how to zip the bag up into duffel shape took a minute, but it was worth it in the end. I've never seen a garment bag so compact and easy to carry, and I appreciated the dedicated shoe compartment. I'd have liked a bit more space for non-suit items, but overall I was pleased with the bag."

Price at time of publish: $44

Dimensions: 37.5 x 20.8 inches | Material: Polyester fiber and jacquard

Modoker garment bag

Chris Abell / TripSavvy

Modoker Garment Bag

Chris Abell / TripSavvy

Best for Suits

Zegur Suit Carry On Garment Bag

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag


What We Like
  • Sturdy waterproof construction

  • Additional pockets

  • Interior buckle keeps suits in place

What We Don't Like
  • Won’t fit in the overhead on smaller planes

When traveling, the last thing you want to do is iron suits. Well, this garment bag should eliminate that hassle. It features a sturdy, waterproof material that feels more like a high-end suitcase than a garment bag. Plus, suits come with many accouterments like ties, cufflinks, dress socks, shoes, and more. This bag has a special spot for it all, so getting dressed will be a breeze. Not to mention, the interior compartment for the actual suits features a dual buckler to ensure garments stay clean, neat, and in place. No wonder it's one of the top-reviewed items on Amazon.

We tested this bag on a wedding trip from Boston to Austin, and it fit everything our tester needed for the weekend, including a suit, toiletries, a hat, a pair of socks, dress shoes, three pairs of underwear, three t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a phone charger, and sunglasses. "I loved the bag's light weight and the many pouches for items besides my suit," our tester reported. "I'd have appreciated a bit more padding on the shoulder strap, which was slightly uncomfortable and slid around a little, but I was quite pleased with the bag overall, particularly how much I could get into it."

Price at time of publish: $85

Dimensions: 43 x 22 inches | Material: Fray-resistant 1800d polyester

Zegur Garment Bag

Chris Abell / TripSavvy

Best Clear Bag

TruMod Perfect Garment Bags

TruMod Perfect Garment Bags

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Water resistant

  • Clear window for garment identification

What We Don't Like
  • Durability is questionable

To easily spot garments in a closet, this bag features a clear "window." It's made of high-quality material and comes in a set of three bags in 55-inch, 47-inch, and 40-inch lengths (each with a 24-inch width). The bags have sturdy zippers and are water-resistant. The lightweight fabric makes the bags easy to travel with, and they can easily fold into a carry-on bag. Additionally, several shirts and pants can be stored in each bag, and the bottoms are closed to protect from dust.

Dimensions: 55 x 24 inches, 47 x 24 inches, 40 x 24 inches | Material: Polyester and polyester blend

Best for Longer Garments

Hangerworld 60-Inch Black Suit or Dress Garment Bag

Hangerworld 60-Inch Black Suite or Dress Garment Bag
Courtesy of
What We Like
  • Internal pockets

  • Good for humid environments

  • Capacity

What We Don't Like
  • Fragile material

For those requiring a longer garment bag, this one from Hangerworld measures 60 x 24 inches—perfect for taller individuals. The garment bag also features an internal pocket for jewelry, lingerie, or other small items and a clear identification holder. Made of soft, breathable material that’s perfect for tropical weather, it is an excellent choice for cruises requiring formal wear. The bag can fold upward to make room for shorter items and can hold up to three (or possibly four) garments at once. The cotton-like material is very lightweight, so it’s not for those who prefer a heavier garment bag.

Price at time of publish: $12

Dimensions: 60 x 24 inches | Material: Non-woven polypropylene fabric

Best for Storage

Dalix Professional Garment Dress Foldable Bag

DALIX Professional Garment Dress Foldable Bag
Courtesy of
What We Like
  • Exterior storage pockets

  • Can handle three bulkier items

  • Easy carry handles

What We Don't Like
  • Hanger hooks on the outside

Dalix has designed a garment bag with convenient storage pockets on the outside for shoes, cufflinks, jewelry, or other accessories. Available in green, blue, pink, red, or purple, the polyester piece stands out in the crowd and measures 57 x 21 inches. Up to three suits or gowns can easily fit in the bag, or six lighter items of clothing like sundresses or shirts. The durable bag has two handles to fold easily and transport. An identification slot helps protect garments from being misplaced at the airport or on the cruise ship. 

Price at time of publish: $28

Dimensions: 57 x 21 inches | Material: ‎Polyester

Best for Undergarments

Bagail Mesh Laundry Bag Set

Bagail Mesh Laundry Bag Set

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Easy organization

  • See-through for easy identification

  • Unique sizing

What We Don't Like
  • Not long lasting

Separating clean and dirty laundry is essential when traveling (particularly on lengthier trips), and the Bagail five-piece set is ideal for storing undergarments. These silky mesh bags can be placed directly in the wash to keep smaller items separate from other clothing, and they're ideal for keeping luggage neat and organized.

The set includes one 24 x 24-inch black bag (perfect for dirty laundry), along with two 16 x 20-inch and two 12 x 15-inch white bags for storing and washing lingerie and other undergarments. These Bagail bags are also large enough to store regular clothes, with the bigger sizes capable of holding sweaters and even jackets. All the bags are color-safe and made of see-through material so you can easily find what you need in your suitcase.

Price at time of publish: $8

Dimensions: 24 x 24 inches, 16 x 20 inches, 12 x 15inches | Material: ‎Mesh polyester

Best Washable

Fu Global Garment Bag Breathable Suit Bag

FU GLOBAL Garment Bag Breathable Suit Bag
Courtesy of
What We Like
  • Comes with several bags

  • Washable fabric

  • Solid construction

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for extra-long items

For a traditional, lightweight garment bag at a bargain price, the FU Global Suit bag set is a good buy. The dust-proof set includes five classic black bags made from washable fabric and handy features such as a metal eye hook for hanging, a small transparent window, and sturdy zippers. Measuring 24 x 54 inches, the bags can hold longer jackets or dresses and be folded when not in use. The design of this set is more straightforward than some of the other options, but it gets the job done. 

Dimensions: 54 x 24 inches | Material: 80-gram non-woven fabric‎ blend

What to Look for in a Travel Garment Bag


Are you looking for something to keep your dresses or suits from wrinkling, or are you more interested in a bag that will keep your dirty laundry away from your clean clothes? What about your shoes? From hanging garment bags that include shoe compartments to clear and mesh bags perfect for separating laundry, there are lots of designs to accommodate your specific travel needs.

Airline or Road Travel

Special considerations need to be made if you're planning on taking suits or dresses on a plane versus in a car. If you're flying, you'll want something lightweight but durable. While a bulky bag for everyday garment transit might be fine for road trips, you'll probably want to add a more flight-friendly one to your luggage collection if air travel is your norm.

Storage for Extras

Some bags keep it simple with just one main compartment, while others add many small pockets to the bag's exterior for jewelry and cufflinks. However, be careful with this, especially if you're flying—having delicate items close to the surface can lead to damage.

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