The 8 Best Travel Garment Bags to Buy in 2018

Arrive at your destination with wrinkle-free clothes

When traveling to upscale event, it is important to arrive fresh and presentable so well-pressed, wrinkle-free attire is imperative. Garment bags help keep travelers looking put together and respectable, and can protect evening wear from wrinkles, dust, moths and pet hair. Garment bags can even simplify the packing process, so clothes are organized and tidy. Here are the best high-quality garment bags on the market. 

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    To easily spot garments in a closet, this option features a clear “window” on half of the bag and is made of high-quality material. The set comes with three bags in 40-inch and 47-inch lengths (24-inch width), sturdy zippers and is water resistant. The lightweight fabric makes the bags easy to travel with and can also easily fold into a carry-on bag. Several shirts and pants can be stored in each bag and the bottoms are closed to protect from dust. Many Amazon users stated that they liked the bags enough to order additional sets. 

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    The Home Haven garment bags have added touches such as metal edges, a hook to secure hangars, a clear window to see what’s inside and snaps to fold the bag in half. The beige set comes with three water-resistant bags measuring 42 x 24 x 4 inches and have breathable fabric to protect against mold. Some Amazon users noted that there is a slight odor when the package is first opened, but it fades away quickly. 

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    For more bang for the buck, the Wallaby garment bag set comes with five polyester bags for the same price as an individual garment bag from a competitor. The set comes with four medium bags (measuring 24 x 40 inches) and one large bag (24 x 48 inches). They're made from washable, reusable polyester fabric that can be folded to save space. Water and mildew resistant, the bags protect against pet hair, wrinkles and mold. The bags are lightweight, however, they aren’t ideal for heavy use.

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    For those requiring a longer garment bag, the Hangerworld option measures 60 x 24 inches – perfect for taller individuals. The garment bag also features an internal pocket for jewelry, lingerie or other small items and a clear identification holder. Made of soft, breathable material that’s perfect for tropical weather, it is an excellent choice for cruises requiring formal wear. The bag can fold upward to make room for shorter items and can hold up to three (or possibly four) garments at once. The cotton-like material is very lightweight, so it’s not for those who prefer a heavier garment bag.

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    To withstand airplane travel, garment bags need to strike a balance between durability and weight restrictions. The “Top Quality Garment Bag” set is lightweight enough that it won’t add unnecessary pounds to luggage, yet can stand up to wear and tear. Made of 120GSM mesh material, the set of four bags measure 42 x 24 inches. They have a sturdy, full-length zipper, small clear “window,” card slot to label clothes, as well as a bottom strap for easy storage. Each bag is roomy enough for several jackets or pants and the set also includes a water-resistant shoe bag. 

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    Dalix has designed a garment bag that also features convenient storage pockets on the outside for shoes, cufflinks, jewelry or other accessories. Available in green, blue, pink, red or purple, the polyester garment bag stands out in the crowd and measures 57 x 21 inches. Up to three suits or gowns can easily fit in the bag, or six lighter items of clothing like sundresses or shirts. The durable bag has two handles to easily fold and transport. An identification slot helps protect garments from being misplaced at the airport or on the cruise ship. 

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    Separating clean and dirty laundry is important when traveling, (particularly on lengthier trips) and the OPSP four-piece set is ideal for storing undergarments. The mesh bags can be placed directly in the wash to keep smaller items separate from other clothing and they're ideal for keeping luggage neat and organized. The bags come in medium or large with rust-proof zippers and can store about a week’s worth of each type of undergarment (socks, underwear, bras, briefs, etc.).

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    For a traditional, lightweight garment bag at bargain price, the FU Global Suit bag set is a good buy. The dustproof set includes five classic black bags made from washable fabric and handy features such as a metal eye hook for hanging, a small clear window and sturdy zippers. Measuring 24 x 54 inches, the bags can hold longer jackets or dresses and be folded when not in use. The design of this set is simpler than some of the other options, but it gets the job done. 

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