The 8 Best Towable Tubes of 2019

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Towable tubes allow you to experience the thrill of being pulled at high speed behind a boat without having to spend years mastering sports such as wakeboarding or water skiing. Different styles provide a different kind of ride (think deck-style tubes for the thrill-seekers, or cockpit-style tubes for family-friendly fun). In this article, we look at some of the best options for sale, ranging from four-person towable tubes with multiple riding styles to classic donut rings geared towards those on a budget.

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Best Overall: SportsStuff Super Mable Towable

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable
Courtesy of Amazon

An Amazon’s Choice product with stellar reviews, the SportsStuff Super Mable Towable is a versatile choice that can comfortably accommodate up to three riders. It features a durable full nylon cover with self-bailing drain vents and a heavy-gauge PVC bladder with plastic welded seams. Your knees and elbows are protected by EVA foam pads, while the tube’s multiple nylon grab handles feature neoprene knuckle guards for added comfort. Designed like a floating couch with an air-cushioned backrest and side walls, the tube has two different tow points.

Tow it from the front, and riders can rest against the backrest for a more sedate experience. Tow it from the back, and passengers kneel chariot-style for a more thrilling ride. This adaptability makes the smartly printed orange and yellow Super Mable the ideal choice for families with kids of different ages. Other useful features include Kwik Connect hook-up points and a patented Speed Safety Valve for rapid inflation and deflation. Reviewers praise the tube’s quality construction - but it’s covered by a year’s warranty just in case.

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Best Budget: Airhead Blast 1-Rider Towable

The Airhead Blast 1-Rider Towable is the perfect solution for those on a budget. Its simple design adheres to the classic donut style, which can be ridden either face up or face down depending on the amount of speed and control you’re after. There are four nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards, while the tube’s Boston valve allows for rapid, no-nonsense inflation. The double-stitched nylon cover includes a self-draining floor vent and a reinforced tow harness and protects the virgin PVC bladder from unnecessary wear and tear.

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Best Classic Style: SportsStuff Rascal Towable

The SportsStuff Rascal Towable is an upgrade of the classic donut-style tow tube. You can sit in the circular center hole with your legs dangling over the side for a relaxed ride; or take things up a notch by lying on your stomach with your head facing forwards. Although the tube is intended for a single rider, there are six double webbing flat foam handles designed to cater to a range of different arm spans. All of the handles feature neoprene knuckle guards.

The tube’s durable partial nylon cover and heavy-gauge PVC bladder are made to withstand the pressure of being pulled at speed across the water. There’s a patented Kwik Connect tow point on the front ​and a holster for stowing your tow rope when the tube isn’t in use. Use the Speed Safety Valve to inflate and deflate the tube quickly. The Rascal comes with custom graphics in eye-catching shades of red, yellow and blue.

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Best Deck Style: Airhead Super Slice Towable

The Airhead Super Slice Towable is the ultimate choice for adrenalin junkies. Its deck-style design is fast, easy to flip and full of fun, with space for up to three riders lying face forward on their stomachs. The tube features a tapered gusset, making it thicker in the front than it is at the back. This clever design allows it to tow better ​while making it more comfortable for passengers and easier to re-mount when it flips over.

The 30-gauge PVC bladder is protected by an extra-strong cover made out of 840-denier nylon. There are six nylon-wrapped grab handles, each with a neoprene knuckle guard (which you’ll appreciate when you’re hanging on for dear life!). Other key attributes include the tube’s reinforced internal tow harness, its Kwik Connect attachment and its Speed Safety Valve. Choose yours in bright orange or attention-grabbing blue camo.

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Best Cockpit Style: WOW Tripod Cockpit Towable

Cockpit-style towables allow the rider to sit in the tube rather than on it, providing a safer and more laid-back option for younger kids or nervous adults. The WOW Tripod Cockpit Towable features an ingenious design that transitions between three different styles. You can use it as a cockpit tube with stabilizing wings; or as a wingless cockpit tube with excellent steering.

When the rider is more confident, you can zip the two wings together to create an arrow-shaped deck tube. Best of all, you can use the deck tube and wingless cockpit tube configurations simultaneously, giving you two tubes for the price of one. The Tripod is built to last with a Tuff Shell full nylon cover and a heavy-duty PVC bladder. It also boasts a speed inflation valve and double webbing foam handles complete with knuckle guards.

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Best Banana Style: Airhead Hot Dog Towable

Designed to be straddled with one leg on either side, banana-style tubes feature a streamlined shape that requires less speed to get going than other styles. As such, options like the Airhead Hot Dog Towable are a good choice for pontoon boat owners. This bright red and yellow tube is intended for up to three riders and features three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers protected by a double-stitched full nylon cover.

Each seat has a nylon-wrapped handle with a neoprene knuckle guard. The seat pads are also made of neoprene, which makes it easier to stay on when flying across the water. The tube measures 103” x 44” when deflated, includes a Kwik Connect tow point and has a Boston valve to allow for quick inflation and deflation.

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Best Two-Passenger: WOW Bingo Inflatable

According to reviewers, the red, orange and yellow WOW Bingo Inflatable is the ideal choice for two-child families or couples. It features a cockpit-style construction with a drop bottom and an air-cushioned backrest, allowing for a safer, more comfortable ride. Dual tow points allow you to tow it frontwards for a slower seated experience, or backward for a chariot-style adrenalin rush.

Whichever way you use the tube, the drop bottom design also reduces drag on your boat, helping you to save fuel and money. Meanwhile, the full nylon cover includes double webbing foam handles complete with comfortable knuckle guards. Use the EZ tow connector to quickly hitch the tube to your tow rope, giving you more time for fun out on the water.

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Best Multi-Passenger: Airhead Switchback 4-Rider Towable

The Airhead Switchback 4-Rider Towable has space for four passengers: two sitting in front and two kneeling chariot-style in the back with an inflatable backrest between both pairs. In this way, the tube keeps everyone happy by allowing for two different kinds of riding at the same time (one sedate and one much less so). The tube has two heavy-gauge PVC bladders, a Kwik Connect tow point, plus two Speed Safety Valves. The double-stitched nylon cover boasts a psychedelic green and blue zigzag design; while multiple grab handles and boarding straps make it easy to re-mount the tube from in the water. When deflated, it measures 88” x 70”.