Do You Know the Best Time to Visit Italy?

Get the facts on the country's seasons, holidays, and weather

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Do you know the best time to visit Italy? Okay, that's somewhat of a trick question because almost any time of year can be a good time to travel there. Not every country has those bragging rights.  

While Italy offers much to enjoy during any season, you can use this review of the country's climate during different seasons to decide the best month for you to visit. In addition to the weather, discover which holidays, food and festivals are available throughout the year in Italy.

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    Spring is a great time to visit Italy. Scheduling a trip then not only lets you beat the heat but the tourist crowds of summer as well. During this time of year, you can find reasonable airfares and hotel prices except during Easter week. If you happen to visit during Easter, know that the holiday is observed more faithfully than it is in the United States, which means you may encounter more closed shops, restaurants, and tourist spots during this time than you would in America.

    On the flip side, visiting in Easter is a great time to see Holy Week processions. Spring travel to Italy also offers the benefit of seeing festivals and cultural events, particularly flower festivals and Infiorata events (flower petal art). A number of wildflowers, tree blossoms and gardens are in bloom in Italy then.

    Another advantage of spring travel to Italy is having more hours of daylight. This can make it easier for tourists to navigate unfamiliar territory, and if you happen to be traveling by train or boat, you can take in more of the sights.

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    A summer trip to Italy means you'll enjoy lots of bright sunshine and can drop by its breathtaking beaches.

    Going to the Mediterranean country this time of year also means partaking in Italy's fantastic summer festivals, attending outdoor concerts and plays, and relaxing outside during the evening hours.

    Finally, you'll have even more hours of daylight for traveling during the summer than you will while traveling during the spring months.

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    Fall travel to Italy has major financial perks, such as lower airfares and accommodation prices. You can enjoy fall foods like truffles and wild mushrooms, attend fall festivals and cultural events, and get around different places without the heat of summer.

    In addition, you can visit major tourist attractions such as the Coliseum or Vatican without having to fend off big crowds. You can also experience the dramatic beauty of Italy in fall.

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    Winter travel to Italy means bargain basement airfares and accommodation prices, unless you're planning to visit during a holiday.

    Additionally, visiting the country when it's cold out means you can ski, take part in winter sports and experience the beauty of snow in Italy. You can also participate in Christmas, New Year and Carnevale festivals. Plus, there are cultural events and performances in historic theaters.

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    Still can't decide the best time to visit Italy? Take a look at the average temperatures, rainfall and historic climate for different cities there. You'll also be able to see the current weather in a number of cities, which is useful if you're planning to visit relatively soon or for the same time next year.

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    Italy has festivals, both big and small, all year. So, it's important to know which festivals are held when. Planning a visit to a festival can be fun, but remember that during the most popular festivals, hotels may fill up. Be sure to book in advance.