The Best Time to Visit Fort Worth, Texas

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Fort Worth often gets overlooked by its neighbor, the larger city of Dallas, but this north Texas city has its own unique scene, drawing on the culture and influence of the American West. The best time to visit Fort Worth is in the early spring or fall, ideally March or October. At these times of year, temperatures are pleasant and there are plenty of activities for visitors, both indoor and outdoors.

Weather in Fort Worth

Like most of North Texas, Fort Worth experiences hot, humid summers (often with strong thunderstorms) and relatively mild, dry winters. Temperatures in the summer, especially in August, regularly exceed 100 degrees F, while temperatures during the winter months rarely drop below freezing—although the occasional sleet and ice storm is a possibility. Fall and spring are usually mild and dry.

Key Events & Festivals

Fort Worth has a busy event calendar throughout the year, but a few events are especially noteworthy. The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is held each year in mid-January and draws visitors and exhibitors from around the world. In past years attendance exceeded 1.2 million. The junior stock show draws 10,000 competitors, while professional cowboys compete for nearly $1 million in prize money.


Spring in Fort Worth is typically pleasant, with temperatures beginning to warm up in March. Late May can often bring intense thunderstorms, sometimes with hail, high winds, and even tornadoes. Visitors often flock to the Botanic Gardens to see spring blooms at this time, especially at the Japanese garden.

Events to check out:

  • Mayfest, founded in 1973 as the Trinity River Festival, is among the most popular events in Fort Worth. Residents and locals get together to enjoy music, arts and crafts, and food.
  • The Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, founded in 2013, takes place every year in April. This four-day festival showcases Cowtown's diverse set of cuisine, ranging from French to Mexican to barbecue.
  • In late April, craftsmen and artisans of all kind flock to the Main Street Arts Festival. There's also live music and local fare.
  • The Charles Schwab Challenge, one of golf's most prestigious tournaments, is held every May at Fort Worth's Colonial Country Club.


Summer in Fort Worth is often hot and humid, with temperatures in the 90s F and occasionally jumping into the triple-digits. Occasionally, blazing hot summer days are punctuated by strong, fast-moving thunderstorms and, less commonly, tornadoes. Still, you can expect lots of sun and plenty of great days to be outdoors—don't forget your sunblock.

Events to check out:

  • Each year, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra arranges a series of music in the city's stunning Botanic Gardens. Headliners range from rock to the orchestra's interpretations of classics—think the Rolling Stones, Styx, and more.
  • On July 4, Fort Worth is home to North Texas's largest fireworks display. The Historic Stockyards also hosts Red, White, and Boots, its own Western-inspired celebration.
  • The Western roots run strong in Fort Worth, so it's no surprise that the National Day of the Cowboy, July 27, is widely celebrated in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.


Fall can be a great time to visit Fort Worth. The threat of summer storms has passed and finally, typically by mid-September, temperatures have cooled down. While Fort Worth might not have the striking fall foliage of the northeast or the American west, the sunny, crisp days more than make up for it.

Events to check out:


Fort Worth winters are not especially cold or hot. While there are typically a handful of days below freezing, temperatures are usually mild, in the 40s and 50s F. Snow accumulation is rare, often less than two inches per year.

Events to check out:

  • Each year, Christmas in the Stockyards brings a full-day event with Santa Claus, a petting zoo, rides for kids, and more.
  • The Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, a college football bowl game, is held in early January at the Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.
  • Perhaps the largest annual event held in Fort Worth each year, the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo kicks off in mid-January. The event began in 1896.
  • In late February, thousands of runners hit the Fort Worth streets for the Cowtown Marathon. Not interested in running 26.2? There's also a half-marathon and other shorter distances.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best time to visit Fort Worth?

    The best time to visit Fort Worth is in the early spring or fall—ideally, March or October—when the temperatures are pleasant and activities are plentiful.

  • What is Forth Worth known for?

    Fort Worth is known for its western culture, complete with stockyards, cowboys, and rodeos. However, the city's thriving downtown boasts great restaurants and culturally rich museums.

  • Is Forth Worth a dangerous place to visit?

    Based on FBI crime data, Fort Worth is not the safest city in America. Still, according to, the chance of violent crime is only 4.48 per 1000 residents.

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