The Best Time to Visit Barbados

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The best time to visit Barbados is in April through May, after the winter snowbirds have returned home for the season and before the rainy season picks up later in the summertime. Additionally, visiting in spring will be more cost-efficient for budget travelers who are looking to avoid higher room rates and expensive airfare. Barbados is located outside of the Caribbean's hurricane belt, and, thanks to the year-round trade-winds, the temperature on the island stays relatively consistent from month to month.

Weather in Barbados

Barbados is known for its year-round sunshine, and the temperature in Barbados remains relatively stable for all four seasons. The rainy season in Barbados begins in June and ends in November, with the wettest month of the season occurring in October, with an average of 7.3 inches of rainfall. Sun-seekers should feel comfortable visiting Barbados year-round, however, as these showers are known to pass quickly. The island is outside of the Caribbean's hurricane belt, so visitors needn't fear severe storms. The average temperature for December through March is 79 degrees F (26 degrees C), increasing to 81 degrees F (27 degrees C) in April through November.

Peak Tourist Season in Barbados

As the homeland of Rihanna, the island has become even more visible in popular culture in the past several years. However, Barbados has always been a popular tourist destination for sun-seeking travelers during the winter holiday. Travelers looking to avoid paying extra costs in airfare and hotel reservations should book their trips beginning in mid-April (after the last of the spring break revelers have departed the island) through mid-December (before the arrival of holiday vacationers.) Tourists looking to book their vacations during peak months (December through February) should book accommodation well in advance and prepare to scour the internet for flight deals.

Key Holidays & Events in Barbados

There's no shortage of events and festivities occurring in Barbados throughout all twelve months of the year, and the 400-year-old tradition of the Barbados Crop Over Festival (running for six boisterous weeks in July and August) is a particular highlight. Tourists visiting during the holidays should look into the horse-racing excursions on New Year's Day, while visitors in the fall should coordinate their trip to coincide with the nation's Independence Day celebrations in November. Meanwhile, the Oistins Fish Festival, held in April over Easter Weekend, is the largest community event on the island.


January is peak tourist season in Barbados as travelers from northern countries head down to the island for a winter respite. Winter is also the driest part of the year on the island, which is ideal for sunbathers and active travelers. Visitors should book their trips in advance to avoid heightened travel costs for airfare and hotel bookings.

Events to check out:


February continues to be peak season for tourists in Barbados, and it also coincides with cultural events on the island. The Holetown Festival is held in celebration of the first settlers to arrive in Holetown, Barbados, on Feb. 17, 1627, and occurs in the town in which the original settlers first arrived. February is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 79 degrees F (26 degrees C), so travelers won't need much more than a light jacket in the evenings.

Events to check out:

  • The weeklong Holetown Festival features arts and crafts, local cuisine, and street parades.
  • Visitors in February can also check out Agrofest, the National Agricultural Exhibition in Barbados.


Spring is an ideal time to visit Barbados, as the weather is dry and sunny, with average temperatures of 85 degrees F (30 degrees C) in March, 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) in April, and 87 degrees F (31 degrees C) in May. The cost of travel in March still reflects peak season prices, though there are deals on airfare and hotel rooms to be found in the following weeks of April.

Events to check out:


Mid-April marks the beginning of decreased travel costs. Travelers visiting during Easter should look into attending the Oistins Fish Festival in Christ Church. The folk festival was founded by Lady St. John in 1967 and is a cherished annual tradition on the island.

Events to check out:

  • The Oistins Fish Festival is the largest community event on the island, held over Easter Weekend in the Christ Church parish.
  • Another event to check out is the Barbados Reggae Festival, which promises live music and good vibes every April.


May marks the first month of decreased travel fares and is an ideal time for visitors to plan their trips to Barbados. Take advantage of the sunny weather and lowered flight deals by booking your trip right before the rainy season begins in June. Visitors to the island in May should also be sure to check out the Barbados Gospelfest and lovers of fast cars and automobiles should be ready to start your engines for the Sol Rally Barbados.

Events to check out:

  • The regional and global talent showcased Barbados Gospelfest is one of the most significant cultural offerings of its kind.
  • Established in 1990, the Sol Rally Barbados is the largest annual motor event in all of the Caribbean.


The average high temperature during the summer months in Barbados is 87 degrees F (25 degrees C), though trade winds keep the temperatures relatively consistent in Barbados year-round. June marks the beginning of the rainy season, as well as the start of the festival season as well. The decreased cost of travel in the summer months and early fall is also sure to appeal to the budget-minded visitor.

Events to check out:

  • Segway Polo in Paradise is a one-of-a-kind event that occurs at the end of May through to the beginning of June at the Segway Polo Club in the parish of St. Michael.


July and August are lovely times to visit for the traveler looking to experience some local culture and lively celebrations. The six-week Crop Over Festival kicks off in mid-July. It runs through August, offering an endless array of entertainment for visitors lucky enough to be visiting the island during this period. Travelers will also be able to take advantage of more inexpensive flight deals and hotel bookings when traveling to Barbados during the summertime.

Events to check out:

  • The Barbados Crop Over Festival is a 300-year-old Bajan tradition that embodies the best the island has to offer in terms of music, cuisine, celebrations, and culture.


August sees the continuation of the Crop Over festivities, which conclude with a masquerade parade on Grand Kadooment Day. Though August is technically the hottest month of the year, the average high temperature of 87 degrees F (31 degrees C) is in keeping with the prior summer months of June and July. Travelers can expect to take advantage of travel deals during this time, as well, since most visitors do not immediately think of the Caribbean for an August vacation.

Events to check out:

  • Check out the Masquerade Bands on Grand Kadooment Day, which celebrates the end of Crop Over with a fittingly joyous and over-the-top celebration.


After the packed month of August, September is a relative break from the hectic events schedule. The fall marks the beginning of the peak wet season on the island. September is the best month for swimming, as the water is an enticing average sea temperature of 85 degrees F (29 degrees C). Furthermore, travel deals will remain in place until the influx of holiday visitors beginning in December.


After the relative quiet of September, October kicks back up again with several events and festivities for travelers to check out on the island. Why not check out some jazz while visiting Barbados? Or partake in the local flavors of Bajan rum? This month is a wonderful time to visit for culinary travelers and music aficionados, with a weekend dedicated to jazz, and another to rum. But bring a raincoat: October is the wettest month of the year (with an average of 7.3 inches of rainfall).

Events to check out:


November is the most humid month of the year, with 83 percent humidity, so travelers should pack breathable, lightweight clothing. November represents the last month of the year for travel deals, before the influx of tourists in December. It is also the time when many cultural events are held on the island, including the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. The National Independence Festival was first established in November of 1973 and is an enticing draw for visitors contemplating visiting the island during late fall.

Events to check out:


December marks the beginning of the peak tourists season when travelers head down to the island for the holidays. Visitors should look into coordinating their schedules to participate in some of the local traditions on the island. For example, Dec. 31st is a massive party in Barbados known as Old Year's Night. Expect champagne, fancy attire, and much revelry.

Events to check out:

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is the best time to visit Barbados?

    Between April and May, you can enjoy lower rates and fewer crowds in Barbados after the busy winter high season is over and before the rainy season begins.

  • When is the rainy season in Barbados?

    The rainy season begins in June, but the heavy rain doesn't really pick up until later in the summer with August getting the most precipitation on average.

  • When is hurricane season in Barbados?

    Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, however Barbados falls outside the Caribbean's hurricane belt and storms only make landfall once every few years.

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