Las Vegas Weather: When Is The Best Time To Go To Las Vegas?

Searching For The Perfect Weather In Las Vegas?

Zeke Quezada

When examining the weather in Las Vegas is one season better than another? Is it too hot? Is it too cold? I'll tell you that there is no wrong time to go to Las Vegas, but if you are planning on sitting by the pool and you want at least average temperature in the 70's your best months for good weather in Las Vegas are between April and October. Of course, the exceptions to that are if you are leaving the Great White North and minus 7 temperature and you find yourself in Las Vegas on a day in February when it's 64, it feels like summer to you.

The very best time to visit Las Vegas really depends on what you are going to do. If you are headed to the pool avoid November,  December and January. If you despise the heat stay home June, July and August. If you want to watch hockey you'll be there during the NHL season and if you love college basketball March Madness is mad in Las Vegas during, you guessed it, March.

As summer approaches you should know what the weather in Las Vegas is like before you plan your trip. Don't be alarmed by the warm temperature in July, because the drinks are cool and the water is refreshing in the shallow end of the pool. Also, everywhere you go the climate controlled air will keep your body temperature right at that point where you think you might need a sweater.

The Weather in Las Vegas During Pool Season

  • May Weather in Las Vegas - Perfect golf weather with average highs in the 80's
  • June Weather in Las Vegas - Pool weather with averages in the low 100's, evenings are perfect for walking along the Las Vegas strip
  • July Weather in Las Vegas - I won't lie, it's hot, but it's a dry heat. Personally, this is my favorite time of the year when prices are lower. The pools have plenty of action and naps in the middle of the day make sense.
  • August Weather in Las Vegas - Highs are still in the hundreds but by now the temperatures for you back home are bad so at least you have a cool pool with shaded cabanas to hang out in.
  • September Weather in Las Vegas - If you don't have children this is the best time to visit Las Vegas. The kids are no longer at the pool but the mid 90's temperatures are perfect for longer days with a drink in your hand and your body in the water.

October still has some great pool days and the weather begins to look like a Las Vegas interpretation of Fall. Don't expect any major changes unless you walk into the Bellagio Gardens.

How is the weather in Las Vegas when it is not pool season?

Weather is all relative so if you experience severe winters in your hometown you will be so happy to find out that weather in November, December, January and February in Las Vegas is not at all something to be too concerned with. You will still be able to walk around outside and you can be sure that your snow boots will not have to travel with you.

That leaves us with March, April and October. These are the months that I love and you can be sure that if you visit in early spring or early fall you will decide that Las Vegas has the best weather on earth. Mild temperatures dominate the weather forecast and everyday is just about perfect. Pools are pleasant but not warm and if you enjoy the outdoors you will never break a sweat no matter what you are doing.

When are you you planning that Las Vegas vacation?

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