The 8 Best Things to Do in Taghazout, Morocco

Beach in Marocco
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A 30-minute drive north of Agadir takes you to Taghazout, one of the most idyllic spots on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Although it’s relatively off the radar for most tourists, this laid-back fishing village is well-known to surfers as the home of the country’s best waves. The reliable swell can be enjoyed at a variety of different surf breaks for all experience levels. There are plenty of other reasons to visit Taghazout, including perennially great weather, a friendly, chilled-out atmosphere, and an amazingly affordable array of accommodation and dining options. Above all, visitors are charmed by the simple beauty of its white-washed buildings and deep blue Atlantic views. 

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Ride the Region’s Famous Waves

Waves in Taghazout, Morocco

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Taghazout is one of Africa's best surf destinations, with a choice of point, beach, and reef breaks to suit both total beginners and seasoned pros. Most of these are easily accessed by road. For experienced surfers, bucket list spots include challenging right-handers like Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Boilers. Anchor Point is perhaps the most famous and can run up to 500 meters on a large northwest swell. Beginners can hone their skills at more forgiving spots like Banana Point and Devil’s Rock. The best waves occur during the September to April winter season, and there are plenty of surf shops offering board and wetsuit rentals, lessons, camps, and retreats. Surf Berbere is one of the most respected names and also offers trips to the waves at Immesouane

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Sign Up for Yoga Classes and Retreats

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Because breath control and the ability to stay focused in stressful situations are both important skills for surfers, many of the village’s camps and hotels offer generous surfing and yoga packages. Some, like Amouage by Surf Maroc, include twice-daily classes in an open-air setting with inspiring ocean views. Others, like Adventurekeys Surf & Yoga, offer the chance to try aerial yoga. This innovative practice uses lengths of silk to suspend you above the ground while you perform your traditional postures. If yoga is the main focus of your trip, consider signing up for a truly immersive wellness experience at Tamraght Yoga Studio. Offerings include private therapeutic yoga classes, reiki sessions, and massage treatments. You can even learn to become a yogi yourself on an accredited yoga teacher training course. 

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Spend Lazy Days Relaxing on the Beach

Taghazout Beach, Morocco

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Instead of surfing Taghazout’s waves, some visitors choose to admire them from the safety of the village’s beautiful beaches. Expect golden sands, clear water, and abundant sunshine, with average annual temperatures of around 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). Taghazout’s main beach is especially popular with families, with safe swimming and a relaxed atmosphere. Local operators offer the chance to ride camels and horses along the water’s edge. At the same time, photographers will appreciate the spectacle of village fishermen bringing their catch ashore in brightly painted wooden boats. There are pros and cons to each season for those wishing to spend most of their time in Taghazout on the beach. Summer is hotter and drier and therefore better for sunbathing—but the beaches can get crowded due to an influx of Moroccan tourists. Winter is less crowded but cooler. 

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Practice Your Skills at Taghazout Skatepark

Silhouette of a skateboarder at sunset with the ocean behind

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Taghazout Scatepark، N1, Morocco
Phone +212 642-397112

On rare days when the surf isn’t operating, skateboarders can ride the concrete waves at Taghazout Skatepark. This international-standard facility was constructed by volunteers from around the world and features plenty of ramps, obstacles, and a half pipe. It sits on the hillside above the town and makes for some amazing photo opportunities with beautiful views of the sea, beach, and village spread out below. The skatepark is known for its inclusive atmosphere, which helps foreigners and beginners feel welcome. There’s always a crowd, making it a fun place to hang out even if you can’t skate. Watch those that can pull off breathtaking tricks—or wipe out in spectacular style—while getting to know the Taghazout locals. 

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Go on a Hike to Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley near Taghazout, Morocco

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Paradise Valley Agadir, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane،, Agadir 80000, Imouzzer des Ida-Outanane 85000, Morocco
Phone +212 627-236441

Many of Taghazout’s hotels and hostels offer guided tours to Paradise Valley, a secret oasis situated in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. After a 45-minute drive into the interior, you’ll hike for 20 minutes to reach a series of pools and waterfalls hidden in a gorge flanked by sheer limestone cliffs. For some, it’s enough to simply lounge by the water and enjoy the scenery. For others, the clear turquoise water beckons, providing a wonderful way to cool off after working up a sweat on the hike. For the truly adventurous, the cliffs on either side of the pools are perfect for cliff jumping. There are stalls selling freshly squeezed orange juice and a small café that serves mouthwatering Moroccan tagines. The valley is most impressive during the wetter winter months when the water is in full flow. 

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Treat Yourself to a Massage or Hammam

Woman enjoying a hammam, Morocco

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After a morning hike or surf session, an afternoon at the spa is the perfect cure for aching muscles. There are several to choose from in and around Taghazout, with two of the best options—Taghazout Golden Spa and Mellow Massage & Spa—located 10 minutes south of the village proper in Tamraght. Both offer a full menu of massages and beauty treatments, but for many visitors, the highlight is the chance to experience a traditional Berber hammam. This ancient ritual is the North African version of a steam bath, with plenty of scrubbing to ensure that you emerge with silky smooth skin. Most spas use organic argan oil, a regional specialty that’s highly prized for its ability to restore shine and elasticity to your hair and moisturize and heal dry skin or acne. 

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Sample the Local Culinary Scene

Moroccan tagines

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Visitors to Taghazout are spoiled for choice in terms of places to eat. Many restaurants serve both western and Moroccan cuisine and focus on organic ingredients. The Rooftop Restaurant is famous for its ocean panoramas and fresh seafood. Very few of Taghazout’s independent restaurants are licensed, so if you’re in need of a beer or a glass of wine, make your way to boutique hotels like Munga Guesthouse or Amouage. 

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Take a Day Trip to Agadir

Lamps for sale in an Agadir souk

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If you can drag yourself away from Taghazout itself, nearby Agadir is well worth a visit. It takes just 30 minutes by car to reach Morocco’s largest beach resort, with its palm-lined boulevards and 10-kilometer beachfront promenade. You can spend your day admiring million-dollar yachts in Agadir Marina or learning more about Berber culture with a visit to Musée du Patrimoine Amazigh. Agadir’s elevated medieval kasbah was one of the few districts to survive the earthquake that ravaged the city in 1960. Wander its narrow streets to discover beautiful examples of Islamic architecture punctuated every now and then by dizzying ocean views. If you’re in need of a souvenir or two to take home, you’ll find everything from artisan crafts and clothing to spices and rugs at the sprawling Souk El Had market.

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The 8 Best Things to Do in Taghazout, Morocco