Best Theme Parks in Germany

The best amusement parks in Germany are fun for the full family. Whether you are looking for thrilling roller coasters or kiddie rides, these 8 sites are some of Germany's top attractions.

Admission at Germany's Amusement Parks

Make no mistake about it, a family outing at one of the amusement parks will be an expensive undertaking. The price of admission ranges from about €20 to €30 per person. Children are usually admitted for less, but only slightly less. The admission price usually covers all rides and shows, though there can occasionally be an extra levy on some of these. Figure on at least €125 for travel, admission, food, and drink. Bringing a picnic lunch may knock something off the price, but souvenirs and candy can push the total even higher. And don't try to "do" a park in less than four hours.

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Europa-Park, Rust, Germany


Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany
Phone +49 7822 776688

Europa-Park is Europe’s second most visited theme park in Europe (after Paris Disneyland) and Germany’s largest. Located in Rust (close to Freiburg) in the southwest of the country, you’ll find 14 different themed lands dedicated to European architecture, food, and culture.

The park is on 85 hectares and offers more than 100 attractions including theaters with seasonal shows, children's rides, outdoor stages, a daily parade, and 11 enormous roller coasters. The Euro-Mir is a star attraction in "Russia" based on Soviet space missions. In “Greece,” a high-speed water coaster takes you to the top of Mount Olympus before you plummet into waters as inviting as the Mediterranean. A favorite is Blue Fire in "Iceland" that alerts you there has been a malfunction before throwing you into a twisted horseshoe roll over a lake.

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Heide Park

Heide Park Resort, Lower Saxony, Germany

Heide Park Resort

Heide Park 1, 29614 Soltau, Germany
Phone +49 180 6 919101

Heide Park in Lower Saxony is the largest amusement park in the north of Germany. The Heide-Dorf is a fantastic replica of typical buildings from the Lüneburg Heath, and there is a charming Dutch section complete with trademark windmill and canal. The USA also represents with a 1/3 scale (35​-meter) replica of the Statue of Liberty.

It is also home to Krake—the only dive coaster in Germany—where riders drop through a massive octopus's mouth near the beginning of the ride. Another highlight of this park is Scream, the fastest gyro-drop tower in the world, reaching speeds of over 100 km.

There are also plenty of attractions for small visitors. Screamie is a mini version of the tower for tiny daredevils, leading to fairy tale rides, puppet shows, and boat rides through the park.

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Taron roller coaster, Phantasialand, Cologne, Germany

Stefan Scheer/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Berggeiststraße 31-41, 50321 Brühl, Germany
Phone +49 2232 36600

This family-friendly theme park close to Cologne has rides for the tall and the small. For the daredevils, there are attractions like the Black Mamba, an inverted roller coaster, or Talocan Top Spin, Europe's only suspended top-spin ride, or the Mystery Castle bungee drop ride with its 65-meter-high free fall.

The park is also home to several themed hotels for every budget, including the four-star Chinese Ling Bao hotel, the three-star African Matamba hotel, and the Smokey's Digger Camp tepee village.

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Legoland, Bavaria, Germany

LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort

Legoland-Allee 1, 89312 Günzburg, Germany
Phone +49 8221 2573550

This theme park in Bavaria, one hour away from Munich, covers 43.5 hectares (107 acres) with this beloved childhood toy. Along with rides, roller coasters, and live shows, there is a Miniland of various German cities. Over 25 million Legos have been used to replicate European cities, landscapes, and landmarks as well as scenes from popular movies such as Star Wars, all on a scale of 1:20. By turning switches and pressing buttons, little visitors can bring the colorful Lego scenery to life.

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Hansa Park

Hansa Park, Germany

Hansa Park

Am Fahrenkrog 1, 23730 Sierksdorf, Germany
Phone +49 4563 4740

Located off the Baltic Sea in the north of Germany, Hansa Park is the country’s only seaside amusement park. It is open seasonally from April until October with 11 themed areas, from “Medieval Fair” to “Land of the Vikings.” A new theme world dedicated to the historic “Hanseatic League of Europe” is the most recent addition.

The Family Park on the Sea offers thrill-seekers roller coasters like the “Curse of Novgorod,” with its steep 97-degree drop—taken in complete darkness—as well as a variety of ​water rides. If you need a break after that, head to the manicured lawns and flower beds of the tranquil Hansa Gardens.

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Tripsdrill theme park, Germany


Erlebnispark Tripsdrill Straße 1, 74389 Cleebronn, Germany
Phone +49 7135 9999

Germany’s oldest theme park is dedicated to life in Swabia in the 1800s. The name Tripsdrill dates back to Roman times with the park opened in 1929. It is still owned and managed by the same family and celebrates local customs, traditions, and food.

At Tripsdrill, close to Stuttgart, you’ll find quirky rides such as a Bathtub Flume Ride (the tallest in Europe) or bundt cake shaped carousels. Or how about a soapbox race and a visit to a museum dedicated to Germany’s largest collection of wood-spindle presses?

There is also a wildlife park with more than 130 animals, including wild horses, wolves, and bears as well as many petting and feeding areas.

You can even spend the night Tripsdrill-style in tree houses or shepherd’s wagons.

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Serengeti Park Hodenhagen

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen, Germany

Kora27/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Am Safaripark 1, 29693 Hodenhagen, Germany
Phone +49 5164 97990

North of Hannover, zoo meets amusement park at Serengeti Park Hodenhagen. You can take a 10-km safari by car or bus to get up close and personal to more than 15,000 animals, including giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and white tigers. Another highlight is the monkey world with its 20 different species of 200 monkeys.​

And finally, there is “Leisure World,” where visitors of all ages can enjoy ferries wheels, roller coasters, high-rope courses, and playgrounds.

If you can't get enough adventure, take an African-style overnight stay. There is everything from caravan parking to adventure lodges.

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Bayern-Park, Lower Bavaria, Germany

Bischal/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Fellbach 1, 94419 Reisbach, Germany
Phone +49 8734 92980

Over 80 attractions are at this amusment park in Lower Bavaria. The Bayern Park Express takes visitors around its many attractions from pony rides to an animal trail to whitewater rafting to the soaring adler ride. There is also a smaller version of one of Germany's most famous landmarks, King Ludwig II's Neuschwanstein.

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