The 8 Best Teen Beach Games to Buy in 2019

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A day at the beach is a great opportunity for teenagers to put away those cell phones and electronics and partake in some fun, interactive games with friends and family. Many beach games put a new twist on backyard classics for hours of fun in the sun. Here are the best games for teens to bring to the beach.

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Best Multi-Use: BulziBucket

Spikeball 4 Ball Game Set
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Taking the game of cornhole up to a new level, BulziBucket consists of stackable blue and black bucket targets for teams to take aim at. The eight hacky sacks (blue and green) can be tossed or kicked into the two, heavy-duty, black-and-blue bucket targets that collapse for easy transport. In addition to the beach, the game can also be floated in a pool (or a calm lake), making it a versatile game for many occasions. BulziBucket has three tiers of scoring (like arcade Skeeball) and takes less than 20 seconds to set up. The game can be stored away in a convenient backpack carry bag, measures 18.8 x 18.8 x 6.2 inches and weighs eight pounds.

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Best Lightweight: Aim Game Flying Disk by Ropoda

Put a new spin on the traditional game of Frisbee throwing with the “Aim Game” by Ropoda, a team-building game that will hone in on your “disk golf” skills – right on the beach. The set is simple to assemble and includes two PVC stands that can hold a bottle or can, as well as two lightweight Frisbees. The object is for each team to knock the bottle off the stand with the Frisbee, and the stands can be set up 20, 30 or 40 feet away depending on skill level. This game comes with a carry bag and when packed up it weighs just 2.64 pounds and measures 17.3 x 8 x 4 inches.

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Best for Competitive Types: Kan Jam

This popular game got its start in a backyard in Western New York and is now a fun, but competitive team game that can be played on the beach. The game includes two cans with open tops and a larger slit on the front that’s slightly wider than a Frisbee. The cans themselves are knee high and should be set 50 feet apart. They can fold flat into a circle, allowing them to be easily stowed in a car. However, unless you have a wide suitcase, they will not travel well on an airplane. The game is played with two teams of four using one Frisbee, although some buyers suggested purchasing a second Frisbee.

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Best for Easy Assembly: BucketBall

Combining the concept of bowling pins with a ball toss, BucketBall is a game that’s easy to set up and play and draws attention from beachgoers. The game comes with six orange and six blue buckets that can be grouped together in a triangle (or set up in different arrangements for fun variations) and two toss balls. The buckets stack together for transportation, weigh less than six pounds and setting it up in uneven sand isn’t an issue - it just adds another element to the game. The buckets have a reinforced rim for stability and can be filled with sand or water to keep them in place on a windy day.

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Best for Active Types: Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

For beach fun that will have you catching your breath, Spikeball is an active game that can be played in teams of two. As seen on the television show, Shark Tank, Spikeball expands on volleyball with each team given three tries to get the ball into the net (instead of over the net). The net rests comfortably on the sand, and for safety reasons and for easy transportation, the legs can fold down. The set measures 22 x 5 x 10 inches and weighs 3.53 pounds, making it possible to tote around in a suitcase. It also includes two extra balls in case one ends up in the ocean.

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Best for College Students: Proline Cornhole Board Set

College-aged teenagers who want to play bean-bag toss on the beach will appreciate the Cornhole Boards by Proline, which has custom designs for major universities. The vintage-style boards come with logos, mascots and designs from more than 100 colleges in the United States, including the Michigan Wolverines, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Pittsburgh Panthers, Virginia Cavaliers, Washington Huskies and the Yale Bulldogs. The game includes two by four-foot ACA regulated cornhole boards made from furniture quality wood, ​as well as eight bean bags with all-weather filler. The legs of the board can fold easily to fit in a trunk, but be aware that this game weighs a hefty 65 pounds.

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Best at Night: Capture the Flag game by REDUX

If the beach you are heading to lets you stay past dusk, the Capture the Flag game by REDUX is a fun after-dark game that’s ideal for summer camps on the lake, family reunions and other gatherings. The game comes with 33 light-up game pieces including two glowing orbs (the flags), eight jail markers, six territory lights, 16 LED glow bracelets and 12 game variation cards – so it can be used time and time again. The game can be played with as little as four people or as many as 30, but be sure that there are no large obstacles in the sand (like a hole dug by beachgoers) before starting.

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Best Basic: Jazzminton Deluxe LED Paddle Ball

For a simple game that’s friendly on the wallet, the Jazzminton Deluxe LED Paddle Ball Game by Funsparks is a great choice. Jazzminton (badminton) can be played on the beach during the daytime or at night, and includes two fluorescent-colored wooden paddles, one red and one yellow ball and six birdies (with two LED birdies for playing at dusk or at night). The paddle handles are coated with foam, so they fit comfortably in the hands. This game is great for back and forth skill-building between two people, but does not include a net for more players or tournaments. It is easy to transport in a drawstring bag.