The 8 Best Tackle Boxes of 2023

Plano Guide Series 3700 XL earns our top pick

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Best Tackle Boxes

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Whether a deep-sea angler or a freshwater fly fisher, a tackle box is essential for keeping your hooks, sinkers, lures, and line organized. There are plenty of tackle systems, ranging from traditional boxes made of hard plastic to fabric backpacks and sling bags perfect for keeping things light. The best choice for you depends on a variety of factors, including your preferred fishing style, the amount of tackle you own, and the conditions in which you usually fish. We've researched the best options for every type of angler.

Best Overall

Plano Guide Series 3700 XL Tackle Bag

Plano Guide Series 3700 XL Tackle Bag


What We Like
  • Patent-pending magnetic Dropzone lid

  • Multiple carrying styles for ultimate comfort

  • Great storage for land- and boat-based fishing

What We Don't Like
  • Not fully waterproof

For the fisherman or fisherwoman who has everything—and needs a place to store it—there's no better option than the highly-rated Plano Guide Series 3700 XL. Made from PVC-backed, 1,680-denier fabric for ultimate durability, it is the largest tackle box offered by the respected Plano brand. The spacious interior can hold two StowAway containers, while three more can be stashed in separate side compartments, providing ample room for stashing hooks, lures, line, and anything else secure. 

Two expandable rod holders come in especially handy for land-based fishing. For those fishing from a boat, the rigid, TPR-molded base prevents slippage in rough seas, while the magnetic Dropzone allows you to place lures and pliers on the lid in the heat of the action. Other convenient features range from a waterproof cell phone pocket to oversized, easy-glide zippers. Finally, the box can be worn backpack-style or slung over the shoulder.

Two potential issues: It is huge and weighs about 13 pounds. And it's one of the more expensive options available. But if you've got a lot of tackle, this is the box for you.

Price at time of publication: $150

Weight: 12.93 pounds | Dimensions: 19.5 x 12 x 14.75 inches

Best Budget

Plano One-Tray Tackle Box

Plano One-Tray Tackle Box


What We Like
  • Tried-and-tested classic design

  • Waterproof, hard plastic construction

  • Top storage provides easy access to essentials

What We Don't Like
  • Main compartment lacks organization

  • Limited storage space for serious anglers

At roughly a tenth of the price of some of the more expensive options on this list, the Plano One-Tray Tackle Box offers an affordable solution for those on a limited budget or just testing the waters of fishing (pun intended). It’s also a favored starter tackle box for young anglers with their first fishing poles. Its classic clamshell design includes a sturdy carry handle that can be pushed flat against the lid and a brass-bailed latch. Once opened, the box reveals a single cantilever tray with adjustable compartments for personalized gear storage. 

Beneath the tray is a general storage area spacious enough for larger items such as reels or live-bait containers. This section is unstructured, however, which could be a downside for some. The tackle box also features two small top-access storage areas, perfect for keeping hooks, swivels, and small lures within easy reach. Choose from a variety of colors or consider upgrading to a two- or three-tray version for a reasonable extra cost.

Price at time of publication: $25

Weight: 1.9 pounds | Dimensions: 14 x 8.25 x 7.13 inches

Best Splurge

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box


What We Like
  • Can hold four rigged rods

  • Can be converted into a backpack

  • Roller design saves a lot of physical strain

What We Don't Like
  • Better for land-based fishing than boat fishing

  • Roller function is not appropriate for all terrains

At the other end of the price spectrum, the Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box is a one-stop solution for getting all your equipment to your fishing spot with minimum effort. The roller design saves your back and shoulders from most of the strain, providing the low center of gravity needed to securely transport up to four rod and reel combos (in the PVC rod holders attached to the box’s corners). The box features two heavy-duty wheels and a fully collapsible telescoping handle. 

On rough terrain, the tackle box can be converted into a backpack. When you get to your site, two sturdy feet help keep the box level while ensuring the bottom stays dry. The main storage area fits five 3600-size plastic tackle boxes with 18 compartments each. They can be easily accessed via the front zipper opening. Other storage spaces include three zippered pockets and a large upper area that can be divided into two or three separate sections.

Price at time of publication: $200

Weight: 11.8 pounds | Dimensions: 15.7 x 18.5 x 9.6 inches

Best for Boats

Plano Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag

Plano Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag


What We Like
  • Non-slip waterproof base

  • Waterproof PVC construction

  • Zipless design prevents corrosion

What We Don't Like
  • Interior lacks separate compartments

  • Can only be carried over the shoulder

Made of waterproof PVC fabric, the Plano Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag is designed to withstand the elements. Of particular interest to seagoing fishermen and fisherwomen is the lack of external zips—no fear of saltwater corrosion here. Instead, the top of the spacious central storage compartment is held in place by heavy-duty plastic buckles. The box comes with two 3700 StowAways and features molded attachment hardware and quick-drain mesh side pockets for storing easy-access items you don’t mind getting wet. 

The waterproof, molded, non-slip base is a must for those fishing from a boat, keeping your tackle box in one place as you power through the swells. It also means you don’t have to worry about saltwater and fish blood soaking through from the deck. Transporting the box is easy, too, thanks to the reinforced shoulder strap. We like the 3700 model for its abundant storage (great for a full day out on the water). However, Plano also offers a smaller model for those with limited deck space.

Price at time of publication: $85

Weight: 5 pounds | Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 10 inches

Best for Fly Fishing

Allen Fall River Fishing Chest Pack

Fall River Fishing Chest Pack


What We Like
  • Compact, streamlined design

  • Integrated work station for tying flies

  • D-ring for fastening fly net to the neck strap

What We Don't Like
  • Not fully waterproof

  • Tippet tender has limited space

For many fly fishers, part of the sport’s appeal is the opportunity to pare gear back to the bare essentials, using light rods, light line, and light tackle to feel the fight of the fish. The Allen Fall River Fishing Chest Pack aligns perfectly with this philosophy, offering a streamlined way of organizing your tackle without adding much in bulk or weight. Held firmly in place by the adjustable padded neck and waist straps, it remains stationary while casting, making it easy to maintain balance. 

The bag is made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric with heavy-duty zippers. Inside, the main compartment features a high-visibility lining and several separate storage pockets and is roomy enough for a large fly box. To save you from wading back to shore between casts, the front pocket zips down to reveal a workstation with tippet tender and a fly patch. An exterior mesh pocket and D-rings for attaching pliers, line clippers, and fly net maximize the bag’s storage and organizational potential.

Price at time of publication: $53

Weight: 8 ounces | Weight: 8 x 3.25 x 9.75 inches

Best Waterproof

Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Satchel 3000

Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Satchel 3000


What We Like
  • 100 percent waterproof design

  • Recessed lid doubles as a work surface

  • Removable dividers for customized storage

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive for those on a budget

  • No external storage attachments

  • No option for hands-free carrying

The Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Satchel 3000 is the ideal solution for kayak, canoe, and surf anglers with no guaranteed dry storage space. The briefcase-style tackle box is sturdy and completely waterproof, with a 360-degree airtight rubber gasket and strong latches to maintain a perfect seal. You can use the tie-down flanges to secure it to your craft, but if it goes overboard, it floats. Transporting the box is easy thanks to the molded carry handle, while the low-profile design fits well in small spaces. 

Removable, swivel glide trays give you layers of space for maximum storage. And the storage compartments can be easily customized to suit your tackle thanks to removable dividers infused with Flambeau’s patented Zerust technology. The latter helps to protect your lures, hooks, and tools from corrosion. Bonus: The tough polycarbonate lid is recessed as a convenient work surface.

Price at time of publication: $45

Weight: 4 pounds | Dimensions: 14.89 x 11.63 x 5.25 inches

Best Backpack

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack


What We Like
  • Built to last from 1,200-denier nylon

  • Includes four hard plastic tackle boxes

  • Eleven customizable compartments for maximum storage

What We Don't Like
  • May not provide enough storage for some

  • Included tackle boxes may not suit all gear setups

Despite its relatively large size, the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack is made to be transported comfortably on your back, with adjustable padded straps and a breathable mesh back liner. It's constructed from water-resistant nylon and features a durable KAM buckle and double SBS zippers, while rubber feet elevate it off wet surfaces. For added weather protection, the backpack has a protective rain cover and a waterproof pouch for your valuables. 

The main compartment is located at the backpack's base and is large enough to hold four 3600-size plastic tackle boxes (included). Multiple zippered pockets and compartments on the top, front, and sides offer other versatile storage options, with many opening in a V shape to make it easy to locate contents at a glance. Thoughtful extras range from a hard molded sunglasses case to a drawstring bottle pocket.

Price at time of publication: $80

Weight: 6.62 pounds | Dimensions: 17.4 x 13.6 x 8 inches

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a quality tackle box with one of the best storage capacities on the market, the Plano Guide Series 3700 XL stands out for its thoughtful and long-lasting design. It’s equally suited to land and boat-based fishing, although those that require a fully waterproof option should consider the Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Satchel 3000 instead.

What to Look for in Tackle Boxes


Finding a tackle box that fits every lure you’ve ever owned is great, but how will you get it to your fishing spot? There are many different options out there, from boxes that sling across the shoulder or fasten around the waist to briefcase-style boxes, backpack boxes, and even boxes that can be wheeled like a suitcase. When choosing the best option for you, consider how much the box will weigh once filled, how far you have to transport it, and the kind of terrain you’ll encounter. Need your hands free? Opt for a backpack or sling bag. Struggle with back problems? Perhaps a roller box is best. 


Tackle boxes come in a variety of different materials, with the primary ones being fabric and plastic. Fabric boxes are great for keeping things lightweight—look for quality, high-denier material with water resistance paired with durable zippers, stitching, and attachments. Plastic boxes are the best choice for those requiring something waterproof—though if it needs to be submergible, you’ll also want an airtight seal. Avoid metal attachments if you plan on spending most of your time on the sea or at the coast since they are prone to rust unless specially treated and, thus, may reduce the lifespan of your box. 


At the end of the day, price is a significant factor for most buyers. Depending on size, materials, quality, and design, tackle boxes can cost anywhere from just over $10 to well over $100. A good rule of thumb is to spend as much as you can afford while resisting the temptation to overspend on unnecessary features and functions. Remember to limit your purchasing options to the boxes that best suit your style of fishing—and that spending a little extra on a quality product will likely save you money in the long run. Also, consider how much time you'll be fishing. If fishing is something you do a few times a year, a cheaper box will suffice. But if you do it fairly regularly, it's probably worth the extra spend to get something that will meet your needs and last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is a tackle box useful to have?

    A tackle box is an essential accessory for anyone spending much time fishing since it allows you to keep all of your equipment (from hooks and sinkers to lines, lures, and tools) in one convenient place. In addition to making it easier to transport everything to your fishing site, it keeps your gear tidy so that you can find what you need at a moment’s notice—without stepping on a treble hook or losing your lucky crankbait in the process.

  • Do I need different tackle boxes for different types of fishing or fish?

    While some tackle boxes are designed as all-rounders, most are better suited to one fishing style or another. For example, offshore fishing requires a box that can resist saltwater corrosion, with a waterproof, non-slip base and enough storage space to accommodate pelagic baits and lures. Fly fishers are more likely to prefer a lightweight, compact box or bag that can be worn on the torso while wading mid-stream in a river or on the flats.

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