The 12 Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers of 2021

Everything your favorite traveler needs for their next trip, besides the ticket

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The Rundown

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera at Amazon

"Preloaded with 27 exposures, this disposable camera lets you capture meaningful moments on the go."

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer at Amazon

"Comes in multiple scents so you can easily find one that best matches your jet setter."

Physix Gear Compression Socks at Amazon

"Pull on these socks for an extra-long flight and enjoy better circulation."

Mark & Graham World Travel Journal at Mark & Graham

"Features full-color maps of major cities and thoughtfully designed pages for recording your observations."

DarrellStanding Leather Cord Holder at Etsy

"Made with leather and fitted metal clasps, these cord holders will withstand the wear and tear of travel."

Slip Silk Sleep Mask at Amazon

"Not only does this mask help you sleep better, but it also keeps the skin around your eyes looking fresh."

Trtl Travel Pillow at Amazon

"Say goodbye to sore necks and stiffness with this unique travel pillow."

Aesop Arrival Travel Kit at Saks Fifth Avenue

"Get all your must-have hair and skincare essentials in one set with this travel-sized kit."

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket at Amazon

"Compact and versatile, this rugged blanket packs up easily for any adventure."

Hydro Flask Water Bottle at Amazon

"Stay hydrated with the 18-ounce Hydro Flask, every traveler’s favorite water bottle."

Are you shopping for the frequent fliers in your life this year? Go with something they’ll actually be happy to receive, like a highly-coveted silk sleep mask, a trendy dopp kit, a neck pillow that works like a miracle, or a cult-favorite skincare product that’ll keep them hydrated and glowy on long plane rides. Of all the accessories that every traveler hopes to find in their stocking on Christmas morning, these are the ones we’ll be fantasizing about this holiday season

Read on for our picks of the best stocking stuffers for travelers.

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera

 Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

We’re all obsessed with our smartphones, yes, but using a disposable camera during your travels can be a fun, delightfully old-school way to preserve your memories—enter the Fujifilm Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash 400. Pre-loaded with 27 exposures of 35mm color analog film, this simple-to-use disposable camera lets you capture raw, meaningful moments on the fly. It’s also easy to achieve perfect framing, thanks to a built-in dual-flash system and large viewfinder.

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer

Travel, by nature, is fairly unsanitary (you definitely don’t want to think about how many people have touched the seat on the plane before you), so having a good hand sanitizer in your carry-on is critical. Cruelty-free, vegan, and fast-absorbing, the Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer will save you from pesky germs. In fact, it’s made with ingredients such as aloe vera and lemon essential oil, among others. This sanitizer comes in multiple scents, so you can easily find one that best matches your jet setter.

Mark & Graham World Travel Journal

World Travel Journal

Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Before there was Instagram, there was good old-fashioned journaling. And when you have a journal as gorgeous as this one from Mark & Graham, you won’t want to waste too much time scrolling on your phone. This leather-bound book makes for the perfect travel companion, with full-color maps of major cities, thoughtfully designed pages for recording your thoughts and observations, and foil-embossed monogramming on the front cover.

DarrellStanding Leather Cord Holder

Darrell Standing cord holder

Courtesy of Etsy

Keep all your cords neat and tidy with the DarrellStanding Cord Holder Kit, which comes in a ten-piece set that works for a variety of cord sizes, so you’ll never have to disentangle your headphones and charging cords when you’re on the go. When folded up, each organizer clocks in at a compact 4.5 x 3 inches, so it’s easy to slip these in your carry-on, purse, or backpack. Handcrafted with soft leather and fitted metal clasps, these durable cord holders are made to withstand the normal wear and tear of travel.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Restorative beauty sleep on the road has never been easier to achieve than with the Slip Silk Sleep Mask. This mask is made from luxurious, long-strand mulberry silk materials that effectively blocks the light and protects your skin from tugging or getting irritated. So, not only does this mask help you get a better night’s sleep, but it also keeps the skin around your eyes looking its best.

Trtl Travel Pillow


As every jetsetter knows, finding the right travel pillow is a little like trying to find the Holy Grail. You can sleep easy knowing the search is over, though, because the Trtl Travel Pillow is a total game-changer. Half the size of a traditional U-shaped travel pillow and weighing just half a pound, this soft pillow wraps around your neck, providing the utmost in internal support and comfort. Unlike other travel pillows, you can really customize your preferred sleep position with the Trtl Pillow. In other words: say goodbye to sore necks and stiffness, once and for all.

Aesop Arrival Travel Kit

Aesop travel kit

Courtesy of Aesop

Get all your must-have hair and skincare travel essentials in one set with the Aesop Arrival Travel Kit, which includes the brand’s Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, and Rind Concentrate Body Balm. All products are cruelty-free and vegan, and all are made with gentle, beautifully scented, plant-based ingredients that leave you feeling as fresh no matter where you are.

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Whether you’re flying or driving, it’s nice to have a sturdy blanket to snuggle up with or use for an impromptu picnic. Of course, if you’re traveling light, it’s not exactly feasible to pack a full-sized blanket; in which case, the Matador Mini-Pocket Blanket comes in handy. Ultra-compact and water-repellent, this versatile blanket packs up easily into its integrated storage pouch and weighs just 1.3 ounces.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Want to keep your body from feeling like a shriveled mess when you’re racking up the miles? Stay hydrated with the 18-ounce Hydro Flask, every traveler’s favorite water bottle that’s equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, so your water stays ice cold for up to 24 hours. Made from hardy 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, this bottle also resists condensation, so you won’t have to endure a watery mess in your bag.

Bellroy Dopp Kit

Bellroy Dopp Kit

 Courtesy of Amazon

Once you go dopp kit, you’ll never go back—especially when it’s one that’s as fashionable as the Bellroy Dopp Kit. This sleek kit fits neatly inside any backpack or carry-on, offering the perfect storage for all your toiletries whether you’re going on a one-night getaway or a two-week-long escape. Available in an array of chic shades, it has a toothbrush sleeve with magnetic closure, internal mesh pockets, and nylon grab loops for easy carrying.

Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First-Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits travel kit

Courtesy of REI

You never know what could happen when you’re traveling, which is why it’s important to be prepared for absolutely everything. This kit contains enough medical supplies for one to two people, for multi-day trips. And it all comes packed neatly in clear vinyl compartments, so everything is readily identifiable.

Supergoop! City Serum Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a crucial part of anyone’s daily routine, and especially if you're traveling somewhere that the sun's harmful rays will be extra strong. Pack this to have protection on hand at all times. As a bonus, it’s made with clean, reef-safe ingredients.

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