Best Spas For Hiking

••• Nancy Ney/Getty Images

Looking for a spa with great hiking? These spas won’t disappoint. Not only will their guided hikes pump up your heart rate, they’ll take you through some gorgeous countryside.

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico. This spa has five different hikes that go out every day, including the popular Organic Garden Breakfast Hike, an early morning hike to the garden and cooking school, where a fabulous breakfast spread awaits. The challenging hike up Mount Kuchumaa includes an 800-foot climb that will leave you breathless, as will the dazzling views. 

Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah. Located at the entrance to Snow Canyon state park, Red Mountain Spa offers more than 60 hikes on 40 trails, making it the most extensive hiking program in the Southwest. Choose from three different levels every morning – trekker one, two and three – with the speed, climb and distance becoming more difficult.

Canyon Ranch, Lenox, Mass. From leisurely nature walks to all-day 16-mile treks, Canyon Ranch Lenox accommodates all fitness levels. The rolling Berkshire Mountains provide a gorgeous backdrop for the four or five hikes that are scheduled daily.

Golden Door, Escondido, Calif. An ultra-exclusive destination spa secluded on 377 acres in northern San Diego county, Golden Door offers a range of hikes every morning. The hikes are customized to suit the client, ranging from a short flat meadow hike for someone with hip troubles to an eight-mile mountain climb for the super-fit. There’s one afternoon hike as well.

Miraval Catalina, Arizona. Located in the lush Sonoran Desert, Miraval offers two guided hikes (beginner and intermediate/advanced) every morning. Some hikes leave from the property and some you drive to. You can also use a spa credit towards a private guided hike customized to your fitness level and scenery desires. 

The Ashram, Calabasas, Ca. This rigorous weight-loss spa accommodates just 13 people at a time for a one week program. It includes 10-15 miles of compulsory hiking each day in the Santa Monica Mountains, much of it uphill. Thank goodness for daily massages!