The 9 Best Small Canals in Amsterdam

A Guide to Amsterdam's Most Charming Small Canals

As you wander around Amsterdam -- whether by bike, boat or on foot -- you're bound to lose yourself in the canals. The three main large canals (Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht) carve out the concentric, watery horseshoes in the city and offer hours of sightseeing. But some of our favorite spots in Amsterdam exist along its "small" canals. Here, find our favorite of Amsterdam's small canals and the charming bridges, buildings, and sights that will make them yours, too.​​

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Dennis Fischer Photography/Getty Images
Reguliersgracht, 1017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

​The seven (or eight, depending on which ones you count) humpbacked, lighted bridges that cross this quiet canal are quintessentially Amsterdam and make for perfect pictures. Largely residential, the Reguliersgracht is home to a few small cafés and restaurants and one of the most charming small hotels in the city, the aptly named Seven Bridges Hotel.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Eastern Canal Belt, not far from Rembrandtplein.

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Leidsegracht Canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Peter Adams/Getty Images
Leidsegracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This canal offers a quiet respite from the busy street one block away with a similar name (Leidsestraat). The canal houses on Leidsegracht are among Amsterdam's most beautiful, with their neck gables leaning over tree-lined streets and brick walls. Some of the best vantage points include looking north to see the back side and towering steeples of De Krijtberg church and looking west at the intersection of big canal Keizersgracht.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Central Canal Belt, not far from Leidseplein.

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A beautiful canal and street in Amsterdam
Paulo Amorim/Getty Images
Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not quite as small as some of the other canals on the list (some sections are wide enough for houseboats on either side), the "brewers canal" is home to dozens of excellent examples of 17th-century Dutch architecture, including several former warehouses (now apartments) with huge windows and painted, arched shutters. The neighborhood, the Jordaan, evokes the laid-back feel you'll find here.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt, not far from Noordermarkt.

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Bicycles parked on bridge over Bloemgracht canal
Jorg Greuel/Getty Images
Bloemgracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Who wouldn't love a canal named the "flower canal"? The quiet Bloemgracht represents the reason so many people want to live in this part of the Jordaan neighborhood. Among its beautiful canal houses is the step-gabled No. 87-91, which dates back to 1642.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt, not far from the Westerkerk.

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Beautiful Amsterdam
Thomas Janisch/Getty Images
Egelantiersgracht, 1015 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just like neighboring Bloemgracht, the Egelantiersgracht (named for a type of wild briar or honeysuckle) is the epitome of a tranquil, tree-lined canal in a residential area. It's also home to one of our favorite little cafés, Café 't Smalle (on the corner with Prinsengracht).

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt, not far from the Westerkerk.

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Zuider church view from Groenburgwal canal
Emreturanphoto/Getty Images
Groenburgwal, 1011 Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're wandering through the somewhat confusing streets of the old city center and you come across a canal view that stops you in your tracks and has you searching for your camera instantly, you may have arrived at the Groenburgwal. The view down this little canal toward the Zuiderkerk is straight out of a postcard.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Old City Center, not far from the Zuiderkerk.

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Bridge in Herengracht canal, Amsterdam
George Pachantouris/Getty Images
Leliegracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most canal cruises turn down the little Leliegracht ("lily canal") right by one of our favorite café terraces at Spanjer en van Twist, offering visitors a unique city perspective they won't find anywhere but Amsterdam. If you're on foot, don't miss the great specialty bookstores on this canal.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt, not far from the Westerkerk.

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Oudezijds Achterburgwal

Amsterdam canal in autumn
George Pachantouris/Getty Images
Oudezijds Achterburgwal, 1012 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Certainly hard to pronounce, this easy-to-love canal forces you to look beyond the nearby Red Light District and with its canopy of trees and parade of some of the most historic architecture in Amsterdam. ​The neighboring University of Amsterdam gives this area a young, vibrant feel.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Old City Center, not far from the Oude Kerk.

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Rijksmuseum and canal at night
George Pachantouris/Getty Images
Spiegelgracht, 1017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The tiniest of all the canals on this list, the short Spiegelgracht is one of our favorites because of the beautiful shops that line its streets (it quickly turns into a paved street called Nieuwe Spiegelstraat). This area is known as the Spiegelkwartier, the unofficial antique district of Amsterdam and one of its best shopping areas. Usually busy with bike traffic, this small canal is cute but not always quiet.

Where to Find It: In Amsterdam's Central Canal Belt, not far from the Rijksmuseum.

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The 9 Best Small Canals in Amsterdam