The 10 Best Sleep Masks of 2023

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Nothing is more rejuvenating than a great night’s sleep, and a sleep mask can be a game changer in ensuring you get one. Designed to cut out all ambient light, masks are helpful in many situations—from giving you the darkness required to drift off on a busy flight to preserving marital relations when you need an early night, but your spouse wants to stay up reading. There are many styles to choose from, from budget-friendly flat masks to ones with contoured eye cups that reduce pressure and light leakage. Some are meant as beauty accessories, while others help alleviate medical conditions. Whatever style suits you best, here are the best sleep masks on the market.

Whatever your needs, here are the best sleep masks available.

Best Overall

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

MZOO Contoured Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • 3D design exerts zero pressure

  • Memory foam molds to face shape

  • Quality, non-staining fabric

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively expensive

  • There are better options for side sleepers

Backed by thousands of satisfied customer reviews, this sleep mask from MZOO features a contoured 3D shape that elevates it away from your face to reduce pressure and allow proper eye movement. It’s also much more comfortable than a conventional flat mask for those with long eyelashes. The sleep mask features low-rebound memory foam that molds to your face shape, helping it to block out all ambient light. 

Instead of stiff seams that leave marks on your skin, it features heat-bonded construction for added comfort and durability. And the soft outer lining has a high-quality fabric that won’t stain your sheets or pillows. Place the contoured cups over your eyes and adjust the wide elastic strap using the low-profile buckle to fit. The mask comes with a storage bag in four colors: black, blue, purple, and red.

Price at time of publish: $30

Best Overall, Runner-Up

WAOAW Sleep Mask

Sleep mask


What We Like
  • Six layers for complete darkness

  • Extra wide strap reduces pressure on ears

  • Includes ear plugs and travel pouch

What We Don't Like
  • It may be too bulky for side sleepers

  • It needs to be washed before first use to eliminate odor

Those that like the idea of a contoured sleep mask should also consider this oversized offering from WAOAW. With a large surface area and deeply recessed eye cavities. It also features six layers of material to prevent any light from seeping through, while the low-rebound memory foam ensures a snug fit around the bridge of your nose and the sides of your face. 

A breathable mesh cover helps to prevent overheating, while the adjustable strap has an elasticated fabric that won’t catch in your hair. It’s also extra wide, with extended padding to reduce pressure over the ears. Nevertheless, reviewers say it’s a little too bulky to be comfortable for side sleepers and best for those who sleep on their front or back. The mask is black and comes with the option of blue, purple, or pink accents.

Price at time of publish: $26

Best Budget

Olesilk Natural Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping

Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Slim profile suits all sleep positions

  • Breathable silk construction

  • Wide variety of colors and patterns

What We Don't Like
  • Not machine washable

  • May not completely block light for all face shapes

Retailing for less than a third of the price of our overall winner and backed by a host of positive user reviews, the Olesilk sleep mask provides excellent value for the money. It’s a more traditional, flat-style mask, designed to lie flush with your face and adjust to your head shape with a touch of the elasticated strap buckle. And although some may not like that the mask makes contact with one’s eyelashes, others say it’s much more comfortable for side sleepers.

The mask features 100 percent natural mulberry silk—a hypoallergenic, breathable fabric that feels wonderfully soft and cool against the skin. With cotton padding inside, it’s also very light, resulting in minimal pressure despite the flat design. And although there’s no memory foam to adjust to your features specifically, the intuitive cut provides blackout conditions for most face shapes.

Price at time of publish: $8

Best Splurge

Ostrichpillow Ergonomic Eye Mask

Pillow eye mask


What We Like
  • The wraparound design suits all sleep positions

  • Velcro closure for a precision fit

  • Fully machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • The most expensive option on this list

  • Only two color choices

At more than four times the price of our budget selection, the Ostrichpillow eye mask is undoubtedly a luxury purchase—and yet, with many reviewers labeling it “the best sleep mask they’ve ever owned,” the cost may be justified. Its contoured design adjusts to fit snugly no matter the size and shape of your head, while cavities over the eye sockets eliminate pressure and eyelash friction. 

The wraparound style looks good and makes the mask suitable for side sleepers and those that move around a lot at night. Six layers of high-quality materials deliver just the right blend of density, softness, and breathability, while the elastic strap features Velcro closure for a precision fit without any uncomfortable buckles. Unlike many masks, this one is 100 percent machine washable. It comes in dark or light gray, with an included travel pouch.

Price at time of publish: $45

Best Beauty

Yanser Strict Selection Luxury Eye Mask

Silk Sleep Mask


What We Like
  • Natural silk lining and inner

  • Breathable and non-absorbent

  • Choice of gorgeous colors

What We Don't Like
  • Not machine washable

  • Fits head circumferences of 21 to 23 inches only

If you’re looking for a sleep mask to complete your night-time beauty ritual, opt for this one from Yanser Strict Selection. Lined with 100 percent pure mulberry silk and filled with double-layered silk instead of any other cheaper filling, it’s soft, smooth, and completely hypoallergenic. Superior breathability ensures you won’t sweat even on summer evenings, while the fact that silk is naturally non-absorbent helps skin to retain moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

Best of all, expensive face and eye creams stay on your skin instead of being absorbed by your mask. The adjustable elastic band is also wrapped with silk to prevent it from tangling in your hair, while the flat profile suits all sleep styles. The only downside? You’ll need to handwash the mask in cool water to keep it looking its best. It comes in various fashionable colors, including caramel, lavender, and Carolina blue.

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Heated

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask

Heated eye mask

Aroma Season

What We Like
  • Three different heat settings

  • It turns off automatically after a set time

  • The slim shape heats eyes only

What We Don't Like
  • Not machine washable

  • Some reviewers report a limited lifespan

Lined with soft, breathable cotton and filled with natural flax seeds, this electrically heated mask from Aroma Season provides a convenient alternative to traditional heated compresses, delivering evenly distributed, consistent heat for as long as required. Warming can be a relaxation aid before bedtime. 

The slim profile should warm your eyelids without causing the rest of your face to overheat. Adjust the elasticated strap for a snug fit, then use the included remote to choose one of three temperature settings from 104 to 140 degrees F. There are multiple time settings, too (20, 40, or 60 minutes), after which the mask turns off automatically. It’s charged via a USB cable and comes in blue or gray.

Price at time of publish: $29

Best Weighted

Sivio Weighted Eye Mask

Sivio Weighted Eye Mask


What We Like
  • Reversible fabric for year-round comfort

  • Removable inner can be heated or frozen

  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • It doesn’t stay warm for very long

  • Some say the strap could be more comfortable

The Sivio weighted eye mask claims to relieve fatigue, aid circulation and muscle relaxation, and stimulate deep sleep through deep-touch pressure. This happens through the mask’s removable inner, which comes filled with heavy glass compression beads. The inner is microwave- and freezer-safe for warming or cooling relief (although some reviewers claim that the heating function is not exceptionally long-lasting or reliable). 

Removing the weighted bean bag means you can also use the mask as a regular sleep mask or run it safely through the washing machine. Designed for comfort in all seasons, a reversible cover features warm plush on one side and cooling bamboo fiber on the other. The elastic strap is easily adjustable—tighten it for added pressure over the eyes—while color choices include black, gray, and pink.

Price at time of publish: $22

Best Lightweight

Manta Slim Mask

Slim Mask


What We Like
  • Zero pressure on eyelids and lashes

  • Position and angle of eye cups can be customized

  • Strap allows for precise adjustments

What We Don't Like
  • May not provide 100 percent blackout for side sleepers

  • One of the priciest options on this list

If you like the idea of a 3D sleep mask but want something a little more streamlined than our overall winner and runner-up, the Manta SLIM mask is the answer. Explicitly designed for barely-there lightness, it provides all the benefits of a regular 3D mask—soft foam eye cups that eliminate eyelid pressure and allow for complete blackout conditions—while also being ideally sized for travel or comfortable side sleeping. 

You can adjust the position and angle of the eye cups to suit your specific face shape. The narrow, above-the-ear strap has a precision fit, with soft microfleece and micro-hooks along its entire length. With soft polyester reinforcement, the strap’s elastic keeps its stretch year after year—helping to justify the higher price tag. The mask comes in one color, light gray, and is 100 percent machine washable.

Price at time of publish: $29

Best Oversized

Manta MAX Mask

Max mask


What We Like
  • 86 percent more space for long eyelashes

  • Hypoallergenic bamboo fabric

  • Fully adjustable fit

What We Don't Like
  • May be too bulky for side sleepers

  • Some find it difficult to adjust the eye cups accurately

At the other end of the spectrum is Manta’s MAX mask, an oversized option whose contoured eye cups offer 86 percent more space for those with big eyes, long eyelashes, or lash extensions. The mask provides the same opportunities for customization as the SLIM mask—i.e., cups that can be removed and refitted according to the spacing and angles that suit you best and a triple-reinforced elastic strap. 

Personalizing your mask’s fit gives you the best possible chance of achieving 100 percent blackout conditions (although some reviewers say that the wider, deeper eye cups can affect the seamlessness of its fit for side sleepers). The mask features premium bamboo fabric, which is cashmere-soft and naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. And, unlike many sleep masks, it’s 100 percent machine washable.

Price at time of publish: $39

Best for Side Sleepers

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers


What We Like
  • Headband style that doesn’t pinch or shift

  • Built-in contoured eyecups

  • Choice of attractive colors

What We Don't Like
  • It may not fit all nose shapes precisely

  • Some report issues with strap slipping

While side sleepers may use any of the masks on this list with varying degrees of success, Alaska Bear has developed one with this sleep position in mind. Its seamless, headband-style design solves the problems typically associated with traditional masks—namely, uncomfortable buckles and strap edges cutting into your ears or bulky cups that are pushed out of place as soon as you turn on your side. 

The mask has a nose flap and contoured cups built in, so you still benefit from the same zero-pressure, light-blocking performance offered by the masks above. These 3D areas are constructed from memory foam for ultimate comfort, while the band section has a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric with a slim-line buckle for adjusting the fit. Machine washable on a delicate cycle, the mask comes in eight colors, from black to blush pink.

Price at time of publish: $10

What to Look for in a Sleep Mask


Sleep masks come in a variety of materials. If you’re looking for one with 3D eye cups for a zero-pressure sleep experience, memory foam inner with hypoallergenic cotton or bamboo fabric lining is best. Silk is an excellent option for those that want exceptional coolness and breathability (with the bonus that it’s naturally non-absorbent, keeping skin moisturized and reducing the appearance of fine lines). Heated masks require an inner that can withstand increased temperatures—such as flax seeds or glass beads. Meanwhile, the best mask straps feature reinforced elastic for added longevity and are often encased in a soft-touch fabric such as silk or microfleece. 

Shape and Style

There are several sleep mask designs, and the best one for you depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Traditional flat masks sit flush against your eyelids and are the simplest, lightest, and usually most affordable choice. Contoured sleep masks feature 3D eye cups that reduce pressure and eliminate the discomfort of your eyelashes rubbing against the material—but are often more expensive and may be too bulky to work well for side sleepers. For side sleepers, the best choice is a headband-style mask that prevents discomfort by fitting over the ears instead of above them and has a low-profile fastener located at the back of the head instead of at the side.

Useful Extras 

Many sleep masks featured on this list offer extra functions that may or may not be necessary for you. If you often have problems with light seepage, consider purchasing a mask with removable eyecups that can adjust to fit your precise face shape. Weighted masks may help improve circulation and give relief from headaches, while those prone to night sweats may want a mask that’s entirely machine washable. An included storage bag is a nice bonus for frequent travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When are sleep masks useful?

    The primary function of a sleep mask is to block out the light, making them handy for those that require total darkness to sleep (while their bed partner keeps the light on to read, perhaps, in summer when it’s light late into the evening, or while snoozing during the day before a night shift). They’re also great for traveling when you never know where you might need to catch a few Zs. And, for the beauty queens, masks with deeply recessed eye cups are great for protecting eyelash extensions while napping before an important event.

  • How should sleep masks be cared for and washed?

    Care instructions vary from mask to mask, and you should consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out which apply to yours to keep it working properly for as long as possible. Some are fully machine washable, while others have machine-washable linings but require an inner to be removed first. Others must be hand-washed, while some should only be wiped clean. If you have a microwavable sleep mask, adhere to the maximum power and time guidelines. Often, only the inner pad or bag is microwavable. Remove the lining first to avoid melted buckles, warped elastic, or burnt fabric.

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