The 8 Best Sleep Masks to Buy in 2018

Catching some sleep during the day or on an airplane with the lights on can be difficult (and the airplane sleep masks that flight attendants disperse often don’t cut it). Many still let light in, pinch the skin or slide off the face. There are a wide variety of sleep masks that try to improve on the concept and some are more successful than others in delivering a quality product. Want to know which ones are worth your money? Here are the best sleep masks for when you're looking to catch some shut eye while traveling.

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    For a comfortable fit at an affordable price that’s a cut above the competition, the Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask is a great choice. Designed to fit your face without putting pressure on the eyes, the mask features adjustable straps, a contoured shape around the nose, soft material and it completely blocks out light. Soft padding on the sides prevent it from rubbing and makes it easy to forget you have it on. The mask also comes with a convenient carry bag and earplugs to drown out background noise. Many Amazon buyers stated that they tried several sleep masks before having success with Bedtime Bliss.

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    For a wide variety of color combinations, patterns and styles, the Bucky 40 Blinks Luxury Ultralight sleep mask is the way to go. There are more than 20 colors and patterns ranging from funky floral to polka dots, so you can easily identify your mask. The mask is made of polyester polyurethane foam, creating a smooth, ultralight design that feels comfortable on the face.

    Dipped, molded cups around the eyes allow you to blink freely inside, and an elastic band helps to hold it in place. The mask is ideal for long flights, those who work night shifts or those prone to tension headaches because it can completely block out light. Be sure to hand wash this item.

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    Constructed from memory foam, the Little Devil molded mask has a contoured shape to securely fit around the face and allows enough space in the eye area to open and shut eyes without brushing up against the mask. Cute little triangular “spikes” above the eyes give the mask a cat-like appearance and the mask can be folded and packed away without losing its form. The set comes with two masks with ear plugs and two carry cases. Amazon buyers liked that the mask blocked light without any pressure on their eyes and felt that it was a great value overall.

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    For a simplistic design that serves the purpose of helping you sleep, the Jersey Slumber is an excellent option. There’s no bells and whistles with this sleep mask, but it is made of 100 percent silk for a soft, soothing feel on the skin and comfortable, adjustable elastic strap to hold it in place – without getting caught in your hair. Unlike other masks, this lies flat on your face without much space to blink. The light-blocking, black sleep mask takes up very little space in luggage, making it the perfect travel accessory for long flights.

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    Lavender is frequently used by spa therapists to help relax clients during massage treatments and this calming scent is inside of the Master Mayfair sleep mask. This handmade mask comes with a bamboo silk backing that is soft and cool on the skin. The mask is designed to cover more of the face and eyes, blocking out unnecessary light, while the elastic strap holds it in place. Great care was taken in construction, so that the mask remains breathable without scratching or pinching. And interior padding ensures a comfortable fit. The mask is available in pink, gray or black.

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    If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for a face mask, but need a better option to help you sleep, the Kimkoo Sleep Mask is a good bet. The mask is made of natural mulberry silk, so it is soft and breathable, and the light fabric does not add pressure to the eyes. Plus, the mask is designed to avoid contact with the eyes (so you can keep your makeup on) and the nose of the mask does not allow light in. Elastic and Velcro straps are adjustable between 18 and 25 inches and the mask comes with noise-canceling earplugs. The drawstring carry bag keeps it organized and makes an excellent gift.

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    Those who have allergy sensitivities to different scents and fabrics should consider the Dream Sleeper Mask, a hypoallergenic and latex-free sleep mask. The simple, functional design completely blocks out light from the eyes and can remain dark even if it shifts slightly in your sleep. The elastic band on the back holds it in place and works well with side sleepers and restless movers. The mask is a little pricier than some of the others, but the warranty is amazing: if you lose the mask they will replace it for free (you just pay for shipping and handling). Amazon buyers noted that makeup, oil and sweat sticks to the material, however, it is machine washable.

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    For a cool, soothing face mask that helps with relaxation and meditation, try the FoMI Gel Bead Eye Mask. The cold-therapy mask is made of gel beads that contour around your face, with an exterior of vinyl that’s smooth on the skin. Put the mask in the freezer for 30 minutes (or refrigerator for an hour) and place over the face, adjusting the elastic straps. The mask can also be used as a heat mask in the microwave. The hot and cooling temperatures can help with migraines, eye puffiness and other medical issues. The pack slips into a matching fabric eye mask and together they serve as a comforting sleep mask. 


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