The Best Shows for Kids in Las Vegas

Take Your Children to a Show in Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, Treasure Island Hotel.
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Are There Good Shows in Las Vegas for Kids?

You want to entertain your children but you really do not want to have them playing arcade games all night long. Las Vegas has a few quality shows that are also perfect for kids. It's never too early to introduce your children to great entertainment. 

You should know that Cirque du Soleil shows like The Beatles LOVE, "O" and Michael Jackson "One" are all good for mature kids but they can be expensive. Teenagers appreciate them more but my two kids have enjoyed Mystere for years. If your child can sit through a typical "adult "  movie (PG, PG-13) they should have the patience to it through a Cirque show.

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    Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah's
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    The show is fun, the magic is simple and the kids seem to have a good time for a very good price. The least expensive show for kids that gives them real Las Vegas entertainment. If there is one entertainer who does it right with more consistency in Las Vegas than Mac King I have not found them. This is a great show even if you do not have kids. Mac King is as good as it gets when it comes to clean family entertainment on the Las Vegas strip. He is so good he'll motivate you to have kids just so that you can bring them to the show.

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    Magician Matt Franco
    Denise Trucello

    Magic is always fun and Matt Franco's brand of entertainment captures the attention of the younger ones and holds the attention of the teenagers. His act was popular on reality television and it transfers well to the live stage. Go for the VIP experience if you are a big fan and you'll get the full meet and greet experience.

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    Vegas Strong Benefit Concert - Show
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    Prepare for the sights and the sounds of the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. This is the one Las Vegas show where your kids will be captivated the entire show. The best part of the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas is that when you arrive back home you'll always be reminded of just how good this show was when your kids bang on every possible thing.

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    Launch Of 'The Weekend In Vegas' Live Entertainment And News Program
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    If you fear your kids will run off and join the circus you might want to keep them from this show. Jeff Civillico might even convince you to dump the dead end job and take up juggling and storytelling. Before you attend the show work on your juggling skills just in case you get called on stage to do your thing.

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    Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

    Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Opens At Flamingo
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    Nathan Burton does a good job of entertaining and the truth is you probably cannot find another magician on the strip that gives you as much for the price of a ticket. This show is a good deal and you most likely will be entertained.
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    Mystere at Treasure Island

    Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, Treasure Island Hotel.
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    Cirque du Soleil creates a brand of entertainment that works for the entire family and Mystere is the best option in Las Vegas. From the pre-show entertainment to the music to the acrobats that move above and around you throughout the show this is the Cirque show for kids in Las Vegas.
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    The kids get to eat with their hands as the performers race by on horses and perform some dazzling acts while doing battle with their enemies. It's fun, it's interactive and the entire family will enjoy the show.
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    Circus Circus Casino
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    It's free and the shows are on all day. These shows have been going on for years and even though I have seen them more times than I can recall I still stop and watch. My kids love to watch and they are free. You'll see magic, comedy and the flying trapeze star in these free shows held in the midway section of the resort.