The 8 Best Scuba Masks of 2019

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Best Overall: Cressi Air

Cressi AIR, Premium Scuba Diving Snorkel Mask, Crystal Silicone, Made in Italy
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Made from a trusted name in scuba diving and snorkeling equipment, the Cressi Air Premium Scuba Diving Snorkel Mask earns our top spot. Constructed in Italy, the mask has a hydrodynamic design to help divers “flow” with the water, plus a silicone skirt and a smooth curvature fit around the face. Crystal silicone prevents fogging and creates a tighter seal to keep water out, and inclined lenses offer a wider view at a better angle. The adjustable buckle ensures a comfortable fit, and the mask comes in a variety of different color combinations. Be aware that Cressi tends to run a tad small, so if you have a larger face you may way to go with an oversized option.

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Best Budget: Deep Blue Gear Diving Mask

If you’re looking for a quality dive mask without spending too much, the Deep Blue Gear Diving Mask is a fantastic option. Available in eight different color combinations, the mask has a clear frame with bright shades of yellow and orange, which helps it to stand out if it falls in the water. The tempered glass lenses are scratch- and shatter-resistant and can be adjusted to fit optical corrective lenses (not included). The mask has double skirting to seal out the water, and a swivel buckle to adjust the head strap. Although designed to be a universal fit, those with a large face may want to consider a larger replacement strap, as it can be tight.

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Best Oversized: Scuba Max Abaco

If you prefer a mask to have more viewing area or need a wider size, the Scuba Max Abaco is the way to go. Instead of having two separate “windows” over each of the eyes, the area over the bridge of the nose is also clear, and the eyepieces extend further down the cheek than typical masks – thus giving more opportunities to see. The mask comes in seven different color combinations and is very competitively priced. The Scuba Max Abaco is ideal for divers who have round, or larger face structures, and the crystal silicone “double skirt” helps to create a secure seal so that water stays out.

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Best for Clear Views: Atomic Game Tables Scuba Mask

If you’re willing to spend a little more cash, the Atomic Game Tables scuba mask is designed to provide a clear, crisp view. The mask features a wide lens for optimal viewing and unique, ARC technology that reduces glare, plus, the coated two-way lenses enhance vision by increasing light transmission through the mask. In addition, the mask can mold to fit different face shapes and sizes with a silicone rubber skirt (without squeezing the face) and is built to last. It is ideal for night dives and days when the water visibility is subpar. Other features include a stainless steel lens retainer and easily adjustable buckles.

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Best Prescription Mask: Promate Optical Corrective Scuba Dive Mask

If you wear glasses or contacts to correct your vision, you may want to consider the Optical Corrective Scuba Dive by Promate. Made from tempered glass, the mask is very durable and does not scratch easily. The upper part of the mask is used for long distance vision, while the lower part is used for close vision, and can be customized to fit your vision needs. The prescription lenses are available from -1 to -10 by increments of .5, and different lenses can be used for each eye (just send a message when ordering). Amazon buyers raved about the customer service, visual clarity, incredible quality and low price.

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Full Face Mask: Ocean Reef Neptune G Divers Mask

If you dive on a regular basis and are looking to make a serious investment in a full-face mask, consider the Ocean Reef Neptune G Divers Mask. A full-face mask means that you can breathe through your nose, and don’t have to have a regulator stuck in your mouth the entire time (which can cause discomfort to some divers). The seal on the Ocean Reef mask is excellent, and if you wear glasses the lenses can attach to the sides of the mask. It is advised to take the Padi Full Face Mask Dive course to familiarize yourself with the differences in diving with this type of mask. Although expensive, most buyers stated that they were extremely pleased with their purchase.

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Best with Camera Mount: MV3 Action Masks with a GoPro Mount

With the increased popularity of underwater video cameras like GoPros, snorkel masks are now coming equipped with a camera mount to allow divers to take hands-free footage. The MV3 Action Masks with a GoPro Mount is an excellent product, and once attached, the GoPro camera stays locked in place and doesn’t shift around, ensuring footage of the right area underwater. The viewing area of the mask comes with anti-reflective and mirror finish variants, so it allows for clearer vision without fogging. The lightweight mask also features silicone skirting for a watertight seal.

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Best Anti-Fog: Oceanways Superview

When diving, there are few things more annoying than a mask that constantly fogs up and interrupts your views of the fascinating underwater creatures. Although anti-fog soaps (and baby shampoo) can help this, purchasing a multi-coated mask will save you some headache. The Oceanways Superview mask has a unique design that can minimize glare and UV, helping to create a crystal-clear view. It also has high-definition anti-fog lenses that can actually enhance certain colors and provide better depth perception for a more enjoyable viewing experience overall. The “Superview” mask also has a comfortable silicone skirt and is moderately priced. Amazon buyers loved that the mask did not fog or leak, and that everything appeared more vibrant.

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