Finding the Best Sandwich in Las Vegas

When you're looking for a sandwich in Las Vegas aren't you really just looking for meat between two pieces of bread? Sounds simple, right, but these places will impress you with quality that goes beyond the simplicity of the sandwich and the ease of a quick meal on the Las Vegas strip. Most hotels have a 24-hour cafe that can make a sandwich. Mandalay Bay was once one of our favorite spots to roll in after midnight and have a roast beef stuffed marble rye. You'll find plenty of sandwiches in Las Vegas and these are just a handful of the good ones.

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Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood Hotel

The best food deal in all of Las Vegas! Six dollars gets you a sandwich that will make you want a second. Toasted bun and some dijon mustard and you have a meal. There is a location at Planet Hollywood and one at Caesars Palace.

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Pastrami Burger at TAP Vegas

Burger at TAP Vegas Inside MGM Grand Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Technically this is a burger but you cannot deny that the pastrami that they put on their burger would better be served as a sandwich. However, when you add some burger accents this turns out to be one insane sandwich. TAP Vegas has plenty of beer and plenty of televisions so order one and slowly make your way through an afternoon with one of the best sandwiches on the strip. 


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Carnegie Deli at the Mirage

Carnegie Deli at the Mirage
Carnegie Deli at the Mirage 

Do it alone or split a huge sandwich with a friend. Either way, this is a deal if you consider the amount of beef you can get for the money. Order to go in order to avoid the split charge and eat out front with a view of the volcano. If you are smart walk into Rhumbar next door and order a drink and I'm sure they won't mind if you pull out your beef.

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Peppermill Cafe

The club sandwich at the Peppermill coffee shop is a meal and an experience that you must fit into your Las Vegas vacation. It's huge and you can easily share it and turn it into a cheap meal. Most of the items at the Peppermill are huge so do not over order.

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Backstage Deli at the Luxor

The usual by way of deli sandwiches but with decent portions for the money. It's a place you'll go to because you are staying nearby but there better spots. You'll like the convenience of it when you want to smuggle a sandwich into the pool at the Mandalay Bay.

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JJ's Boulangerie in Paris Las Vegas

JJ's Boulangerie in Paris Las Vegas
JJ's Boulangerie in Paris Las Vegas 

If you are at the Paris and you are looking for a quick and convenient meal that will not break your budget this will suffice. The sandwiches are large enough to share and you'll enjoy the crunchy bread and the fact that they can pack a sandwich full of flavor.

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'wichcraft at the MGM Grand

'wichcraft at the MGM Grand
Courtesy of MGM Mirage

A simple place that is very convenient if you are staying at the MGM Grand. If not be prepared for the long walk through the casino just for a sandwich. You should know that your simple sandwich can cost you and that if you want fancy they can do a good job of creating a gourmet sandwich.

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Cheesecake Factory at the Forum Shops

Rene's Special is a salad, soup and sandwich combo that can easily be shared. Order a water and two of you could make that lunch for under $20. As with anything at this spot every meal is huge so if you are looking to save money this is perfect.