The 13 Best Sandwiches in Brooklyn

Take a Bite Out of These Fifteen Brooklyn Sandwiches

The sandwich has certainly matured in the last few decades. No longer just a lunchtime treat, a sandwich can be eaten at any meal. With the artisanal food scene dominating sections of the borough, the sandwich has been tweaked and perfected to satiate even the pickiest eaters, and is emerging as a top choice for all foodies.

Everyone has a favorite sandwich and these are the ones you will quickly add to your list of top sandwiches. Start your day with a decadent breakfast sandwich at a cozy counter in Williamsburg or toast the end of the day with a margarita and a Mexican torta at one of Brooklyn's lively restaurants, here's our pick for Brooklyn best fifteen sandwiches. 

An added plus for those on a budget, many of these sandwiches are extremely economical. In a part of NYC, where a cup of coffee could cost four dollars, these sandwiches are around (or under) ten dollars. 

If you're on the hunt for a great sandwich shop, be sure to check out these Brooklyn Sandwich shops. Enjoy a trip around Brooklyn devouring these sandwiches. 

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Grilled Cheese at The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse

The grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate in comfort food sandwiches, and this classic grilled cheese ($9.00) with aged Vermont sharp cheddar served on sourdough is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich does not disappoint. An added plus, you can also build your own grilled cheese ($8.00) from a selection of cheeses including brie, feta cheese. vegan cheddar, etc.  Want to be decadent? Add veggies or fried eggs, honey ham, and other add ons to your grilled cheese. Whatever you choose, sandwich lovers should be sure to take a trip to this charming Bushwick restaurant. Even if a grilled cheese isn't your thing, you can still enjoy a meal at The Wheelhouse, with a menu of sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. Whatever you order for your entree, please don't forget to add some tater tots on the side. After you've finished your meal, stroll through Bushwick, checking out the street art on the walls on the old factories throughout this vibrant, arty neighborhood. 

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Roast Beef, Mozzarella and Eggplant Hero at Defonte's

Defonte's Sandwich Shop
Alison Lowestein

In a city where restaurants shutter daily, this Red Hook sandwich shop is a NYC institution and has been serving sandwiches since the 1920s. Located in Red Hook, an Industrial part of Brooklyn which has become increasingly trendy in the last few years. However, the shop is a bit out of the way on a side street blocks from the main drag, Van Brunt Street, but it's seriously worth the trek. Even the Food Network's Guy Fieri is a fan and you will be too. Head to Defontes and order one of their classic sandwiches. Once you take a take a bite out of their roast beef, mozzarella and eggplant hero ($10.95), you'll understand why this is such a special place in Brooklyn. If you don't eat meat, they also have the incredible Valentino's Special ($10.95), with eggplant, provolone and peppers. Head to Defontes for breakfast and lunch, because it closes at 4pm. Early birds will be happy to know it opens at 6am. 

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Torta from Chavela's


You don't have to travel to Mexico to have an authentic torta. If you're in search of the ideal Mexican sandwich, just dine at Chavela's, a lively Mexican restaurant in the heart of Crown Heights. Order a Carne Enchilada Torta ($9.00) with pork enchilado, cabbage, salsa verde
and cilantro. The oversized torta will hit the spot. Brunch fans will adore Chavela's chorizo and egg torta. Vegetarians should order the Aguacate Con Queso ($9.00) with avocado, queso Oaxaca, lettuce,
tomato & chipotle mayo. The festive restaurant on Crown Height's bustling Franklin Avenue isn't just for sandwich lovers, they have an extensive menu of Mexican favorites. Don't forget to wash your meal down with a margarita. Also just to note, although the restaurant is quite spacious, it does attract a crowd, so be sure to get there early for a snag a table. 

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Chicken Biscuit at Pies and Thighs

Pies N Thighs
Pies N Thighs

Since 2006, this Williamsburg restaurant has been serving up some of the best Southern cuisine in NYC. Although there is much to choose from on their menu including a tasty fried catfish sandwich, the chicken biscuit ($7.50) made our list of best sandwiches. Indulge as you eat "a crispy chicken cutlet on a buttermilk biscuit slathered in hot sauce and honey butter." Please leave room for side dishes and dessert. Mac and Cheese with hot sauce and the hush puppies stand out as exceptional sides. For dessert, order a slice of chocolate pudding pie or shaker lemon pie. Truthfully you can't go wrong with any pie on the menu. Donut lovers should note that the Pies and Thighs donuts have been rated the best donuts in New York City by New York Magazine.  If you can't make it to Brooklyn, they have an outpost in the Lower East Side.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich at Hometown BBQ

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Hometown BBQ

This atmospheric Red Hook restaurant, which has a truly authentic Texas vibe also has some of the best BBQ in Brooklyn, but sandwich lovers should order the Hometown BBQ's pulled pork sandwich ($13). The flavorful sandwich is a meat lovers dream. The restaurant also has a lengthy list of sandwiches that could have made the list (we could only choose one!) including the lamb belly banh mi ($13). Once you peruse the menu, you'll see Hometown has "authentic, pit-smoked meats prepared with the classic Southern technique" and also an incredible menu of drinks including local drafts and wines. A big word of advice, this place gets crowded with lines that go down the block, so go at an off time or be prepared for a serious wait. Once you get your food, you'll realize it was really worth the time spent waiting on line. Just to note, if you have a Vegetarian with you, the options are slim and they will be forced to dine on side dishes. 

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The Droopy at Court Street Grocers

Melt at Court Street Grocers
Court Street Grocers

Order the Droopy ($10,61) with "house-made roast beef, french's fried onions, arugula, horseradish mayo, on a caputo’s seeded hero roll" at this unassuming grocer on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. Grab a seat at one of the tables and enjoy a casual but incredibly tasty meal. Open for breakfast, Court Street Grocers, also a menu of tasty breakfast sandwiches. With locations in Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Greenwich Village, this is the ideal spot for a satisfying sandwich. Veggie lovers should order the Veg Classic ($10.61)  with "mushroom and black bean patty, american cheese, guss’ full sour pickles, red onion, bibb lettuce, “come-back” sauce, on martin’s potato roll" which can also be made Vegan. 

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Roast Beef Sandwich from Roll-N-Roaster

Roll n Roaster
Roll n Roaster

Roll-N-Roaster's Roast Beef Sandwich ($5.95) also made our list of Brooklyn's Iconic Dishes. If you want a roast beef sandwich, Brooklyn locals will direct you to this classic restaurant located in Sheepshead Bay. Even if you don't eat roast beef, the kitschy old school fast food restaurant is a must-visit. Dine on pizza and wash it down with a lemonade. If it's your birthday, they let you spin a wheel (very similar to the one on Wheel of Fortune) to win free food. The restaurant is a product of the 70's and that era's vibe is still felt at Roll-n-Roaster. With the retro orange and yellow decor, you could easily imagine the Brady Bunch kids sitting at a table here. Afterward, stroll on the foot bridge over the bay, which is right across the street. Warning, you might need to pop an antacid after dining here, but it's totally worth it. An added plus, they have a parking lot. You can find another great roast beed sandwich close to Roll-N-Roaster, at nearby Brennan & Carr.

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Fried Chicken Sandwich at Pretty Southern

Pretty Southern
Pretty Southern

This restaurant located in the center of Williamsburg recently opened and offers a slew of gluten free options. The chef, Sam Talbot, created a menu of healthy Southern food. In fact, you can get a gluten-free fried chicken sandwich ($11), with a crispy chicken thigh, ranch dressing, lettuce, and cucumber served on a biscuit  After you gorge yourself on a fried chicken sandwich with a side of coconut milk grits, take a walk down Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg's iconic main street, where you can easily spend an afternoon browsing in the many indie shops. 

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Panelle at Ferdinando's Focacceria

Ferdinando's Focacceria
Ferdinando's Focacceria

For over a hundred years, Ferdinando's Focacceria has been serving classic Sicilian sandwiches. Located on the other side of the BQE in an area called Carroll Gardens West, Ferdinando's is a timeless and classic restaurant. The most famous sandwich on the menu (and one of the best sandwiches in Brooklyn) is the panelle ($6) made with chick pea flour and deep fried, served with lemon on a home made roll. Despite being deep fried, the sandwich has a lightness to it. Not a fan f the sandwich, don't worry, the menu is filled with classic dishes including spaghetti alla bolognese, linguini, meatball parmigiana and other Sicilian and Italian comfort food. 

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Lobster Roll at Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Red Hook Lobster Pound

Maybe you don't consider the lobster roll a sandwich, but you should. You don't have to trek up to New England for an incredibly fresh lobster roll, just head to Red Hook. There are four types of lobster rolls at the Red Hook Lobster pound. You can order a lobster roll a la carte ($19) or you can opt for a Maine lobster roll ($24), Connecticut lobster roll ($24), Tuscan lobster roll ($24) or the BLT Lobster Roll ($26). The various rolls have different dressings but they're all made with "fresh Maine claw and knuckle lobster meat piled on a New England split-top bun and served with slaw, pickle and your choice of fries, potato salad or green salad."  Can't make it to the restaurant, you can track down the Red Hook Lobster pound food truck, which parks around NYC.

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Shawarma Pita Pocket at Mimi's Hummus

Mimi's Hummus
Mimi's Hummus

This intimate Middle-Eastern restaurant in Ditmas has some of the best hummus in town. Although the Shawarma Pita Pocket ($11) doesn't come with hummus, you can (and should) order hummus on the sandwich. The flavorful pita filled with chicken, yogurt, cucumber and amba and is not to be missed. Vegetarians should order the Iraqi Pita Pocket ($8) with Eggplant, potato, egg, cabbage tahini and amba, and again you should definitely top it with their phenomenal hummus. After your meal, stroll through the streets of Ditmas Park, lined with stunning Victorian homes.   

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Classic Reuben at Mile End

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Mile End
Mile End

This Canadian style Jewish deli in Boerum Hill serves up one of the tastiest Reuben sandwiches in NYC. Order a classic Reuben ($13) with either corned beef of smoked turkey, served with melted swiss, kraut, Russian dressing on a toasted pumpernickel  In addition, they have a menu of classics including matzo ball soup and chopped liver.  For some Canadian cuisine, they also serve poutine and other specialties. Stop in for breakfast and devour Canadian style bagels with a schmear. The deli also has a location on Bond Street in Manhattan.  

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B.L.A.S.T at Mekelburg's

Patio at Mekelburg's

Forget the BLT, this Clinton Hill restaurant has their own take on the classic, order a B.L.A.S.T ($17) with Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Soft Shell Crab, Tomato. Sit in the backyard at this homey restaurant and marvel at their menu of sandwiches, from the Nana's Meatloaf ($14) with ricotta and red gravy to the Ducka Ducka Bahn Mi ($17) with Peking Duck, Duck Rillettes and Sambal Hoisin Mayo. Fans of craft beer should note that Mekelberg's has over fifteen craft beers on tap.