5 of the Best RV Parks in Northwest Territory

Your Guide to the Best Northwest Territory RV Parks

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There are some RVers who seek true adventure. What could be more adventurous than to RV to one of the toughest places on Earth? Canada is known for its colder climates and that climate is plain in the Northwest Territory. If you choose to seek a great adventure and RV to the Northwest Territories, we have you covered with our five best RV parks in the Northwest Territory. 

5 Best RV Parks in the Northwest Territory

Fort Providence Territorial Park: Fort Providence 

Like all of the campgrounds featured in the Northwest Territories, Fort Providence Territorial Park is operated by Northwest Territories Park. You won’t get much in features, but the park does offer electrical hookups so you can get your power going. The park also has water pumps and a dump station so you can get water and make sure your tanks are empty before you leave. Further facilities can be found in Fort Providence itself. 

The Fort Providence area is known for great fishing and bird watching so make sure to bring along your road and reel along with your binoculars. There’s also great wildlife viewing with several species like bison relaxing along the Fort Providence area. The Frontier Trail is also close allowing ample hiking trails where you can observe the unique beauty of the area. 

Fred Henne Territorial Park: Yellowknife 

Yellowknife is one of the more popular areas to relax and camp in the Northwest Territories and Fred Henne Territorial Park is one of the best places to stay to explore the area. Like other Territorial Parks, Fred Henne isn’t large on amenities. You do have electrical hookups to power your ride but water will need to come from a pump and you will need to utilize the area’s dump station for waste removal. Other amenities include restrooms, a playground, beach, boat launch and picnic and day use areas.


The town of Yellowknife is also home to some great museums and educational centers like the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, The Legislative Assembly Building and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Your best bet is to hire one of the many sightseeing tours to give you an in-depth and safe tour of all the great wilderness and fun that Yellowknife has to offer. 

Hay River Territorial Park: Hay River 

Hay River Territorial Park has a few more amenities and features than some of the other parks in our list making it one of the best NWT parks if you like a little more amenities in your sites. You have electrical hookups for the RV but like other territorial parks, water and sewer will be up to you. Hay River is staffed so you can have some of your questions area on site. Other amenities include showers, restrooms, a playground and more. 

The park is located on the shores of Great Slave Lake and that is where most people staying at the park choose to spend their leisure time. Great Slave Lake offers great picnicking areas and on the beach fun as well as some great lake fishing. You can also spend plenty of time on the Great Slave Route exploring the local flora, fauna, and views. 

Happy Valley Territorial Park: Inuvik

Happy Valley Territorial Park is a great park for those that want to find themselves at the top of the world as Inuvik is located in the far northern reaches of the Northwest Territories. There are only 19 electric only sites but camping at Happy Valley is fluid so you shouldn’t have a tough time booking. Like other Territorial Park campgrounds, features and amenities at Happy Valley are basic. You have electric only sites with water pumps, dump station, restrooms, showers, playgrounds and on-site staff in the park.

One of the most popular activities in Inuvik is the drive. The Dempster Highway offers great views of the countryside and is one of your prime viewing routes. The major feature of Inuvik is MacKenzie River and Delta. You can hike, bike or just explore the area on your own, but we recommend hiring a guide to give you the true experience. Attempt to get up to Inuvik during the Great Northern Arts Festival to get a great cultural experience.

Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park: Fort Smith

In the vastness of the Northwest Territories, it’s hard to find refuge, but Twins Falls Gorge Territorial Park is a welcome refuge and more. There are many RV sites, and if you have a choice of 15 or 30-amp sites. Like every Northwest Territorial Park, you won’t be able to plug water and sewer into your ride but there are potable water taps found at the site as well as bathrooms, showers, on-site staff and picnic areas. 

The site itself is situated on the Hay River Canyon and offers lookouts right off of the campsite. You also have access to three different parks with day-use amenities in all. Of course, the primary draw of the park is the falls including Alexandra and Louise Falls. The area surrounding the park is great for hiking, biking, wildlife viewing or whatever your inner adventurer is telling you to do.

While the Northwest Territories may seem like a faraway world for some, RVing through the isolated wilderness and seeing how people live in this part of Canada is a once in a lifetime experience.