5 of the Best RV Parks in Baja California

Your guide to great RV parks in Baja California Mexico

Baja California Mexico
La Ventanaz, Baja California, Mexico is just one of the beautiful locations you'll find here. Christian Heeb/AWL Images/Getty Images

The United States is full of countless wonders spread out across the landscape for RVers to enjoy, but for some, that may not be enough. For more adventurous RVers you might want to take a trip south of the border to the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, otherwise known as Mexico and we want to have your back along the way.

This Mexican state is for those who like the idea of getting off the US of A for a while but don’t feel like venturing too far. Look at a map and you can instantly recognize the tip trailing off of California known as Baja California and that’s our first destination. Let’s preview the top five best RV parks, grounds, and sites for Baja California.

Estero Beach Hotel and Resort: Ensenada

This family-friendly Mexican Resort has been hosting families to enjoy the beauty of the area since the 1950s so they know the importance of hospitality, and that runs over into their RV park. The RV park contains 38 large RV sites outfitted with all three major utilities (electric, water, and sewer) and sit on level concrete pads. Estero Beach Hotel and Resort is covered in manicured and vibrant landscaping and offers a great view of the Bay to give you a great view even at your doorstep. Clean bathrooms and showers are provided to you to clean up after your day’s adventures. Other features and amenities of the park include a swimming pool with hot tub, playground, rec center, laundry facilities and you can rest easy knowing the park is staffed 24/7 with a security detail.

Because the RV park is part of the larger resort you’ll get to take advantage of the nearby fun and activities which include an indoor/outdoor bar, a Mexican culture museum, on-site fine dining and more. You can kayak on the bay, motor around on jet skis, relax on the beach and even try out Flyboarding which is essentially zooming around on water-powered jetpacks. Venture out of the resort for other great adventures including horseback riding, ziplining, hiking and more. Make sure to check out the “blowhole” of La Bufadora and swim with whale sharks at Bahia de Los Angeles as well.

Club de Pesca RV Park: San Felipe

The gorgeous fishing town of San Felipe is also home to the great Club de Pesca RV Park and they’re waiting for you to book your stay. You have a few different sites to choose from, all right on the beach. If you like your creature comforts you can hook up to a site offering full utilities with your choice of 20, 30 or 50 amp electric or if you just want to enjoy the scenery you can get a dry-camping site for less money. Other amenities at Club de Pesca include bathrooms, showers, a general store, wireless internet access, and 24 hours onsite security.

Club de Pesca is also only a short distance from lovely downtown San Felipe. If you’re a big fan of nightlife make sure to check out Rockadille where you can dance the night away. If a quiet beach-oriented adventure is more up your alley we recommend South Beach. Anglers can try their hand against the area’s local fish but most people seem content to just enjoy the gorgeous views of San Felipe. Try to get there around May for the International Chili Cook-Off.

Rancho Sordo Mudo: Guadalupe

If you want a great place to stay and a way to give back to a local community, Rancho Sordo Mudo is likely your best bet. This is not like other RV parks on our list as Rancho Sordo Mudo is predominantly a charitable school for deaf children in Baja California. Proceeds from their RV park go straight into helping the school out. You won’t be blown away by the amenities at Rancho Sordo Mudo, but the RV park does have full utility hookups as well as showers and bathrooms. The sites are level and are surrounded by olive and palm trees to give the whole park a quaint, relaxed atmosphere.

The local area around Guadalupe is all about one thing, wine. The region is full of vineyards and is a bit of a wine lover’s paradise. Try touring local wineries such as Trevista and Monte Xanic or any of the dozens of other wineries. If you feel like giving back more, you can actually volunteer at Rancho Sordo Mundo so you can go to sleep with great pride in your day’s work.

Daggett’s Beach Camping & Resort Fishing: Bahia de los Angeles

Many people journey to Baja Mexico for some legendary sport fishing. If sport fishing is your thing, then Daggett’s Beach Camping and Resort Fishing is for you. Daggett’s is primarily a hotel but they do have some spots for RV camping right on the Sea of Cortez. The camping and RV spots do not come with utility hookups so it will be dry camping, but “dry camping at its best,” according to one reviewer. While there are no utility hook-ups there are clean restrooms and showers as well as a dump station for your needs.

The primary mode of fun at Daggett’s is all about sport fishing but the local area has more to offer including whale watching, ancient churches, dining, local entertainment and some pretty intense off-road racing tracks. Try getting there the first week of February for one of the biggest races, the Bahia 200.

Old Mill RV Park: San Quintin

The Old Mill RV Park has been around since the turn of the 19th century and since then it has gone over makeovers which lead to the great hotel and a separate RV park that it is today. Old Mill RV Park has a total of 20 spaces right on the water. Most sites have the big three in utility hookups but there are dry camping options available as well. Other amenities at Old Mill include restrooms and hot showers but don’t expect too much more and why should you? The view over the water is plenty of features.

San Quintin is a popular sport fishing destination and that’s what seems to drive many of the tourists to San Quintin. You can find sport fishing companies to join less than a mile away from Old Mill RV Park. Hang with the locals and other anglers at Gato’s Baja Hangout or have some of the local catch at nearby Old Mill Villa de Pescadores. It’s all about food, fishing, and fun at Old Mill RV Park.

Baja California is a great way to start your Mexican RVing adventure. Make sure to do your homework before heading to Mexico so you can enjoy your stay.

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