4 of the Best RV Forums for Learning More About RVing

Learn more about RVing by visiting RV forums

Browsing RV forums
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We live in a world where information is available at the click of a mouse. There are places online where you can go to have any number of questions answered thoroughly and quickly. It's no different when it comes to the world of RVing. The RVing community has taken to the web to help others out, answer questions, or to get to know their community. We want to explore these RV forums to give you an idea what they’re about, some of our favorites and how to use them.

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What Are RV Forums?

Imagine sitting around by the campfire and talking about all things RVing, you can ask about new parts, destinations, travel tips, pretty much everything. If you’ve ever used forums on the web before, you know what a community builds around a niche.

Now imagine instead of a handful of people there are hundreds of thousands of individuals sitting around ready and willing to talk RV travel when you visit a forum. That’s what you get with RV forums. The added benefit of RV forums, versus other types of forums, is that the internet allows people to connect no matter where they are on the road, giving you valuable inside on your travels.

4 of the Best RV Forums to Become a Better RVer

RV Network

The RV Network is like the RV.net forums except that is sponsored by the Escapees Adventure Club instead of the Good Sam Club. Like RV.net, you can browse by specific topics, and there are separate subsections such as one for beginners, even one for recipes. RV Network also offers a marketplace where users can post ads for seasonal workers, find accessories or even buy an RV.


Most RVers know the benefits of becoming a member of the Good Sam Club, but you don’t have to be a Good Sam member to use their RV forums at RV.net. All you need to do is head over to the member registration page to create your username to post topics, questions and reply to others. You do not need to register if you only wish to browse. Items are laid out in different sections including vehicle questions, destinations discussion, technical issues and much more. For example, there’s a section just for Class A motorhomes and a section for rookie RVers.

RV Talk Forum

The RV Talk Forum is like the several of the ones below forums. The reason I’m recommending these forums, though they’re similar, is that they all have unique visitors. That means that despite the forums' similarity, each will have different people with unique perspectives and solutions. The more information you have, the better an RVer you will be. So why it’s okay to have a favorite forum, I recommend exploring all your different options to find the best answers.


iRV2 is one of the longest lasting and friendliest communities online. You'll find RVers of all demographics and skill sets here. One of the biggest perks of the iRV2 forums is its longevity. You'll find information about new and old RVs here, along with tips, tricks, guides, and suggestions for everything from modding your RV to where to go. Want to build an RV? iRV2 has you covered, too.

Pro Tip: Make an account at each of the above RV forums, even if you lurk in the beginning you never know when you might be able to answer someone else’s question or ask one yourself. It’s free!

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What Can You Learn from RV Forums?

As you can see even by browsing the forums, everything has been posted, discussed, commented on and discussed further. If you’re aren’t utilizing RV forums you are missing out on a wealth of resources and knowledge. Whether you’re getting the hang of RVing, want to give a try, or have been RVing for decades, RV forums are one of the best ways to connect with the community and learn more.

Some of these forums have created life-long friendships among members, taught them a trick or two they didn’t know, or given them insight into tackling RV issues and destinations.

RVers are a thoughtful community. They come together like few communities can and RV forums have offered many a way to learn the ins and outs of RVing, meet new friends and plan trips they'd never consider all from talking to one another online.

While joining old fashioned RV clubs can help you learn the ropes and meet new people, the web brings together RVers in ways we never thought possible. Whether you're new to RVing or an old dog learning new tricks, check out the various RV forums out there and see what they can offer you before your next big adventure.

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