7 of the Best RV Destinations for Leaf Peeping

Love leaf peeping? These 7 RV destinations are perfect for it

Leaf peeping
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Once fall is here, many RVers can't wait to peep leaves. Yes, fall brings a myriad of colors across the states and a good reason for RVers to get one more trip in before the snows of winter begin to fall.

If you want to see the changing leaves and colors you’ll need a good place to, most people know about the fabulous colors of New England but there are places to check out the changing leaves all over the United States. Here are seven of the best RV destinations for leaf peeping. 

7 Best RV Destinations for Leaf Peeping 

Rocky Mountain National Park: Colorado 

Leaf peeping is all about viewing the different colors, but things are a bit different at Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll, of course, get several colors at this mountainous National Park, but one color personifies this park, gold. Rocky Mountain National Park is home to thousands of towering aspens and their primary color in fall is gold. It’ll look like someone has lit a gold flame over entire hillsides and the monochromatic color theme is a bit different from most foliage in the United States.


The Berkshires: Massachusetts 

The Berkshires has long been a great fall getaway for the city-dwellers of New York and Boston and they are open to RVers as well. If you want a combination of small towns, rustic hideaways, pastoral landscapes and splendid fall colors, the Berkshires is a great way to experience all these. Be warned, the Berkshires can get a bit crowded during the changing of the colors so make sure you book any park early on. 

Acadia National Park: Maine 

New England has long been a favorite of leaf peepers and Maine’s coastal Acadia National Park is a fantastic place to combine the sights and sounds of both the ocean and fall colors. The color palette at Acadia National Park will make you feel like you landed right in a Bob Ross painting and is worth heading to the far northeastern tip of the United States if you consider yourself a true leafer.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Many of us like the idea of combining views of the expansive water with fall colors but there aren’t too many places outside of New England where you can do this, save for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. You’ll get the Great Lakes, archaic and charming lighthouses and great colors all rolled into one. There are several state RV parks where you can find a place to stay in the Upper Peninsula to experience this unique fall show. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Tennessee & North Carolina

Tennessee and North Carolina are not close to New England, but this park does hold the largest collection of old-growth forests in the eastern United States. You’ll have a combination of oaks, maples, poplars and a myriad of other species that create an elaborate pattern of colors. Put these forests on a rolling landscape of hills and mountains and you have a splendid fall foliage experience. 

Blue Ridge Parkway: Virginia & North Carolina 

Blue Ridge Parkway is known as America’s favorite drive and this meandering 469-mile road is the perfect place for a long slow cruise for fall colors. Blue Ridge Parkway winds its way through Virginia and North Carolina, passing through portions of the Appalachians and right on the cusp of Shenandoah National Park. If you want a way to see miles upon miles of fall foliage than we recommend Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Willamette Valley: Oregon 

Willamette Valley provides a unique fall foliage experience that’s difficult to experience in any of our previous destinations. You’ll get the changing colors that come with Oregon’s deciduous trees, but you’ll also get to view the unique layout of the Willamette Valley vineyards in the fall. You’ll be hypnotized by rows of gold grape leaves that seem like they were painted on the landscape. The combination of the rows of vineyard colors mixed with the natural pallet of Oregon’s forests makes Willamette Valley a once in a lifetime experience when it comes to fall foliage.


There are plenty more great places to see America’s fall foliage, but these are some of our favorites. Hit the road this fall to experience these gorgeous colors before they, and your RV, go into hibernation for the winter.

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